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I have several tactical Baccarat conventional techniques

Honestly, the idea of ​​finishing earlier in this article, hands relatively late, finishing this article because there are still considerable difficulty, but also feel a kind of fear of being laughed at. But anyway, today I am still hands to write the article. Write method is a hard to please but never do, because I can not write a method to win. Get ready to win a method of friends, certainly more disappointed and more disgusted. But Game Negative earnings game, in order to achieve profitability difficult to repeat itself! Each method has its inherent critical road conditions, I would be analyzed one by one.The strategy is built around the entire risk and winning two factors to decide, and it is based on two factors to choose the best of the program.The play, all I formed in actual combat, then programmed to detect massive burst its performance and road conditions, did not take the name, this time I gave them each a name.Some may have a similar popular online play, here apologize.Battle plan too much, after all, I have worked hard in DC N years, can not exhaustive.The following are a few I were more commonly used play.

First, destroy Huanglong.

In my many ways, this is one of the most man of the play, the most masculine.But everything always pros and cons, the more staunch play, the more frangible impaired.This play is such an operation, with a basic code as a starting point, the policy upstream stakes start immediately after transmission, is designed to exploit a winning break, return of all funds.But this method is not playing straight cable, nor is playing into victory, but not to play into the negative, there is no concept of winning, once started, must go forward until the target reached.Regardless of the outcome, before reaching the target, the stakes never fall.Example: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,20......I generally arranged in 38 hands, 38 hands no change, give up.This is a good program must be planned in advance, purpose of the plan is an effective use of capital and the ability to bear fight.Factors to consider are the principal limit red, winning.Note the difference between code according to your own ideas to adjust, the greater the difference, the greater the return to this ability, but bearing ability to play worse, otherwise back this ability becomes smaller, while playing a strong bearing capacity.In my last one wheel / disc actual combat, I used this method, when the stakes are 50,150,200,250,250, interested friends can look at the past.

Several conventional tactical approach Baccarat 1

This approach has several variants introduced.

1, start to lose, do not rise the stakes, and so single-handedly win the upgrade stakes, has been implementing back down.If the initial encounter big advantage is even negative, is able to save a considerable amount of ammunition, for subsequent blow accumulated a strong capital strength, this is a bit like a martial arts competition inside the physical allocation policy.This variant of the combat in front of me to explain in equally, if interested friends can look at my posts.Lineup is -1, -1, -1, -1, -1 ,,,,, + 1, + 2, -3, -4.......Has been crushed.Compared with the parent, the return of the ability to slightly weaker, but it can avoid big hands when wind massacre.When winning hands can also advance funds will be more smooth, but not conducive to rapid steal machine.

2, halfway victory, did not rise the stakes. Similar to the previous effect of this variant, after that win the stakes level push into the input stage for a bad heart of friends, we can try to use this. Formation is -1, -2, -3, -4, -5, + 6 + 6, -6, -7, + 8 + 8 ...... its benefits, bearing ability can still play, bet not lost at a high level. Note code at a high level, winning or losing can offset the excess can be offset by lower negative wins. Any method requires some winning support, winning too, of course, no way to fall. Probably about 42% of winning Note code can land.

Several conventional tactical approach baccarat 3

3, negative flat walk, win upgrade. Formation is -1, -1, -1 .... + 1, + 2, + 3 ...... Press the benefits of this powerful capability, bearing ability can still play , harm is too straight, the stakes rise quickly, but can not effectively offset the negative profit hands. wins hands victory to jump this way will be upgraded faster this point to pay attention to avoid. Meaning, when the outcome of the road even when jumping (one win more negative), to carry out the necessary array of open conversion.

Several conventional tactical approach Baccarat 4

4, the outcome of both horizontal push. Formation is -1, -1 ..... + 1, + 2, + 2, + 2, the case of the upgrade stakes wins, but do not continue to upgrade, maintain stakes height, Until this level again negative after a certain number of hand, if the current single-handedly win, bet the upgrade. This variant of the bearing capacity of the most powerful to fight, but at the same time return to this ability is not too strong, there is a solution is to bet big difference of tone As long as winning a slight regression, we will come to a successful landing.

I used a total of nine variants, limited space restrictions, temporarily introduced several variants, in fact there are many, we can use their brains, the free development of a more suitable way to here insert one, anyway variants, Stuck to trace, if you master its features, its performance familiar, real playing time is not so much room for thought, like a swordsman in a duel when not want more, everything is a conditioned reflex-like instinct, the premise is that you have to play by heart, to really arbitrary, handy, fold grass sword, the enemy in the invisible.

Second, the continued harassment.

When the outcome of a strategy is a frequent change of use appears in the outcome of the road. The method is negative case proceeds, the case is back wins, scoring up to three hands back up to single-handedly, immediately return to a high level. Note yards with 1, 2, can not be successful, beware of long negative, should be promptly converted formation. There are so few variants.

Several conventional tactical approach baccarat 5

1, out of the mother, a substantial negative into a substantial fall in the number of combat I can see this play affixed inside the figure as -25, + 125. This is the only fight single-handedly, the unsuccessful will have to run, use Other ways to destroy this loss. There are as +200, -50, this strategy also in difficult game winning streak, he must use this method to maximize profits. If the outcome of the same way, you can continue has been the case harassment, until the opponent deformed so far.

2, hold back, and then the outbreak.-1, -1, -1, -2, + 5....This is a behavior similar to the attack, aimed at a dead life.Original intent of using this method is that if we are using a previous section "destroy Huanglong", the stakes should be -1-2-3-4, lost a total of 10 stakes units, now we have adopted this After the tactical front part lost only five stakes units, so this is a direct hit 5 bets laid the foundation.In front of the continuous transmission of small note, this success is luck good performance, do not feel bad luck.If you use the "destroy Huanglong", already is -10, -5 and now only one hand can be across the board back to the present, it is already a great advantage.Because of this play only played in one hand, so still it is classified in the "continued harassment" inside.

Several conventional tactical approach baccarat 6

Third, to retreat.

This is a negative way to shrink into victory, formation is -5, -4, -3, -2, -1, -1 ...... + 1 + 6 is a fatal weakness ..... wins more negative, two consecutive attack fails, you must cast, do not struggle. variations are many, mainly reflected in how to retreat and how to enter the top. not enumerate when such withdrawal is not every hand is back, take a negative 2 hand back again, or 3 hand back once, you can, with the principal and winning percentage as the basis, flexible hold. intake when you can not suddenly hit a high, playing in place can be, and then based on the median gradually upward. it may also be based on the median, slightly higher than the median level stakes NOTE forward.

Several conventional tactical approach baccarat 7

Fourth, the tails survive.

Any method has lost time, lost at the time of any method, this method can be used.As the name suggests, it is the face of attacks with gecko tails, as tails to survive, rather than do the tail.To survive, and then seek the tail, which is the purpose of.After the defeat, the method currently in use can not proceed, or is to proceed, then the principal threat to much, it must be forced to cut off, find another way out.Cut off after the defeat, not canceled, but the suspense account, when the time is ripe, and then restart, or when the principal is allowed again when re-writing.Using this method a little more difficult, because the understanding of the problem.I often heard friends complain, just started a negative into a straight cable, the stakes played fairly high, but disconnected, causing the cable had to interrupt.I would say that whenever you play any kind, winning has not changed, you can re-enter the break, and then went to play, the result will be any different?Some people say, if continued, I was just able to win out that single-handedly, so note-yard touchdown.But if constantly, you do not come out, pay attention to the situation it continued to rise?Do you have?I often have to bet unsuccessful, but the occurrence of such a thing escaped unharmed.So, do not tangle on whether you continue in a big way to carry out, as long as you bet on the line is continued.This is my point of view.

Several conventional tactical approach baccarat 8

Fifth, trying to hide something.

Games proceeding to a considerable amount of time, eventually winning attributed balance.The so-called "Lame", strictly speaking, is not a cable, but rather a comprehensive strategy.All the negative hand, have been suppressed in one hand and larger wins men, or at least a draw next.This is the highest level that can be achieved Dubo.All negative, can be found in the corresponding win in the global, it's not winning on the correspondence, but to bet.For example, the global marketer inside -10, which is bound to the global handedly +10 or +11 to find this single-handedly wins, will offset the negative out of the hands of Destruction.This method is in operation from memory can not be achieved, we must use some auxiliary means, such as software, hands-records.This approach emphasizes that the whole focus is no longer a local.Whether you play or play one day a month, or a year, appearing in all 50 percent winning percentage of this breakpoint, you must implement the above results.Only in 50% in the event of winning, only to suspend cable restart.NOTE codes do not emphasize continuity.Because of limited space, here I only say that a basic shape.

Several conventional tactical approach baccarat 9

When the initial negative, assuming -5, in the case of funds (at least 300-500 yards), you then hit 10 wins, this end of the round; if negative, followed by playing 10, if negative then hit 10 ... Until winning a hand 10, and front offset -5; then hit 15 or 20, each win one hand, in front of a flush-10, until the principal amount of return; if all previous -10 offset is completed, and the new - 15 And there were some, the principal did not return, then call back 25, in turn cleared away in front of -15 ....... ...... This in turn is a prototype, of course, can not be directly used with , according to this method will sooner or later be the next big wave of wind to destroy.

When the initial victory, then retracted it, if retraction negative, and the positive and negative profits in hand, winning not earn, earn money.If retraction win, the stakes go forward.+ 5-4 + 5 + 6......Until negative.That negative first-hand how to deal with it after the big?Two options: one is to the front of this hand wins negative blanking go inside, no bird he.Such as 6 + 7-8 + 5-4 +.In fact, this five hands can be seen -6-6 + 6 + 6 + 6.That is, you win a hand +6.Next, how to operate?I believe we all understand.It is also a basic skills injection code conversion process, you do not go hand -8 stare at this link, in fact, you are already winning, right?Next, we play a hand 5, if negative, 3 wins, 3 losses earned an end to the fighting.

My focus is not on the original introduction of play, but the process is running in the play, how to carry out formation conversion, namely, how to switch back and forth in a variety of play, but this article has been intermittently engaged in several days, from 24 forming, after several drafts, dare come out to see people, is more difficulty, then there are reasons for the limited space, the next open special stickers discuss it!

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