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American gambler school Ah booth cable

Fantan gambler pioneering American school curriculum, and the waning style "2,1,2,3,3" bet cable flourish, this column will be the first introduction "angular position" betting laws, and today continues to be "Ah Tan" cable Bong on. Due to the nature "Ah Tan" is based on a two-Bo, and there is the possibility of "tie", it is derived from the cable type, there are also significant, respectively, but the same place, still the win in the first shop then the note will oversee gambling cable Dingsheng Ju.

"Ah Tan" winning percentage is 50%, "and the Council" and the probability of being "through" each accounted for 25%, the method is different from a lost bet "horn" a bit, and see this , please do not be on the term distress column, in fact remember "4,2,2,4,4" It became five digits, five digits, it is on behalf of John Chancellor "Ah Tan" five type cable stakes ʱ??

The first shop under 4 Notes, win lose one, then two, profit 2 Notes, enter the second formula, the second formula stakes without anti-minus, buy 2 Notes, to win the case, a profit of note, the cumulative profit of 300 note, This shop negative, then start again. In fact, the waning type cable characteristics, is lost at any shop, the council will come to an end, it has been obtained in order to protect profits.

On the other hand, keep in mind that when "Ah stalls" when there is a tie, the bet in the next cable laying according to the original stakes bets until the outcome of integration so far. If the first two are smoothly paved win, the third shop is still under 2 Note, winner also wins a note, then, the cumulative profit of 3 plus 1, a total of 4 Note, if the shop lost, than profit minus 3 2 1 Note also profit.

It is worth noting that, "Ah Tan" do not lose the opportunity to rate, up to 75% per shop, betting things, risks and profits become proportional, so at first glance, this cable is very low profits, win three shop was accumulated 4 Note, whether it is worth, a matter of opinion, but the world is no free lunch so then, they can not be without grazing cattle farming only know, all things are the price, betting and vice versa.

Fourth went to shop, there are 4 Note interest at hand, this shop reply 4 note, winning, you can win another 2 Notes, the cumulative profit of 4 plus 2, a total of six injection, is the principal of one five times, if defeated in this shop, all profits vanish, but the principal non-destructive, although the time and water erosion of money, but the robustness of the high, still can accept.

If even under the four cities, then finally to the fifth shop, cumulative 6 Note profits in hand, then worry no longer, John will teach you, in this shop easily at 4 note, it is gratifying victory solid, is also pleased to defeat the winning, it can add 2 Note profits, won a total of 8 Note End innings, missed it, the recoverable 2 Note consolation prize, will not return empty-handed.

Gambler school's "Ah Tan" cable type, though not "angle cable" aggressive, but more suitable for conservative parties, we can according to their own personality, and betting habits, what they want, there will be two kinds of people format closet together, Lu conservative front, rear accumulated profits, to the more aggressive "corner" type, can also be perverse, first to "corner" type of attack, and then to "Ah share" formula consolidate and lock in profits, flexible , there is no reason.

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