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Casino Baccarat's "one off"

Casino Oddities much earlier Attu had "两口 money" in the title, a true story about the actual process, pointed out that when the arrival of luck, bettors can often handy, and even shop win, even if occasionally missed, nor continuous two lost money, so it is the same table sees people lose to a prosperous only when buying a suit, it is possible to take a ride.

Today's topic is "one off", it is a true story. Saying Baccarat Among fans, there is a maverick, Attu do not know its name, only that he act strange, after he buried only station does not sit, silently watching the desktop situation, to think that for the time, only took 10,000 yuan from his pocket, and turned into chips, and immediately full bet, but not too much.

And regardless of the outcome, he will never looking back, leaving the casino; he never bet on two shop, it does not appear twice in one day this maverick arbitrariness nowhere, rarely talking to people. After only one win the lottery, chat, and that he revealed to Attu, last year he had a way with this day off a total of 200 million won.

In other words, 365 days a year basis, he is to win more than lose less, almost won the 280 days or so, the only negative of the 80 days, to arrive at this result, the outcome is the ratio of about 7 to 2, that the chance of winning up to Qi Cheng.

A figure does not inquire into his betting method, there is no doubt his last game, because meet by chance, acquaintances and there is no need to tell lies.

The story does not end, the Lone Ranger in the subsequent uncertain because the grip changes a day a strategy, the result of a wrong move, the whole game down request. He will not only return the casino to hand over two million yuan profit, also lost more than a hundred down million. Bitter experience of rest, he had decided to re-impose a trick hold fast to the principles, to ensure daughter cleared up again, to regain lost ground.

Most people enter the casino, begin playing music or striving hard as the destination, so just bet a money man, is one in a million bets a benefit that we were not low, not your death is my death, both only live one. The second benefit is not greedy do not leave, not because in the negative direction, and sometimes out of control and crazy filling suffered Waterloo, because of a defeated and hopeless.

In the casino's point of view, do not welcome such a shot over the desperado, if all gamblers are just entering the gamble, even if there are 40,000 people a day admission, limited pumping revenue; in baccarat for example, over the outcome of a fifty fifty, the winner, it is unknown if met people who know how to find loopholes in the casino, or Blackjack Master card counting, roar time machine, in the most favorable time to buy only one, casino and more caught up in a disadvantageous position.

Casino most popular, was the seat of the people who masticate, that pathological gamblers, only they do not take the victory, defeat is not to go to the casino for the home, until penniless, was reluctant to leave, but they have Xuanzhong Various methods, regroup and come back to them one too, is undoubtedly the rafters asks for a fish, Wan paved to Guozu Yin head.

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