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We look forward to the theoretical value of +0.0045 win Baccarat Tips

Default conditions: Online casino baccarat gambling, poker is a shoe box eight, after an average of 50 per boots cut card hand, allow full buy Zhuang, network in good condition, good corporate reputation, at least 1% rakeback

Methods: flat note, card counting, when the village of occurrence rate> = 51%, the buying village, shot an average of 20 times per boots, expectations 0.95-0.49 + 0.51 * 0.01 = 0.0045


1. The fact also be bought busy, but very low expectations and efficiency, not recommended

2. You can calculate the size of single and double with probability bets, in order to improve efficiency, the principles described above

3. The best bet may be to increase the efficiency of multiple

4. pumping because they do not count, itself expected value is negative, it is not recommended to use the funds managed in a manner similar Kelly Criterion, flat note to

5. short term there will be negative amplitudes occur, the need to ensure adequate reserve funds, calculate their own

6. This is the baccarat card counting to win the primary method, with emphasis on the calculation method, and arbitrage is different, with its emphasis on networking technology, but can be used in combination in order to increase revenue, please pay attention to this point

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