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Share senior players playing baccarat go some small detours

Over the years I have heard all kinds, I thought victory over Baccarat methodology and cable law made test Excel file has exceeded the capacity of a G's also a lot of hands-on method.

The first detour: Spear Against His Shield.

The dealer makes money?By pumping each hand 5%.Then I turn the dealer how water pumping?For example, I bought a village, not a village more than you?I have been buying village, lost 6 percent Cadogan I buy, lose plus 6%, with stairs cable to play, you earn 1% drudge packed defection.Since there is law of large numbers, zero and theory, you can not always open leisure, Zhuang hot, I come down stairs.10 yuan -10 10,000 limit red, you can always go bankrupt it will not hit me?Think of this point, very excited, thinking that they discovered the magic, the casino can begin closed.Because not a lot of data to verify, so it took real money play in person verification.Effect how?Good effect, account hit 50,000, down half a month into a more than one hundred thousand.Millions of water every week.Finally one day, a Boeing wherever he goes, almost all day in the hot idle, wave after wave, a wave after wave, with a term to describe the trend is consolidation idle rise, finally covering twelve boots village, on another wave of hot idle, I could not believe my eyes, I began to suspect that he is being hunted down a dealer.Nothing was already taken into account, that is 6% of machinery in accordance with the magnitude of the advance and retreat buying village, hit 10,001 a note hang time, that two dozen shoe brand has been more than idle accumulated hundreds over the village, hundreds of thousands of all still go back, leaving only a few million of water, and afterwards took over 20,000 defection.Two weeks time, 50,000 in return for the cost of more than 20,000 defection.At that time no money to continue, even if the can continue, if idle more thirty or forty, it will break through the limit of red 100000.This is the first article I walked detour.

Afterwards with Keno data for verification, found that such volatility will appear almost every tens of thousands of party one more than the other two hundred from the curve, the coordinates of the upper and lower 200 has a breakthrough, that the cumulative amplitude exceeds 400. Such volatility, Li Ka-shing is probably all too much. myself as a back bet blind.

The second detour, safest crater inside.

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On the battlefield where the most secure? Safest inside the crater. Bomb the place, the possibility of a bomb attack suffered another relatively small. When a small probability event, the possibility of it happening again is relatively small. For example, 10 Even the dragon, the average period there should be hundreds of time, probably only two or three hundred columns 10 8 boots brand boots only once every 10 even after that long, I'll buy jump, 10 straight cable, 50 Note stop play enough hands so the next opportunity.

What effect? ​​Works well, accumulating rapidly, but the result is the same installment, 10 and even dragon shortest cycle is the interval of an example Zhuang Long 10 is connected, in the interval of two continuous idle, it has opened a Article 10 even the village, rare, right? blame yourself too little experience. But this does not make sense to block more than 10,000, after chasing out a lot just hang afterwards calculate more than one cable should be present.

So how further improvements?I prepared on two cables, the second than the first crude doubled.If, unfortunately, missed once, I will continue to fight with 2x cable loss on the first hit off the cable when stopped.Even if the bomb twice attacked a crater, the third bomb attack on a possibility should be smaller crater right.Fortunately, there are a lot of rich red limit, 10 10 yuan started straight cable design two three no problem.Effect I do not say, good things are short-lived, soon be able to win money, but lose time to go back faster.This recall should take massive amounts of data to look at the statistics.Statistical results are: three bombs even when a string of bomb attacks have occurred a situation crater, blind bet tragedy again.

Also tried to summarize a baccarat bet-set. "Formulary," The word is a term chess game. Go up to change the game called, there is no eternal weight Bureau said, the thousands of years down, and no two chess is exactly the same, a combination of 361 intersections are astronomical. But after thousands of years of practice, experts have some start method and do not suffer summed up, form-set according to the established formula to go, can generally be made mutually satisfactory The results, which established formula, depending on the person of the late chess battle plan in the end choose.

We often say that if the road as a given type combination, rather than a single chase in which a certain kind, is not it should be able to obtain at least about 50% winning percentage and the amplitude of these will not be much given formula include:? Met with two jumps the third jump, even side by side to see two pairs 2, 2 even just a third (the so-called Road 22 road or pops), even with the fourth even see the three dragons seen long queues cut off, call in one hand Instead, the so-called Long back, with a third set to see Bedroom Bedroom, blah blah ...... this combination of elements, with stairs cable to play. to see which way out to open with, if dark, then wait for the next opportunity to continue on the stairs.

Excel validates the methodology with the above, for me is not an easy task, how to write like a good formula for a few days, even with the advice and learning, the final segment of the data is converted to the outcome of the dismantling of the road, and then the verification.This is I think the best way, winning there in large numbers are still less than 50%, the amplitude is relatively small, but it will reach dozens level at the most, straight cable negative chase, I do not even think.Although the capital adequacy, then use dozens of stairs to fetch water cable, it does not appear within one million data test range off the cable, but safety considerations, must start very low, 5% after stair steps integer.For example, 10 yuan started playing 11 lose, lose playing 12,.....100 lose, hit 105, won the 100 on return.Such margin retreat.But this fight is very boring, and other ways to form, the high cost of time, may be ten minutes to form a signal path, but one with the cut off, have to wait for the next opportunity.Also dozens of grade cable stairs should also prepare tens of thousands of block funding.The money and time invested, compared the effectiveness of hourly output good to go.After estimating, according to the speed of baccarat lottery, using this method, I can not stay for another 50 years to earn back lost more than 1 million.If a network failure or other reasons cause mistakes will run into an unexpected loss program execution.Therefore, this method has also been denied.

Go to Baccarat and do two completely different things than the right, this will strayed Qi map, about the different game theory, there are two clearly defined, I recommend reading in order to make a reference.

Briefly about what is different and each point of Go is sunspots or albino, depending on to victory as the goal of the action strategies, there is victory as a constraint, one action strategies will affect other action strategies, and 100 Knorr Zhuang busy no constraint, but not both sides of the game, that your policy will not change any other action strategy.But other actions will indeed affect your action strategies to produce your action as a result of winning or losing, but this is the problem, you do not have a way to determine whether two behind the front is followed by a village or village with a busy, because your information If you do not know enough card order, and theories generated from the information you've known for all probability half.

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