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Mingsheng M88 online gaming platform presentation, Mingsheng Casino Official Website

Mingsheng M88 (Mingsheng) Online Gaming Platform Introduction:

Mingsheng has Cagayan Economic Zone Authority sports betting and casino company's license. Full-time employees more than two hundred people. The team is responsible for Kongpan, risk management and customer service and other daily operational.

Mingsheng As a leading online betting company providing the widest range and most competitive products.

Mingsheng commitment

In Mingsheng, our aim is to provide simple and clear to our customers the highest quality gaming entertainment and surprises.

Mingsheng Kongpan room - more than 150 independent Kongpan hand ball field to provide more than 3000 per month

Mingsheng Kongpan room

More than 150 independent Kongpan hand 3,000 a month or more ball games

Best choice

The majority of our members to provide instant sports betting, live entertainment, constant color, Keno and P2P poker. We offer the best odds and ultra-high water level 195 for you. Sportsbook offers a number of major competitions, including the Premier League , Serie A, Bundesliga, Serie A and the NBA West and so on.

We are the first to offer live betting first half and the second half 44 minutes to 90 minutes.

More network gaming and entertainment value

We are committed to providing the best value for your entertainment betting Whether you play any kind of game, if you believe you have this knowledge to predict the correct results for your favorite sports game - then you will find you are betting on Mingsheng The best value.

Security System

Mingsheng casino official website

A solid, stable and secure gaming system

Mingsheng system's basic set-up and system security is the basis of a similar system is used by major financial institutions. Your information confidential for us is the most important and we will adhere to strict confidentiality and privacy regime.

Mingsheng offer 128 SSL encrypted transmission versus MD5 encrypted password, The maximum extent possible to protect the security of user information.

Philippines License

We license in the Philippines by FCLRC ('First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation') issued. This is a great Cagayan Special Economic Zone and the free port (CSEZFP) institutions, and interactive games are licensed and managers .CSEZFP also commonly referred to as CEZA, the Philippines is the only one approved by the Philippine government and the international recognition of the economic zone .CEZA interactive games and FCLRC owners asking them to license the use of approved software vendors to ensure that the game operating platform for customers justice and security.

Mingsheng Live Casino weekly rebate of up to 0.8%

Casino is provided by OPUS GAMING

Our live casino by the software vendor Opus Gaming authorization, Opus Gaming established in 2009 and has been well-known in Asia and the full power of the best suppliers. Short, Opus has successfully established brand in the industry, has become well-known The online gambling operators.

Opus is one of Asia's well-known and rapidly growing leader and offers superior live betting platform for the gaming industry, its excellent strength, can cater to the special needs of customers.

Opus continued to provide the best gaming projects, and to cutting-edge equipment in order to bring high-resolution real-time broadcast. Currently the industry is still little competition.

Opus is committed to providing customers with the best service on the market, including the improvement of custom and secure systems, and continuous improvement, enhance and integrate systems.

Mingsheng Macau casinos

Mingsheng In Mingsheng Lounge MGM Grand in Macau

Mingsheng in Macau MGM Grand opened Mingsheng Lounge

Mingsheng Casino FAQ

Now Jiaru Ming liter Casino

1. Mingsheng accepted what currency?

Mingsheng (M88) accept all of the following currencies listed below:

1. The Australian Dollar (AUD)

2. Renminbi (RMB)

3. Euro (EUR)

4. Indian Rupee (INR)

5. Indonesian rupiah (IDR) *

6. The Japanese yen (JPY)

7. Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)

8. Baht (THB)

9. US dollars (USD)

10. Vietnamese Dong (VND) *


Mingsheng Indonesian rupiah smallest unit is 1,000.

Mingsheng smallest unit is 1,000 VND.

2. How to deposit funds in the account?

When you are ready before Mingsheng (M88) bet, you can use the following methods to deposit funds into your account:

1.Quick Transfer



4.VISA / MasterCard

5.Tpay (Thailand Wallet)

6. Western Union Money Transfer

7. Domestic deposits: Domestic bank transfer

8. Bank Draft / International Money Order

9.Direct Debit


Managers will not accept any bank check (bank or individuals) deposits

Faster deposit credited to your account, please use the above recommended deposit methods

Register or place of residence as "Spanish", will not be carried out by way of deposit & withdrawal Moneybookers.

Now Jiaru Ming liter Casino

3. How to withdraw money from Mingsheng account?

You can withdraw funds in several ways:

1. Withdrawal to Wallet Account


(2) Moneybookers

(3) Credit card rebates

2. Bank transfer

4. How long will I get paid?

Upon receipt and processing of information required by regulations prescribed or withdrawal of any withdrawal request will be sent to our Finance Department to handle withdrawal procedures will be carried out according to the following schedule:

Counting from the receipt of the withdrawal request, the required processing time:

Withdrawal Mingsheng (M88) Processing Time Time to subsection (estimated)
Bank Withdrawals ʱ?? ʱ??
International Bank Transfer 2 days 3 working days
Bank Transfer 24 hours 24 hours
Wallet ʱ?? ʱ??
NETELLER 24 hours 24 hours
Moneybookers 24 hours 24 hours

Working days do not include Saturdays, Sundays and local bank holidays.

The first withdrawals

If you are a first time withdrawals and send information in accordance with regulations prescribed or withdrawals. Withdrawals before you, we need three days to verify your information.

5. deposits and withdrawals, required to pay fees it?

Without having to pay the fee. But please note that bank, electronic wallet or a credit card company that you use may charge a processing fee, this fee is not charged M88 all deposit withdrawals bank charges borne by the user and We will not pay out. About RMB membership deposits, Mingsheng assume more than only 20 yuan each deposit fee, and application fee will only accept transactions from day 7 days overdue is not to apply. Mingsheng M88 retained absolute the right to terminate or remove the clause in the terms of use.

6. Why is there a number of different Wallet account?

We have two kinds of wallets Type - Center Purse / Wallet product

1. The Centre purses are all products Mingsheng M88 cash purse, deposits and withdrawals must be done at the center of the wallet. You can effectively carry out withdrawals of funds center wallet or purse transfer to another product.

2. Product purse valid funds can bet, can also be transferred to the central purse or wallet other products.

Product purse correspond game are as follows:

  • Mingsheng Sports: For sports or sports betting.
  • Sports Betting: You can bet all the sports betting projects, including horse racing.
  • M88 Casino: You can bet on all games M88 casino, slot machines and game pages.
  • West Hall: Can all games in the West Hall of the bet.
  • Lottery ticket: You can bet on all types of products such as lottery: Keno
  • Poker: You can play poker products.

You can choose to transfer to another product from the center wallet purse or wallet transfers between the various products. Drop-down list in the Transfer panel "Transfer from" select the required product wallet transfers.

Like Mingsheng friends please pay attention to sports betting Mingsheng M88 Sports News

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