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Always betting world color small talk

Hello everyone! Beloved constant color good friends! I bought constant color for three years or so, the overall score is lose, lose a mess, I usually buy drugs, or are looking to buy one of the medium and small bit, I just so lost, not my technique does not work, but my self-control is poor, lost in greed above, and everyone is a person, no one can remain without mistakes, I would be wrong in the chaos transfer target, causing such an outcome I too can say is do not understand the meaning of this sentence just leave.

Hey! Ambitious, unrealistic, always think they can win, does not always know close hand, I have to 350 yuan to buy medium and small, more than two hours to win the 1750, I do not know close hand, and finally be dead, once 50 2, for a long time after winning yuan to buy 350 yuan, (angle mode), there are 600 yuan to buy drugs, and profits 200, starting is 44 times, even in the eight plans, we do not know to be close hand, and hey! too greedy, each times are dead after that regret, but the world is no regret, and now have no money, I had to do regret ignorance, a master of color to light from time to time give me some pointers experienced it

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