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American gambler school Fantan cable

American gambler school as the impact of the financial tsunami, the business has been damaged, the principal 约翰柏德烈 been brains, Macau and hopes to open up the Chinese market, recently took his fancy Fantan game, think of the fun and change it, better than Craps, for the establishment of a special Fantan course content and includes a winning bet Fantan cable.

If you remember this column introduced the "2,1,2,3,3" waning style baccarat cable, then John told you, all the same method used in Fan Tan tables, buy "corner" effect it had been no less, feature of this cable is laid in the first 2 Notes, as long as the shop to win, then Governor of the note given cable type win, the highest yield is five numbers together, a total of 11 note, this can be considered less and big profits.

"2,1,2,3,3" means, in the first formula under 2 Notes, reduced to 1 after winning note, if clinch reply buy 2 Notes, if missed the net to win a note, and then start again. If you win three shop, the cumulative earnings of 5 Note that in the fourth Shop 3 Note, the disinvestment door is closed, there is no win lose, win 8 Note the accumulation of profits, events continue, the negative words still 2 Note profits hand, choose to restart.

Ideally of course, it is a five-shop victory, can net a gain of 11 note, regardless of the outcome of this shop are restarted again and again. Since Baccarat "Zhuang, leisure 'chances of winning 50,50, therefore only requires cable The first shop to win, following two to four shop no pressure, regarded as a viable bet cables.

With all in Fan Tan, John thought would be more ideal, because Fantan buy "corner", ie four in any two, the odds is also one lose one, and baccarat "Zhuang, leisure", but Fantan "horn" There are six, namely the familiar "single horn 1,3", "double angle 2,4" and "1,2 angle", "1,4 angle", "2,3 angle" and "3,4 angle" to choose from.

West Betting accustomed to write "road", they called a trend, we call this prosperous Asians are weak door, since Fantan are "1,2,3,4" four possible outcomes opportunity although on the surface of each flap out of rates, etc., but sometimes a busy, busy two-door, a blind or blind double doors of the situation, because we do not know to go way, perhaps only God knows, but according to become a lot of comrades bet.

John pointed out that the change Fantan bets are three, in addition to the above-mentioned one lose one "hex", there are two stroke one of "Ah Tan", one of three stroke "shoot three red" and a stroke two of the "read" and a stroke three "Fan", in addition to "hex" of a life to give it a life adapted to this "2,1,2,3,3" waning style gambling cable, and its remaining "Ah, red, read , Fan, "there went every variation of the cable type.

Common, is the winner of the first shop that is entirely Wensheng, belong to the waning formula continuation bet up to five type cable and ensure that the small and big profits, as other moves, tomorrow will be first introduced to Dabo small "Ah Tan ", following John's" three red rope "," read the cable "and" Fan Tan ", the one we offer, hoping to make the essence of lo teach suction fan stalls.

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