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Baccarat betting method look at the road

Baccarat method may not be able to see the road to let you win, but if you do not know the way to look at the road, but it is necessary to lose in playing online baccarat is certainly no exception can, when you can make online baccarat look at the road in accordance with the reference method, the probability of more elect a big possibility for people to play baccarat is very helpful.

The following is a look at the road Baccarat personal summary of the method, we hope to be able to bet on the Internet baccarat helpful.

1. Go to the 12th, forward, skip 9, and spaces, in front of the main road 3, killing Zhuang Road with red;

2. From the second row of the fourth grain write from the road, from 11 starts, looking ahead, jump two cells, namely 6,8 skipped the road to see the road 2, killing the village road with red;

3. to the 13th, forward, skip two spaces in front of the main road 4, killing Zhuang Road with red;

4. to the 16th, 16 the location is the first line of a straight row, the wording is rather special, forward-looking column of 16 before the first four columns, four columns skip this middle two columns, namely where the skip 5 row and column of 7, 10 see where the column of columns and 1 column of .10 has six road, but a road where the column had four, obviously missing feet, killing Zhuang Road in blue;

5. to the 14th, forward, skip two spaces, not in front of the road, with reference to the column first appeared in the case of no road, village road kill blue; subsequent road the column 15, killing village Road red;

6. to the 18th, forward, skip and 7 where the column of 10 columns, see 16 and 5 where the column where the column. At this point you can see there are two columns 16 where the road, while a column of equally 2 Reap the road, apparently homogeneous feet, killing Zhuang Road with red;

7 to 17, forward, skipping 11 and 8, the main road in front of 6, so should be used to kill the Zhuang Road red;

These three ways of estimating methods are similar to the beauty, we can help you predict the results of Baccarat flop, as long as you repeatedly practice research, timely flexible reference, and then open the licensing law found potential network baccarat master these rules, you will certainly feel suddenly confidence, earnings will slam the day is not far away you are.

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