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Liu Xiang talk from betting, do not do the probability of slaves

As we all know, Liu Xiang, the men's 110 meters hurdles world champion. But if Liu Xiang to participate in the 10,000 m marathon contest results will not be ideal.

Similarly, when you stand on the same starting line, and Liu Xiang, when you set a match rule: do not run 110 meters with him, only one meter run with him, in this rule, he still advantage?

Read the contents of the above, you can no longer do it the probability of a slave, because you can be with him several times on the same starting line, and then run just one meter, or 0.5 meters, and you just after a simple training, You still might win him.

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Put this theory to the beat Baccarat let's go!

In the case before the game evenly matched, if he over you, you know his strength, but also still catch him, he has done a slave

Because Casino Bets made in the ceiling, which gives us not a 100% chance of winning. So we just increase our chances of winning in a small area.

Element of luck. Luck certainly unreliable.

Improve the odds often within a small range of both back to the same starting line, which of course includes a game we lost ....

No, lose again. Throw in the towel!

Go back to the same starting line, in a small area we "evenly matched." We have to win when cut Wo green. In this "small-scale" We will not always lose. If the "large-scale" We will lose!

If you are worried that under the circumstances we have no advantage 50:50.

But in a small area we have an advantage, such as playing three beads 8 arrangement, by either of the following arrangement appears to play an arrangement, in a stopped (not stopped a group, is the grain of stop). Our the odds are 7/8. that if the four beads, five beads it?

Is there a way to improve the odds of a small area in ancient times the most famous is the "Tian Ji's horse."

Itself is zero Game Is right. (Pumping, set betting cap and have lost the game so that it becomes negative)

In a wide range of positive is an indisputable fact.

One of our advantages is that the casino game can be terminated at any time, to take advantage of this advantage, otherwise will die.

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