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American baccarat gambler school enterprising "read the cable"

Has introduced the American gambler school's "angle rope" and "Ah booth cable" to continue and we look more aggressive, "read the cable" and "Fan cable." John Chancellor called "read the cable" as Nim, is Chinese transliteration, because the West is no fan tan gambling drama, but Artur has not seen Ghosts "climb stalls" scenes, but when the Dragon Boat Festival, dragon boat climb lo shots, but often see, it is truly interesting.

John strongly recommend these two gambling cable, which may be foreign friends, gambling less Chinese National People's Congress, and like a small risk, whereas "read the cable" in nature, and "Ah Tan" is just the opposite, is a Bo II the probability of winning bets, just 25%, the other 25% is and Bureau, the probability of losing is 50% chance not to lose half, and odds proportional.

ʱ??Read cable"And"Angle cable"Like, is a waning style gambling cable, with stakes also" 2,1,2,3,3 ", is to win the first shop, which will lay the cable type win, and if so smooth, even under five City, then total revenue will more than Baccarat Or "angle rope" of 11 small note, please dwellers read on.

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"Read the cable," the first formula under 2 Note, winner of words to win 4 Notes, and the Bureau of the original note continues, defeat the flat note and then start the second formula under 1 note, winning then win 2 Notes, cumulative 6 Note profits, missed words margin of 2 Note, there are double the profits of the principal amount, seen from the ceremony began, the bettor has to sit tight in the fishing boat, no pressure.

The third type 6 Note profits in hand, to buy 2 Notes, win if they win 4 Notes, the cumulative 10 Note profits, compared with the "corner cable," the five style gross profit 11 note, is not much, and if deemed to have been satisfied can thus withdraw troops Ming Jin, president of the John gambling cable cut, no harm.

The fourth type is a 10-note profit raise attempt in hand, head enough, the buy 3 Note Chao Chao is still a surplus, but also almost brand management combined output shrink win Valley, this type win, then win 6 Note, the cumulative profit 16 Notes , is eight times the principal, defeated, then there 7 Note profits remaining, still more than 6 Note profits when winning the second note as much.

The last type 16 NOTE profits in hand, at its peak, John Chancellor teach you, remain under 3 Note, it is "2,1,2,3,3" endnote, can play its endnotes, or be Casino From endnotes, all depending on the shop, and win the case, add another 6 Note profits, a total of 22 complete innings Note profits, is 11 times the principal amount, should be satisfied, and lost the case, the remaining 13 note than win 10 Note 3 Note the time for more.

It seems, "read the cable" is more appealing than the "angle cable", have the opportunity to more than double the total revenue than the latter. At this time we wish this cable and the traditional "1,2,4,8,16" five formula When the cable is relatively straight, imagine this lost valley go to fifth win shrink cable port high style, the feeling that gripped to 31 NOTE total cost, only to strike a note of profits, whether poor day common ground.

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