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American gambler school's "Fan Cable"

American gambler school has introduced a variety of fan-tan cable, and finally came to play their meat "Fan cable." John Chancellor called "Fan cable" as Fan, a Chinese transliteration, Fan cable to deduct, nature coincides with "shoot three red" Instead, you bet this way, equal Casino To "shoot three red" mode by injection, but I chose you bet object.

According to "Kelly principle", when the same Betting When you occupy one percent advantage to under 1% of the bet, the long run will win, so join Fantan gambling play is necessary to analyze "shoot three red" Bo a note with a three note this principle, just and buy "Single Fan" in a blog three proportional John principal gamble highly recommend this cable, which may be foreign friends like a small risk, whereas the nature of the "Fan cable" and with "read the cable," somewhat similar, but it is Bo Third, the chances of winning bets, just 25%, no tie, the probability of defeat was 75 percent, and the odds proportional.

"Fan Cable" and "read the cable", is a waning style gambling cable, with stakes also "2,1,2,3,3", is to win the first shop, which will lay the cable type wins, And if so smooth, even under the five cities, then total revenue ratio Baccarat Cable or "corner cable" 11 Note For more than "read the cable" 22 Note also even more impressive.

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"Fan Cable" first formula under 2 Notes, win win if 6 Note, lost places flat note and then start the second formula under 1 note, winning then win 3 Note, cumulative 9 note profit margin, then missed 5 Note , there are two and a half profits principal, seen from the ceremony began, the bettor has to sit tight in the fishing boat, no pressure.

The third type 9 NOTE profits in hand, to buy 2 Notes, win if they win 6 Note, 15 Note cumulative profit, compared with the "corner cable," the five style gross profit 11 note, is worse, and if deemed to have been satisfied, we can thus withdraw troops Ming Jin, president of the John gambling cable cut, no harm.

The fourth type is a 15-note profit raise attempt in hand, head enough, the note is still more than enough to buy three, also almost brand management combined output shrink win Valley, this type win, then win 9 note, the cumulative profit 24 note, is this 12 times gold, lost, then the remaining 12 Note profits, still higher than 9 Note profits when winning the second note as much.

The last type 24 NOTE profits in hand, at its peak, John Chancellor teach you, remain under 3 Note, it is "2,1,2,3,3" endnote, can play its endnotes, or be Casino play endnotes, all depending on the shop, and win the case, add another 9 Note profits, a total of 33 complete innings Note profits, is 16 times half the principal should be satisfied, if defeated, the remaining 21 note, Note than 15 wins for the first time more than 3 Note.

It seems "Fan cable" is more appealing than the "angle cable" or "read the cable," is always shining gold.

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