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How I online casino winnings?

First statement: I am not a God of Gamblers; I do not beat Baccarat; I am now able to defeat myself; I am currently in earnings in.

You may have some questions: no baccarat dare to beat you here that will win money?

Yes, yes. I did not beat it, I can not believe my lifetime to crack it.

"That's how you win money for it?"

I tell you the truth slowly.

(A) Participation

I was six months ago, come into contact with baccarat. Never been before Online Casino. Just a few years ago a friend in Shenzhen and small played mahjong.

The first bet on baccarat prepared 1,000 yuan (RMB), had wanted to look at this Game But friends advised me this game is very dangerous, or do not play it right. Then carefully bets, one yard is 20 yuan, there is no way that night to win a hundred dollars, intended to stop.

Come take out the money but have trouble withdrawals:.. Online Casino are not allowed in the absence of a full bet will "put color" to forget about it, I bet really yet reached 1,000 yuan, so I am determined to fight another day take to my 1,000 yuan, it is best profitable.

Recall the original scene like a dream. I did that night, very careful, then be careful. Vaguely remember that I only bet 30 yuan "and" hit, return to 270 yuan (30 * 8 + 30). Up to a note when only 30 yuan Finally, to close at 1,076 yuan when I hand the success get to my 1000 yuan I am excited, excited that he is God of Gamblers win friends around me or advise me:...... not what I lost a few good ah one hundred thousand! left to 76 yuan, a little later free play it carefully.

Late the next day, bored, anyway, there are 76 yuan. Entering battles. Three rounds, only 16 yuan. The minimum bet is $ 20, did not understand the rules because I do not know, you can bet the last inning. but missed, Online Casino are not allowed to bet.

Forget it. It does not play it. Anyway, I did not lose total up, also won 16 yuan.

Withdraw money tomorrow and then take it right --- ----- ------ should have a chance to win not play that long losing bet ------ ---- to not take that money - can no longer bet.

With their own hearts always keep fighting. Played extremely irritable own friends.

Stop smoking. Nothing to do, bored to tears, it is still in a fight with myself ....

Internet look for ways? Right. Internet access.

(B) "Smile Heart"

Found "Smile Heart", was highly valued, inside will rejoice. "Grasp lucky period, always follow the trend." Rival. Roughly study of "Baccarat" arrangement, long queues, long single-hop, there was a damn The one-man jump (OXXOXXO, smiling bane of law).

En To verify, yes, to verify.

Save money, play again ....

A night of pitched battle. Winning it! I am a God of Gamblers, I found the "holy canon!" Excitedly no. Battles battles, have confidence in it.

But friends, you might guess the consequences: after a few nights add up to more than 2,000 money I lost.

(C) to stop research

In the end is what's wrong?

Battles you can not find the "Winning" battles.

Write road: two beads arranged in three bead arrangement, four beads arranged .....

(Iv) how I lost money

Methods have questions? Do not.

That is how I lost money? Oh, I had not only lost money discipline.

Give yourself a discipline of it. Then I followed. I grew up is to comply with the discipline of a child, I was able to keep my discipline, I would definitely winning.

Small investment 100 yuan discipline: stop transmission on the 100 yuan, if gambled longer play baccarat only win, but also 100 yuan a day, if there are 100 income battles can be friends tomorrow.!.

Process: flat note, 20 yuan for each injection worst when there is a note to 37 yuan 20 yuan, and the remaining is not enough of a note, simply add it to play the final 37 yuan, hey, 74 yuan back happy not break one..... We will fight again, to sit down and drink water, for a rematch. playing tug of war for a long time, staring eye out cards, and my heart for a while heaven, hell suddenly. too slow, filling, anyway, win or lose on this 100. Friends, I won to 120 yuan, you probably know, I am not brake the car. Finally, what would happen? did not lose, win, please do not remember the specific number of how much, anyway, 300 yuan.

. Rest a while drink Summary: NOTE really boring fucking flat had big bets.

Play again. Oh, this time you may know, I lost a best light!

(V) decided not to play baccarat

Quit it! Fuck. Stand during torture! Something else with the money invested.

Nothing to do at night. I can not play, look at the Forum bar.'ve Read it, studied. But I do not consciously opened again baccarat.

All while eliminating condemned it, and see the road.

Several nights are not consciously into the baccarat deceive myself: I only look at the road.

(Vii) to tell a story to you

Tyson and I play the game

Location: A garden of a Plaza

Rules: I can use punching, kicking, head-butting, biting can even use brick .. but I can not use firearms, knives and so on.

Tyson only with punches.

I may terminate the game at any time

Enough to make me excited is that I want to play with him. I certainly know my strength. So I use these methods.

The first round began, hidden a brick on my lower back (the rule is allowed) to play, can not let him get to me, dodged .... I identify opportunities thrown bricks, hit his left shoulder. I declare the end of the first round.

The second round, I dodge. The fight in his head, he fell down I'll win it. Another brick thrown. Missed, almost let him hit me. I declare the end of the second round.

The third round, or the old method, this time to fiercely hit his head job

(Then you still think about how I won it)

I do not believe winning method, but I believe people have to win. Baccarat variations on quadrillion, if you try to change to cope with it, or to cope with a few changes, obviously there will be no success. Just lead.

But Quebec to win people? .99% Of the people are too difficult to play very own.

Baccarat no Achilles heel, but the bane of many of us, have been hit baccarat.

Analyze people's Achilles heel: greed, lack of funds, lack of time, lack of discipline (TakeProfit stop lose), irritable ..... These are baccarat hit leaving us lost money.

If a hundred people to win the French, not necessarily a hundred people can win, that's for sure.

So how do we beat ourselves? You think again.

The standard of success do firmly win lose less.

Tyson story and I play the game I will lose the long run, because I'll be tired when I'm tired I'll fail.

How to overcome my fatigue? How strict implementation of the method?

From another perspective, playing baccarat gambling with their own original.

The rules of survival (viii) weak

With respect to the online casino, we definitely are in a weak position.

Nature has already told us the weak rules of survival: jackal teamwork invincible; no hands and feet in addition to the body of a snake outside enemy fear another pattern, with the poison can make powerful than their enemies killed first and then paralysis; spider net to catch winged insects; mouse is environment is not conducive to their own circumstances to steal to eat and run, even if you will not be overthrown beaten, repeatedly managed to escape under the circumstances ....

Online entertainment in the city has long been used teamwork, but in this game baccarat teamwork seems to achieve any effect.

Trying out of thousands? Absolutely not.

To find all of their shortcomings and the bane of it.

(Ix) Where the devil

Some people say: Baccarat really like the devil.

Yes, it is actually the devil.

It is around the world Playground Displaying the quadrillion variations on, calmly ate a mouthful gamblers a further sum of money, even to eat calmly and an another person but you can not see its hideous face in people just familiar with it after a period of change, it has transformed instantly to people hit the abyss. For centuries, people have been struggling to explore methods to defeat it, during which the price paid is quite heavy, but it is still in this world. there is enough to prove to people is still failed.

But there is a more powerful demons exist, it is hidden in your mind, it is even a few great fit devil, and you know it's there, but you can not get rid of its claws, any of its mercy ... ʱ??

. Gamblers, nature is also what nature, saying: avoiding disadvantages too ("gambling by") the process of life itself is a process of struggle, but we must avoid hurting seeks profit, can not overcome my demons, so what to avoid. harm?

I did not say I'm here to have a "Winning", the current factions rivers and lakes in the method has not yet win of the law. If there is "Winning", then we are currently accepted "Winning" is able to do stop lose only win. But for most people (including myself), is indeed difficult to overcome the demons.

Difficult? I really find the way to overcome their own.

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