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Write road law Baccarat three Raiders Chu Road and skill

Brother had some recent changes in the gambling law, more ruthless habits are changing over, including cable law, investment type, object design and gambling patterns, etc. are.

Among them, the record in dealing with the licensing of the road, a little change. In particular, the wording of the three beads of the road, because of the need to adjust the net gambling, and also conventional down.

As the three bead method is the one I use most reference investment style, plus younger brother often discuss with friends via SMS or QQ Baccarat Three bead law, that this way of writing and thinking quite used road, so post share.

Please correct me.

The following is a game of real hand last night, with the arrangement of the three Chu Road, described as follows:

Write road law baccarat and three-Chu Road Raiders skills 1

Although there are three bead-cast dozen, but the younger Xi frequently used, or both the main positive and negative three bead is ED (see "Talking about three bead ..." post) and special Long jump three beads (special Concentrated brother have post-post presentation).

This view above light hand, to immediately identify the pros and cons, and even jump is hard difficult. With two inputs concept style, are labeled a little complicated, a waste of time.

Especially when net gambling, betting every little confession time to think, how can clearly distinguish three beads to particularly important.

Because, for convenience and efficiency, it is also used as I know, a blind door three bead on the wording.

Several French first three bead arranged according to their needs and to define it.

The following is my habit:

BBB or PPP is defined as 1 (with a red pen records)

BBP or PPB is defined as 2

BPP is defined as 3 or PBB

BPB is defined as 4 or PBP

Blind door three bead investment style, is specializing Wang doors (emerging digital format is Wang doors), do not fight blind door (which does not appear in digital format is blind door).

Specific operations described further below.

This is not blindly introduce three bead. Want to point out that, in fact,

Pros and cons of three beads: formal, that is 1,2,4; trans, is 2,3,4

Even jump three beads: Attached is 1,2,3; hop is 2,3,4

With 1,2,3,4 to indicate the nature of three beads per column, just look at the figures, you can see the entire Bureau of Licensing Board to change.

As bureau, becomes as follows:

Write road law baccarat and three-Chu Road Raiders skills 2

To see how this board?

1-5 columns, and positive and reversed, and even dancing, it seems a bad bet, but there are 3 1, it means that even Wang ceremony and formal.

Look 1-6 columns, except the first one 4 hop outside, are all 2-6 2 1 1 is paused or even type 2, 5 lash potential series, can even type cast method.

So, 7-8 type win, the first nine broken columns.

After breaking the column, from the beginning to get used to again examine the Board, the general trend is still connected to the main style. Article 10 This observation does not recover even bet or negative type.

If you bet on global, younger brother after breaking the habit of stopping Notes column observation.

See columns 1-10, in addition to nine outside, even the style continued, four are still blind door.

But it notes that the first column 6-10 ruthless clear blue pen while trans-hop, the red one is blind door, there are likely to turn to jump or trans potential becomes even situation by the formula.

So, in fact, choose to consider (1) is connected or (2) hop or (3) trans to the Raiders remaining hand.

Combined with the preceding row, remains the preferred-attached (only small potential break column 1, the general trend unchanged).

11, the first mouth.

12, first a negative, because even the style, the chase P, careful observation can be stopped note, a rather negative note; even if the chase formula, buy P, open 3, recovered.

13-14 column, the first mouth.

15-20 column, even chasing type, the first one is negative, because the blind door 4, so chase 3, that even the style, fill in the first two.

As for cable law, everyone who bet on different character, the facilities of each method, the non-paper discusses priorities, without discussion.

In conclusion

To jump three bead concept, global to even type mainly broken one, is on board.

The concept of positive and negative three beads, and anti-global and positive, not gambling, is under the Bureau.

Blind door three bead concept, global front door is 4 and a half-blind, global is still 4, blind doors obvious, but the starting point is not much, is in office.

If the number of columns of pure blind door three beads Raiders, with reference to the not too little, so much the number of columns Raiders, and blind door is always changing, so this method is not popular.

But this mode marked three beads, we can clearly see the pros and cons of ruthless, even jump change, blind door are the best tips.

In the shortest time to choose the best method for the Raiders encountered the hand, that is the point.

Facilitate felt blind door three beads write road way, so presentation here.

If the Raiders to three bead baccarat, still remember the focus:

First, carefully choose the Board. The Board can not bet all three beads as start 4 listed as comprising 1,2,3,4 four formats, although biased trans three bead, but experience shows that this mostly younger chaos, can be a turntable.

Second, the potential for the brand with the most appropriate investment style, not static. So, can simultaneously control multiple three bead-cast better.

Third, at any time, especially when the development to the Bureau of the Board, or the column after the break to re-examine the licensing potential, so as not to fall absolutely impossible to escape thinking. Afraid of missed opportunities, the only fear negative fall Bureau.

The following is another's hand, how do you judge potential? How many columns can win?

Write road law baccarat and three-Chu Road Raiders Tip 3

I share the view of another day!

Brother has no intention to sell three bead method, just know a lot of friends with three beads Raiders, JP this post to share some thoughts with the brothers.

More importantly, it offers some ideas for the brothers themselves by qualities of adjustment. Some three bead method (such as 4 BACCARAT brother style sword), not necessarily rigidly into thinking this post.

So, for reference only.

I wish the brothers hit the ground running!

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