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Eight small psychological betting

Betting Psychology issues concerning domestic and no such specialized writings, most commonly seen is an article circulated on the Internet's "gambling psychology", the original of the note from Mr. Primus "Beat the Dealer," a book.Under the first reading, such as Drum and bell, but after repeated perusal, and feel boundless feeling.So start looking for information on other books, but also have a little experience, but then I still write it, so can deepen their own understanding.So there will be a patchwork of this article.Many words are from the article more of the futures books, if not the original sentence, whichever is the significance.The views set forth in this article, Jin also on behalf of my own identity, not sure that is the truth.I beg you to judge their own analysis.

First, values

"In the end how to 'long-term and stable' to profit from betting market it?" ── This is the vast majority of gamblers (Player) are anxious to know the answer, I'm sorry, the real answer may make the vast Most people disappointed, because, if you want to make money in the gaming market, they must change their "values." In short, that is correct your views on money.

All novices entering the gaming market is only one goal: "to make money", which is a basic requirement, based on human needs, the basic requirements will continue to develop into ── "rich" because money is too vague meaning, each month profit from betting is to earn three thousand, three hundred thousand profit is earned, and earned a little money what's the use, of course, big money, however, if after ten years to make a fortune, then, too late, so, also To further requirements "get rich quick".Of course, in a short time it is not enough to make a big, therefore, also further requirements "at any time can make big money," in other words, a lot of free home are thinking "I want to become my banker ATM" ── So far, this idea was sufficiently depict most deepest subconscious Player.

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Note: Some people do not know they have this "ATM" concept, but their actions were consistent with the symptoms of this idea, which is ── to be able to "withdraw cash at any time," their ideas and strategies are "profit-oriented" features, regardless of seasons, rain and thunder, as long as the dealer has opened, it got to bet, then, greatly improving the betting number of physical wear and tear and frequent betting money.

Their most serious mistake, which is to "increase the number of bets" mistaken "to enhance the chances of making money." In fact, you encounter the actual results, may be completely opposite. Frequent bets, may be "a substantial increase in opportunities to make money," but also "a substantial increase in the loss of opportunity!" you're doing is not taken, but with their own wisdom to overcome labor opponents acquisition.

Second, self-discipline

In the betting market, betting no more than two persons only way to succeed, one very lucky; First, very self-discipline, but these, very few people very lucky Thus, the success of the so-called gambling, and even investments. people, the vast majority are highly disciplined.

The word "discipline" has many meanings. Disciplined punter, not only just follow his own set of betting rules it is important to understand these rules must first win the victory with the results. Discipline is a strict framework , contains the necessary skills and psychological qualities such as: self-control, consistency, organizational strength, sustainability, management oversight capabilities, insight, and action above activities are all gamblers hoping skills training Unfortunately, these. skills and qualities not made overnight a few, no shortcut to success.

For a gaming professionals, the most unforgivable, is not discipline, free to change their betting strategies.

Third, know yourself

In the betting market, betting strategies and risk management are indispensable, if only to focus on how punter betting judged, then even a high level, but still could not escape the possibility of failure, and always at the edge of success. Just because So, we should "Know Yourself."

First, risk is necessary. In fact, many people did not think carefully about, in fact, life is full of a lot of risk to bear, it has always been part of life at risk. We today call "gambling", "speculation", as early as in ancient times When our ancestors in the face of many enemies of nature, for example: when the beast, weather, etc., has been in existence for the life of these risks and uncertainties, we often ignorance, but in fact, we are. It is relying on risk in order to survive.

When you bet stellar performance, and consciously is a casino winner, learned in fact very limited. Only when you continue to lose money, while others are questioning your analytical skills, you will know your really have in ability to survive in the gaming market.

Just be more understanding of their own, personal attitude appropriate to amend, adjust your relationship with the casino, it is the most effective investment tool.

Fourth, psychological capital

Excellent punter will forget their bets purpose is to make money, they just concentrate on playing consistent gambling skills, but money is step in the right derived products. Excellent punter will carefully analyze the chances of winning or losing, then bets, they focus at the moment facing the gamble. punter attention if money has been on the tables, to make themselves distracted and unable to play gambling skills. If too concerned about money will reduce the probability of success when betting. performed correctly betting and financial management rules, natural banknote rolling Money, but is the only way you in this game, keeping records of Bale.

So your money is not the most important capital, but psychological capital. Psychological Capital give you the strength needed to make money betting, there is no psychological capital, even if the moment money, can not long maintain or increase capital money. Of course, healthy body can enhance psychological capital, there is no health, there is no wealth.

Mental enough capital reserves depends on when you are facing personal life and workplace stress, whether it can be properly adjusted. Like athletes in the two games in the middle must be sufficient rest to outstanding performance, gaming also need charging time.

Gaming who have patience, the courage to admit their mistakes and good set up stop-loss, do not be intimidated by the sudden loss, do not be poured into the profit Suddenly aroused greed, cause you could not follow the established betting and fiscal strategy If you run out of mental capital, is bound to commit costly errors bets.

Fifth, accept defeat

People often regret their mistakes, but the dead are gone, to those who can be traced. If we correct their attitude, timely admit mistakes, and learn a lesson for future bets only help determine each way and bet, there is the probability of error, if this is the case, we might accept it if it is in violation of their own judgment and bet way, at least, a lesson;. erratic, the price is very expensive.

A good punter sense of failure must not be flooded, otherwise really be a loser.Gaming can not lead to the loss despite a temporary chain of losses, can not because of negligence caused irreparable error.Want to restore the situation as soon as possible the loss of mind, tantamount to open the trap door to door to failure.When you lose money, may feel the casino swallow your money, you must give the money back.The more you want to win back the money, the relationship with the casino's more like a vendetta Xuemaibizhang.In fact, the probability of winning or losing is completely objective, no one put a gun to force you to bet the wrong side, the situation you are facing any emotional factors are not doping.No matter win or lose, the casino is still there.If you feel the emotions impose nothing on the environment, we must avail.And your human emotions, and they can not make money for themselves, more usually against their rational economic interests.You may be angry, will fight back, feel you owe the casino, in fact, the casino does not owe you.You may bet too much, or the people around you furious.And this whole process and you had carefully planned strategy runs counter Betting.What you should do is to face the fact that the loss, and assess them, learning from the mistakes, if necessary, you can also adjust your betting plan, and then decide how to take the next step.

The real world is almost a symbol of all the money, so after a deficit of fear, anxiety is one hundred percent natural. Absolutely is a normal reaction. The difference with the outstanding punter crowd, not that whether there will be anxiety, but rather whether the restore calm within minutes.

Therefore, the failure encountered nothing important is how you react.

Sixth, cherish your money

Betting need to strive to find and calculate the maximum reward chances but the only certainty in life is death thing (some people think that is taxable); therefore, even if you reach skill gaming professional, you at best "prediction" input The money may be what happens.

Whether it be win or lose, you have to adhere to the original financial plan determines the most important factor that caused the error, often because of the ability to go beyond the scope of capital investment. If excessive betting, loss of time and too long, you may be in the situation Before the reversal in your favor, it played earlier.

Betting person to be successful, you must learn financial management, allocation of financial resources to understand Occupational punter will allocate willing to risk his money to bet, in other words, he put the money on the table is the number he considered himself loser Occupational punter neither affected the amount of money invested, not because of unexpectedly large number of short-term winners and losers and soft or scaled back.

Remember betting their own money to spend, and this does not conflict with the previous point, the two seemingly opposite, in fact, is one of the two sides. Once the punter winning successive tasted the sweetness of the future will become lazy and again when bets relax, because they feel like they earned money from heaven, without cost, as if the casino's money, rather than their own. They forget that the original is invested their hard-earned hard-earned money. carelessness is Gaming's Achilles heel. too easy profit or a series of profit tends to make reckless gamblers become impatient, and then want to try riskier bets.

Avoid the mistake of betting tips that strict compliance analysis and financial planning system. When you bet, you must forget the money itself, but to focus on using the right bets analytical skills, will naturally make money. In other words, the face of eligible When profit or loss, to remember this is their money, real money visible. cherish their money, stick to your betting strategy, you can resist the temptation to take excessive risks, it will not put money as casino money lightly ʱ??

Seven, self-adjusting

You have to keep a clear head, the top punter in terms of spirit, intelligence, mental, emotional, or physical health are maintained in the best condition, never allow drugs or alcohol harm, overeating, or life forms stagnant state. find time to relax, to participate in recreational activities that can help you successfully overcome the pressure. In other words, long-term to maintain a balanced lifestyle is integral to the success factors.

Analysis and betting is Auntie, they must sit in the room and under great pressure, so it should not cost effort of trying to engage in outdoor, dynamic, and there is no pressure on leisure activities, balanced look, such as riding off-road vehicles, Camping In addition, spending time with his wife, reading and gaming, independent investment books, the pursuit of spiritual growth and engage in enjoyable entertainment, these are also necessary. to spend time quietly make their hearts precipitation, can inject new ideas for their own ideas energy. Of course, do not forget to schedule some time to do research, to improve their skills so that they are more growth, and meeting new friends.

Eight, humility

I put "humble" as the full text of the final chapter, yes, not wrong, it is "humble".Humility is betting on the table were the most important personality traits.Many philosophers believe that humility is one of the most important human virtue.Covey (Stephen R.Covey) in "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People," a book written, we must first try to understand other people, other people will understand us.That is, we want to go to understand the words of others, and then speak.So, to get more information, more to do appropriate response.Betting too.To be a successful punter, you must first learn to listen to the voice of the casino.Learn humility, you just might learn a casino, contacts casino and do clever responses.

Those who think that more than any other casino are smart people who think they are always the lucky ones. They will not perpetuate this perception In front of the casino should be humble. Otherwise, the casino will let you know that this attitude will go wrong The casinos will make you become humble. When you think you've mastered the knowledge is very great, very valuable time, maybe people have long been mastered.

Never aspiring mental proud full. If triumphant, you will forget the risk, remember that the best gamblers are the most humble. Humility as we know can not look directly at the sun must understand proved, When we appear wise in the casino when the total failure accompanied with us; when we humble identity, the Fool appears in the casino when, successful, luck will be with us hand in hand in short, let us be real people, the. success for themselves, leaving the perfect casino, rather than the contrary, please remember: always keep humble attitude.

Conclusion: To make a living in the betting line people, must do a good job building and maintaining strong mental attitude: winning or losing variation may no reason at all, even incomprehensible, we must brave the challenge, do not worry fear, embrace risk, Nothing can fully grasp, nor any thing is absolutely certain.

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