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American gambler School: Expert Reviews gambler school cable type

The moon is not foreign special round, the United States provided Fantan gambler school course, there is always sigh Fan Tan's play lo, some alien feeling this and we play Craps as jubilant place, full of lo's investment, can not be compared, so Attu see John Ah principal amortization cable, is somewhat strange feeling, knowing of course, I do not know why.

Lingji a touch, or a local master Mr. Jin Biao got a question, anyway, a lot of his fans, but also questioning his leading index in this month's victories, exactly under the operation of addition and subtraction mechanism, there is no break in the cold under the weather, we meet in a small grove restaurant, Kim spoke first sentence, it is to teach Attu "meritorious ground," the truth.

74 months after the original idea of ​​the harvest, Kim laziness in this month, he put in Fan Tan Shen  time only and the former two, and his achievements, but also plummeted, until today, is a positive 29 basis points, just Last month, about one third, what is the upgrade mechanism hurt him or help him, or Christmas in January, deliberately let yourself relax, Attu did not ask.

This is not because the purpose of this trip, most wanted, is Kim to school Fantan gambler cable opinions. Mr. Kim read, "2,1,2,3,3" Angle Cable and "4,2 , 2,4,4 "Ah stalls after cable, immediately pointed out that both of these two genera waning style gambling cable, it is suitable for the small and conservative use, because the whole is not the sum of the principal amount of Notes 11 and 16, but the first a 2 and 4 Note that even if you prepare three sets of capital, also is limited.

Mr. King continued to play his meritorious ground, play no good spirit, then a detailed analysis of two cable type, he believes that "2,1,2,3,3" angle type cable is not inappropriate, because the case of a lose a game, with all in Baccarat, Sic Bo and single and double as well as red and black roulette, the effect is the same, and is therefore a viable cable type, and the winner of the first shop will lay wins fruit, there Riding taste.

But for the "4,2,2,4,4" Ah booth cable, he has a different opinion, Mr. King noted that this cable-style design some far-fetched, in fact, and "2,2,2,2,2" or "4,4,4,4,4" flat note were not, on the rate of profit opportunities, but there is no high or low, but in psychological terms, won a note, the reduction is half full in water to make their own is helpful, because Hell is the second stroke a share of gambling play, win lose a shop a shop should lose.

That expert is an expert, Mr. King then will "4,2,2,4,4" to a variation, really decadent becomes magical, he was still under the first note of the first Formula 4 Ah stalls, winning 2 after injection, Now the words "Angle", the second type 2 Note "corner", one can lose one to win 2 Notes, the cumulative 4 Note profits, missed and also share the results of Ah, like this board to play and get out.

4 Note profits in hand, the third type buy 2 Note "corner", the fourth and each bought five type 4 Notes "corner", if all successfully succeeded, then the original 4 Note the investment returns of up to 14 injection, than pure Ah 8 Note booth cable, up nearly 80%, while the spirit of the same cable type is the winner of the first shop that is a lead, in any subsequent one and missed, will not drop the negative side, this cable if variation in the third and fourth consequences missed five style, still wins respectively 2,2 and 4 note.

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