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Betting Heart: decimal exception, the principle of large numbers

Recently I spend a lot of time in the game site to see Baccarat Posts and, attracted attention withheld.

Think is not (in Macau Box hair)Blackjack Lost anxious to find a way out from Baccarat?

The truth is I do not play, "new" Macao box made blackjack ...... actually Macao and China have always had a table of eight blackjack tables, I used to go to play, until they were Daiyi Lang three days to win to 70 ten thousand Hong Kong dollars ......

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Although Macao has made blackjack box, but relatively better than I (freelance) find (for other countries) blackjack or worse, so I did not go to patronize ...... maybe wait another 10 years for eight years, wheel get that two tables ......

The reason I see baccarat posts and, because of curiosity, how baccarat master who under the principle of large numbers of negative yields (US withheld hundred words), Baccarat write so complicated? I said Bruce Chen style of writing well, look, I discovered several days, Baccarat many experts writing are good, it is worth to watch ...... and see baccarat experts cited cases in my book, but also very happy, and my analysis ʱ??

Read more days there are some ideas in mind, the country has been a blackjack card counting law harmonization, and baccarat martial arts inconclusive, so flourishing, fanfare.

From the standpoint of statistical theory and large numbers baccarat and blackjack in mathematics, it is very clear, but a few exceptions childhood, and psychological point of view (EQ), it appears that there is a profit opportunity in the booming Hong Kong and Taiwan Lotto numbers, winning numbers similar studies have frequent hallucinations.

I actually admire one hundred fans, I'm lazy to learn, has proven to win blackjack (Macau one hundred many fans of "Macao blackjack continuous shuffling machine" did not have to win as not playing blackjack The reason it is not), do not fight the current average profit unknown method of Baccarat.Relative hundred fans to endure the pain, insist forcing Hushan ...... Taiwan "President Ma" strange Taiwan's "native" Why did no one got the Nobel Prize.I daresay invention defeat "normal" person Baccarat absolutely qualified to get the Nobel Prize, see the world so much one hundred fans, many of Baccarat "experts" with a drum Folly, day and night (very very very very difficult) defeated Baccarat and (waste) efforts, very sigh.

Gambling Heart also makes me curious? Without this chapter on my book.

Because I do not "bet" ...... I'm no different in principle "investment" My Heart and "investment" stock.

Investment emphasis on saving, stress (positive) yield, stress risk diversification ...... So my book to talk about yield estimates, Kelly Criterion (depending on yield betting spread risk), high-risk high-profit, reasonable bet bookie appropriate and reasonable remuneration.

Gambling (such as Baccarat) with a negative rate of return based on the number of exceptions childhood trying to find a chance to win a lot of money with little money, you can not use normal investment principles, and only from psychology, EQ, grandson Heart, light gossip, strange forces legend chaos God was to find a way.

A baccarat expert singular plan, let me take a cold sweat for him. He earned 25 times a month plan as an example, that he "no pressure" Heart and strategies.

Principal: 4000 yuan

Target: 10 million (girlfriend needed the money to shop), plus a "normal" pocket money

Time: 1 month ...... real working time 15 days 105 hours

Key: no pressure, efficiency

Premise: safe, feasible

Methods: money management, target cut

Comprehensive assessment: "Processing" good success rate increases

During his 16 rounds were 15 days cause, he apparently still have time to put his plan with the mentality of the Heart (no pressure, safety, efficiency ......) And according to the text of his large semantic Clearly progress smoothly, according to plan efficient compliance!

He was watching the road method, stakes, cut and Heqing, tour desk ...... obviously have good (extraordinary) grasp, and finally able to reach profitability in January 25 times "more than" (4000 earned 100,000 plus pocket money) Albert and I earn a hundreds of evil, his fantasy, as compared with the sun Zhenghui firefly, dwarfs. No wonder the experts Hongwen one, hundreds of fans suddenly get no extra points with friends esteem rose essence, and my posts and come to sideline people cry.

Resented, good name, I finally hang of it, you learn the essence of Baccarat master, the future will vigorously carry forward the promotion to a hundred Bo stress-free, safe, efficient, a box cut 20 yards ...... "swelling wind" Dafa.

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