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Baccarat's win to have no friends

Because gamblers face-saving, but win or lose, only he knows, like many of his comrades claimed to be long-term winners, really win, but it is not be ascertained. Try asking his comrades share stake wins fruit, but was turned down, because there will be pressure. Other Lion open big mouth, the requirements are not responsible for lost, while winning dividends, such harsh conditions,Casino Yan will be friends.

Others to win. "No one has the" others things, to win money in the casino, or self-reliance, hope for the best better. Actually winning trick is to figure out where critical information was simple strategy like his comrades taken often able to win money back. He later entered the casino, the first to find, it is a most gamblers tables, so you can save trouble picking table. people table must be a good way, that we do not believe there will be doubts.

Comrades buried under the table, following the brigade bet, he uses a short cable, bring 4,000 yuan, 1,000 yuan to buy the first shop, won the doubles, then buy, win or lose this one shop, he will also return to the status quo third shop bet 1000 yuan. 3, then spread victory, comrades can win 4000 yuan, the first two wins and a third shop shop lost, he still won the 2000 yuan. If the fourth shop lost, comrades still in second betting shop 2000 yuan.

Thus, the second and third shop have won, his comrades can regain lost ground, left to win the 2000 yuan. If the second shop win, lose a third shop, play and draw his comrades to leave only straight sets 3 shop, will do lose 4000 yuan. This method can be regarded as the king of short circuit, easy to learn and would not hurt the present, not nerve-racking.

But before and after the war comrades if accompanied by a friend, he will transform into another person, trying to give advice to his friends. Comrades will complicate the simple, every swing card, he will be based on a junior road to find critical information where to make bets recommendations. I saw friends of people like non-Ming Ming, made him turn round, but could not see the hands of the chips increases.

Under the guidance of this expert indirect, understand the role of "four", is the must have a will, you can win to have no friends. Usually gamblers illusion, is the more information the better, so often bogged down searching for information in the Today's casinos, looking for signs of a no electronic betting tables, you can always find a year is not found, but also may have new designs introduced every day.

The real trick is to find out where the key information, determine the status of the chance of a good or bad, and then make decisions according to the situation. The world is always a mortal pursuit of Canada, but to embark on the road to success, learn subtraction skills, is The most important among casino, win lose valley shrinking, accounting for 99%, only 1% of the people, be able to find critical information where, in the opposite direction to win.

To avoid recite more Zo, one of the Code, is not and too many people to discuss matters related to betting, different people always have different perspectives, to see one thing.

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