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Hardcore Baccarat Wang weak index

Wei Chan Kim accepted the proposal, in the shop after each win plus an asterisk, to inspire their morale, * number the more, the more representative of the booty, like the World Cup, Brazil and Italy national team jersey as each winner can get a *.

With the benefit level Note buy Wang doors is through a progressive step, the most important thing is for being "Sunburn forward", and the chance to catch up casually raise greatly reduced, if you ask Wei Chan, a good method of betting, the most important thing is what He will answer you, and most importantly, preservation, and then turn to value-added, if the principal is not guaranteed, how to value it.

Wei Chan betting method is simple, with  "Zhuang, leisure, Heat Team, jump" Wang weak, decided to bet on the object, according to the shop for nearly 20, if the village prosperous and leisure weak, Heat Team jump distribution average, that only a prosperous flap village, so you can bet village shop shop, ignore Heat Team jump this two, and vice versa, if the idle Wangzhuang weak, concentrated bets idle.

188BET - Win Grand Prizes Here!

What Wang doors it, nearly 20 shop calculations, 10 pairs of 10 tie, no wang weak.20 pairs 0 is the extreme strength of the poor, and this situation may occur when the length of the village, long idle or long single-hop.As for the 18 pairs of 2,16 to 4,14 for 6 as well as 12 pairs of 8, can be considered the strength of clear, shop pave note to buy Wang doors, no turnaround then there will be 4-16 Note profits.If no idle village level, while not busy Mong Heat Team jump, the processing method similar, Wang Heat Team Heat Team is every betting shop are bottom ignore leisure village Or, on the contrary, then all buy every shop hop.In both cases, are only busy one, the difficulty is not large, the frequency of bets are more frequent, spread betting shop.The second case is a busy two-door, it can be Wangzhuang Heat Team and prosperous, so you pay attention to the village after the open, the end of the village bets Heat Team.If you open a busy, then take the wait and see attitude, because although Wangzhuang, but at the same time busy busy, it can not deny the possibility of opening the bottom Heat Team busy, for the sake of stability, or stay to be a little better.

The idea continues, Wang Wei Chan weak four, is no longer the stereotypical "Zhuang, leisure, Heat Team, jump", but "Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang busy, busy village, blazing" to 1,2,3,4 as a representative, a Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang busy 2, 3 are busy village, 4 is blazing, with nearly two paved Results, decided to give a score, on 20 shop, for example, divided by four, every Index average flap 5.Suppose four petals of digital distribution, respectively, 6,4,3,7, that is the weakest is the clove is 4 "free village", after a lower open village out free opportunity to shop 20 only appears three times the number of times out after idle idle Heat Team has seven times, the opportunity is quite optimistic, is the strongest of the petal, as village after out how to deal with the end of the opportunity to bet Heat Team better, and so on.

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