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Sic Bo bet ideas and experiences: to fight in the online casino's Bo Friends Suggestions

Most of this year Internet Gambling They are playing Sic Bo, Give some suggestions often play with friends, in fact, play no matter what, the important thing time and mind.

1, should not gamble midnight,Online casino Midnight murder kill too much, I play at midnight, the night lost 50 000, 90 000 lost another night, you big injection is light, warning.

2, when we must lose control, do not dwell on a get back, afraid to lose the bet more, obviously lose much, really anxious to get angry big loser. You have to understand that time is infinite, the casino has is unlimited money.

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3, bet this little friends try to play a small point, a few hundred dollars to tens of Bo can, if you have tens of thousands of the principal one day is not difficult to win, to deduct does not advocate for small Dabo It is king.

4, there is not a lost bet, since the decision to go gambling, give yourself a good capital, do not lose when a large clear bags did not even present also lost.

5, avoid prolonged gambling mentality will be chaos on the rest, with the best condition to fight.

More than 5:00 to give further fighting friends in the entertainment field, and the king of mutual encouragement.

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