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Baccarat "find cards Law" introduced

Mention more recent days to see Western Gambling Books from the book that professional gamblers who indeed seen a lot of professional knowledge on gambling; and among them, a personal special appreciation, that is, who yesterday said Mei "lace bet smell", referred to John (John May).

Speaking of the Makeham, he is an Englishman, in professional gambling circles rise just three years, already makes the world of gambling ring knew his name, the results of over ninety percent of the UK Casino Against him of "not welcome the ban." He had to go abroad, in casinos around the world looking for "offensive." And to have any technical skills gamblers favorable stuff, including Blackjackʱ??Baccarat, Sports gambling,Poker And so, he often gains; even some difficult, "beat out" of items such as Rotary table He also has won a lot of money.

He was twenty-four years old, has been enlisted major occupation junket, and the United States had been a number of casino bet with consultants hired, sometimes some of which he won a lot of money to casino tycoon, more people will be hired him ambushed security meter, he now has mainly by Professor Du Shu, an author and a consultant to make a living.

All these stories about Makeham Granville water, non-narrated by himself. Instead, this is seen from another expert Frank Scoblete book "Baccarat war" (Baccarat at Battle) in. To get peer flattering, showing plum John's excellent position. In the book, Frank Scoblete more interview with Makeham explore his skills in betting on baccarat.

Makeham first broke into the gambling world, because he was in the library, find a book to teach people to count cards (Card-counting) gambling book, he apply their knowledge to get success, thus laid his career.So card counting method is also the most basic betting tips Makeham.The so-called Baccarat card counting method, in fact, this column has been mentioned, the basic principle is to give different cards of different score points, each one card, then plus or minus points of the program to be carried out, and thus fix lower berth leisure opportunities open village or open a larger situation is a bit like blackjack card counting method, which is also the general professional gambler common techniques.Makeham special attention to two kinds of cards 4 and 9, when the remaining cards, four ayes will open Zhuangyou Li, accounting for more than 9 will be off idle favorable.

Card counting method, the more advanced is the "search card Law", the so-called look for cards, the dealer is shuffling, his eyes carefully with important brand such as positions 4 and 9, and after what brand, these technologies rely on weekdays With the high speed shuffling machine that he worked hard at home, we know that there will be 9 will increase the stakes to buy idle, if there will be 4, then buy big bets village.

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