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Baccarat losing method

To learn Baccarat The method will win Inevitably must first summary Baccarat losing methodʱ??

50% pure random Game Want to guess wrong really not easy

The idea is to find the winning losing method in the study will lose the reason you can remedy the

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1, long bar negative chase: Multi-day burning firewood day, listen more, this is definitely the first row

Losers, since losing streak 3,5 hand, do not go on, we must defeat it namely his death

Be sure to put on a bar bet lose it back, black swan events are not uncommon, the night more than a way to go, in case of normal ghost

The time you lose, happy point, given that, do not want to, get it back two days later comes into play

2, shop shop are next: Every shop Casino Pumping about 1.5%, 100 single down, it has been removing nearly 1.5 stack up

Loser you are not God of Gamblers, every time the station's position, if the average still earn less than twice the 10 percent water, that why so hard

This one day Poker, Tired, playing water master door Wake up, once every bet, may have lost risk

Why bother to double the water that averages less than 5% of revenue, stay a few hours in front of computers him for the medical expenses of the income is not enough

All roads lead to Rome

If your approach is a positive return, as long as no top two, at 10 yuan a note and a note 10W, your earnings are positive, not the so-called 6 will be in the hands of the kind of

But stable rate of return, no matter what way you go on average double the water, there must be more than 10% of the proceeds (card bad way to go you can not do, what stays heroes)

Means betting on average double the water cycle, which is a winning cycle + a losing cycle = 10% -30% Earnings

They cut green formulation is incorrect

If you're going to survive long-term in a casino, when to enter and when to exit should have its own policy

Not to say that today won three yards on the back, tomorrow lose five yards on the back, it should go before the elaboration of the presently Raiders

Say what plan does not change quickly, is to deceive yourself, that you have no plans to emergency situations

Plans should be fine to encounter on the table on how to deal with friends, how to deal with diarrhea, not to mention winning or losing details

Walking according to their own rules, which already contains the full rules when it comes into play, when appearances

No busy is not busy wherever he goes, I opened a six platform, BINN, PT, OPUS, EA, HG, GW

A special account negative chase clear bag,

A put the account under running water after more than 10 times the 50% loss of principal (press Zhuang more)

The remaining three accounts, the basic realization of an average flow of 10% of earnings doubled to give up chasing the dragon big win, but also to avoid the triple black big loser, the second injection stop ....

More often black slipped a note, I was winning and she continued to play.

Overall earnings no sports ideal, because the school baccarat, last month, my income was negative US baseball, football also significantly reduced earnings, summary, multitasking, reducing analysis time

Premiership return this month to start a new season, no matter what line of business, to make money on the line,

If you lose too much Baccarat loser, you can not change the line of business to make money, maybe you are in other industries are smart people, but in baccarat you become waste material, that why even go up

Betting Ye Hao, work, or

First money, second happy

If you play Baccarat, you did not make any money that is not happy, adhere to what is there

An industry, go in three years can not do long-term meal ticket stable income, and immediately change jobs, give up

Do not use your hot face to cold butt paste Baccarat

Sorry, said earlier might offend a lot of people, read a few articles on a whim, Zuo Yi, civil action, offend offend

I just for the general public players

For those Gamblers level figures principal turned several times a night

I Gaoshanyangzhi envy worship

But determined not to learn from them, I am not a piece of material

Each row has a genius, I'm just an ordinary small players

Do their own good things, to do their own thing within its power

Happy gaming, happy life

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