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Personal Baccarat Winning - no stroke win a trick

See this topic, I know a lot of people are coming in with a brick, shoot me is not an end, is I want to make dead! Because I did not win advocating law, only to win people.

Or do not rush Paizhuan, please look down slowly.

what is Baccarat Winning? Mr. Luck had a winning answer: "Every time nothing more than to leave more money comes into play, and that this is not to win the law?"

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Let me mention a few minor problems, and help you to answer, by the way add a few comments.

First, you go to Casino What is the purpose?

Answer 1: Of course to winning, no doubt.

Comment: I know people are for this purpose 99.9.

Answer 2: I went to entertainment, like going to K song, hit the table, like beads entertainment I like to spend money to gamble in the stimulation process, of course, good luck can earn.

Comment: still want a little money, but you do not make money?

Second, there is no way you gamble?

Answer 1: no, just the feel of betting.

Comment: no comment

Answer 2: Yes, but the odds are not 100%.

Comment: If there is 100% chance of winning, there would be no casinos.

Third, please review your casino gambling in the whole process.

Answer 1: Every time I Xianyinghoushu, finally clear bags to leave.

Answer 2: I sometimes lose after the first win, and finally clear bags to leave.

Answer 3: I sometimes mouth black, one does not win, the last being clear bag,

Answer 4: I Xianyinghoushu each time, and finally cut Heqing leave a small profit .s

Answer 5: Every time I win a certain number of cut Heqing, always make money.

Fourth, whether you have no way, every time you win a few yards surest?

Answer 1: There is no way one yard I have a grasp.

Answer 2: I have a method of 10 or less.

Answer 3: I have a method of 10 or more.

Some questions and answers out of it, I believe you will agree these FAQs are. Here I would add a few words to 1902.

Q spoke first into the casino's purpose to make money, then I would add one: Every time you win a shoe brand in the code is cleared bags good or good the answer is very simple, but how many people have finally cleared the bag I want?? You must repeatedly scolded yourself questions and answers in the fourth course, we can conclude that a shoe brand in the most confident to win a code. Baccarat is a winning system. As you play baccarat play with Tyson If you hit him does not terminate after the game, that's not playing the game, simply go to die. Unless you are Evander Holyfield, Evander Holyfield world there are a few?

These are just a prelude, here are my win Act - "no stroke win a trick."


* No admission have trick: Each shoe brand in the win to you surest yardage immediately stopped.


Internet age, ready to bet, wait for the next boot time is not president. If you win a no certainty, you can not gamble, so you will not lose money.

Speak out "no stroke victory moves," the problem is coming.

What method to win the most sure of one yard?

Methods already have: for example, Uncle Sam Wynn one yard as well as "old good luck winning Law", "Smile Heart" (I'll teach you to open new stickers Using "Smile Heart") and so a good variety. Here I will introduce one of:

With any of the four two beads arranged in a style play two beads, with stakes 12. The odds of winning a code of 3/4;

With any of the eight three beads arranged in a formula-three beads, with stakes 12 4. The odds of winning a code is 7/8;

Also playing four beads to catch one's chances of winning are 15/16, with a five-bead catch one's chances of winning are 31/32;


Problem here again, the greater the use of cost, the higher the odds, if missed great loss. This is really a big problem, but it is not hard to solve, using a condensing cable method, such as a triple play two beads in beads, if you play OXO, when the first opening of the second outlet of the X started to play, just need some patience, and other such opportunities arise was shot. I suggest you never play two type cable, but to spend your patience. gentleman good time (" moral "), grasp the opportunity, using the same method two type cable play four beads, five beads .....

There are problems, you may base code so big, lost a hand in case of psychological stress and a loss and did not play well the second hand when shot. Of course there are solutions. Internet era, you can find a substitute, the avatars no emotion, you will be 100% execution method, tireless work 24 hours a day to .... for a programmer, Tannangquwu also.

Speaking shrink cable law, you might think win old "blind door shrink cable Law", I have the opportunity to learn the old win "blind door shrink cable Law", this method does set a very high chance of winning a good way, in this Not much to say .win always worth I respect people. I really destined old with win, chance this thing is really amazing, by how complex calculations do not count out.

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