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As I said, the trend comes, when it is the weakest of the casino, do not take this time to vigorously attack, when?

Still, the trend can not be expected that we will never know, for trends, it will last long, long or short, it will not appear the worst case, that is the previously mentioned "short trend" emerging. But remember yes, gambling, do not think too much. Thinking too much, the heart can not be calm, do not calm the heart to win, it is impossible.

Even unforeseen trend last long, why not think too much of it? Flexible most important, or phrase, to then follow, do not not play, so flexible, you can help yourself calm down, calm mind, you can calmly, you can Patience, a turn of luck, winning the chance came.

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Another point is how much capital.

Similarly, the flexibility of capital issues, in general, all of the capital of gambling house are about 500 to 1000 units.

In other words, if you play a unit is $ 100, then the entire capital is between 50,000 to 100,000.

A period when gambling, with me, usually 50 to 100 units, also increased to 200 units, which is their stops.

In other words, as bad luck, lost all that 50-100 units, it stops immediately quit, put relax, do not forget that it is only part of the bet, the strength still can win back, with a focus Be sure to stop, as unfortunately lost all the (generally not the case, only in very bad luck, or lack of discipline will happen myself, but not often happen), then pause, relax and turn to be a good mood, natural You will be able to go on. I remember relaxed and flexible.

Of course, not necessarily have to wait gambled before leaving, you can leave at any time, as luck flow, resulting in a good mood, then do not play. To win money, good or bad is the key.

Another point is that when waiting for a good time, because I'm feeling flow, and lose money, then, how to earn effectively lost?

Here available to increase the proportion of 10%.

For example, now we lost 15 units, 10% of 15 is 1.5, 1.5 units can as a unit.

That is to say, for example, is 100 yuan a unit before, now lost 1,500 yuan, 1,500 yuan of 10% is 150 yuan, currently put a unit into a 150 yuan, to continue.

This is a book that 何乐威 fixed ratio method, the inside use, increase in the proportion of about 10% of it is.

So why should increase the number of flats? Currently losing money to do so, what is the significance?

Meaning, doing so can avoid being poor game odds wear your capital. Yes, if they continue to go bad, you can bet this gambled hands, but if not, then increase the number of units, to earn money loss , it difficult. Imagine losing 2,000 yuan, 100 yuan a unit with easy win back, or 200 yuan a unit?

Increase the number of units has its risks, but compared to the odds difference is gradually worn, much better.

This last point is important, self-discipline.

Casino many people are losers, winners very little, because very few people self-discipline. Discipline seems simple, but not everyone can do it, if there is no discipline, then do not play, no self-discipline of people, for sure It is lost.

Mentioned above, it may be noted, is a very simple way. The main reason is simple is right, simply make your mood relaxed, the mood relaxed like a Buddhist saying such as not moving, or Taoist inaction, or Zen meditation. unimaginable, casino to survive, and even these are closely related it XD. In fact, any and all "Road" are closely related, but that is another story ...

I say yes, so simple and natural feel relaxed, calm mood, patience, playing naturally handy secret of this, is the winner.

Many people may not agree with what I said, to rely on one's own to practice realized the ...

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