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Sic Bo whole circumference method for beating Discussion

Players: As we all know,Sic Bo The gameplay is very simple, and there is a long history! But playing in the process, there are two particular attention, one queue, the second is the whole circumference, namely leopard.

Changlong is no solution, the younger brother play a short time, even the big 11 is currently the most seen. Leopard too much trouble, in the event, give full into.

Brother thought to want to, in accordance with steady play, designed to fight "leopard", should be a good approach.

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So, I would like to ask for advice, according to you experience, now seen two long "leopard", spacing a few innings? Thank you!

Players: No, I tried to 140 consecutive no leopard

Players: queue up in EA platform seen ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ village busy for 15 to have the leopard ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ are the three consecutive ~~ 3.6.9!

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