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The difference between Baccarat and Blackjack

Gamblers Daizai Lang Tong Wen of Taiwan have seen the article, very little thoughts, the article to "talk baccarat" in the title, earnestly pointed out that baccarat is not easy to win, Attu look after extremely agree with their arguments, and therefore also more careful, more efforts to deal with the gambling drama. end of the paper said, "bitter medicine, highbrow, hundreds of fans jumping wish success," we think really deserve.

Blackjack and baccarat are the largest, there are basically three points, the first point is that guests and casino blackjack games to bet, the dealer's Wang and weak, will definitely affect the outcome of the guests II. eleven each guest has its own two cards, to make their own "to brand" and "Do not brand" decision factors exists between each other gamblers bet never.

Also gamblers and casino on the gambling game, but in fact unless all gamblers bet with the same party, otherwise it is present on the baccarat secretly surface "mutual bet" phenomenon, that we know very well find "light "Bet, mouth, said:." I'm not, and you bet, I'm just a casino gambling "in fact, was betting other people," the opposite ", not your death is my death.

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Blackjack limit red, some higher than baccarat, as 戴子郎 brother said, the United States announced that it would stop casino Caesar 21.1 to fifty thousand US dollars to raise the ceiling, one of six men can under three one hundred thousand US dollars, but the blackjack tables, few gamblers will bet on cable in the form of betting, not without, but very few people do, vocational master card counting more unworthy whom.

Upper limit Baccarat table games is also rising, and some one hundred yuan Macau gaming tables have to raise the ceiling of $ 500,000 represents the upper limit of high casino afraid many baccarat gambling fans are superstitious various cable can they win money, but in fact this one "cable" has not yet appeared, otherwise a public profession bet Cable Group will be offered to acquire this bet cables.

戴子郎 brother clear that a gambling drama output rate is the basic obstacle to win the bet gamblers play baccarat pumping rate, average nearly 2.5%, have long losing bet practice this concept, gambling cable Like the group will face the railing, and the so-called Group, will be talent, not as alone as nine p.m. master the road, or in small teams play, leather fee will be heavy.

戴子郎 single horse challenge L casino, winning six million Hong Kong dollars, Baccarat Group cost much heavier, is not easy to do. There are tens of thousands of the world's blacklist blackjack, baccarat but no one, Cause do not speak for themselves. If we say netizens Daizai Lang was "Jing Diwa", as more objective, take the opportunity to review the defections, the possibility of change to play blackjack.

Of course, we also understand that blackjack card game involves a large change, fight card, do not fight cards, surrender, dispensing, filling, closing and other first, a son and a wrong will influence the overall situation, but card counting technique Currently only nine p.m. appear, Baccarat is basically considered no count, but there is nothing unachievable, fans should feel really can not eat grapes are sour psychological, resist not want to hear talk ʱ??

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