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Bodog Bodog online casino introduction, Bodog Casino Official Website

Bodog Bodog Casino Description:

Bodog Bodog is the world's most famous, online gaming and digital entertainment giant, one of the most successful operators in providing customers with quality products and professional customer service process, to establish an excellent reputation.

Bodog made Calvin Ayre Founded in 1994 (Lunar Year of the Dog), obtained authorization in the United Kingdom to provide the best sports betting and live casino project wonderful stimulus gaming industry. Since then, bodog wind and waves, and gradually succeeded in a series of entertainment products to the world market, including: online gaming, international record companies, publishing groups and the like Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker and Bodog Fight classes with the theme of international reality TV production company, which eventually developed into a powerful global entertainment empire.

Calvin Ayre on the "Forbes" magazine cover

Calvin Ayre on the "Forbes"

Bodog and Calvin are CNBC, MTV and ESPN Magazine and other mainstream frequent appearances on television, he is a billionaire magazine "Forbes" on the cover.

Bodog team after development, the award-winning:

Hitwise awarded by the most popular sports betting site.

According to Google News search results, becoming the first online gaming brand.

Among the top eGaming Review 50 strong and was awarded "most creative website"

Casino products obtained from Gaming Associates issued RNG certification.

Bodog brand exclusively licensed to Haydock entertainment company, which according to the relevant laws of the Republic of the Philippines, and get FirstCagayan awarded the "interactive online gaming license," so bodog grand debut in the Asian region (www.bodog88.com One member e, and mandated to carry out a safe and reliable online gaming business in the United Kingdom and Canada.

About Calvin Ayre

Calvin Ayre is a recognized authority on digital entertainment industry, he was on the cover in 2006, "Forbes" magazine, was "Humanities Magazine" as one of the "hottest bachelor." Mr. Ayre only 15 years time to put an ordinary online game company has developed into a multibillion-dollar global entertainment empire.Bodog Brand Has become the leader in the digital entertainment industry, with operations in Mr. Asia, Europe and the Americas. Aya also served as Chairman of the Foundation, the charity he had founded, and is active in various local community organizations. Foundation organized a series of charitable activities, the benefit of environmental protection, animal welfare and vulnerable groups, and many other fields. Not long ago, Mr. Ayre commitment to Haiti to donate $ 1 million donation, the industry's largest contributions philanthropist.

System Security and Privacy

According to relevant regulations, each player is only allowed to register a Bodog account. For the maintenance of the system fair, strict, we will regularly check the implementation to protect the security of your account. To maintain a fair gaming, we also use the latest software technology, and 24-hour monitoring to ensure that provide you with a safe and reliable gaming environment.


Bodog provide our clients with a range of safe, reliable and convenient Deposit And Cash Withdrawal Service. We work with third-party financial regulatory agencies to ensure that the highest standards.

Bodog gaming platform use

Sabah platform (sports betting)

HoGaming (HG)


Bodog independent platform

Bodog Gaming Projects Navigation:

Bodog Casino official website dimensional code

Bodog official website dimensional code

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Sports Betting

Live Casino

Bodog Poker

Bodog Mahjong

Bodog Sportsbook

Bodog Sportsbook FAQ

1. What is sports betting?

Simply put, the game result is not the beginning of the sporting event will generate a certain amount of investment Ma note. In general, the larger one chance to win, which the odds are relatively low. In contrast, the smaller the chance of winning one, the odds are relatively high.

2. The sports betting legal?

The legality of online sports betting is also certain specific controversial. However, choosing a formal manner, a license issued by a third party gaming companies (which can be viewed in the gaming company's home page), or can be assured of. Always the case, it is recommended that you follow region or country of the relevant laws.

3. What events can I bet?

As long as the company provides sports betting, you can bet. For example, universities and professional Footballʱ??Basketballʱ??Tennisʱ??Boxingʱ??Flying diskʱ??F1ʱ??Golfʱ??Ice hockeyʱ??Snooker And Stock Wait.

4. Betting Sports Betting age restrictions?

Under 18 years of age are not allowed to participate in any real money bets.

5. not registered account can bet?

No, you must first register a real money player account before betting.

6. You can use the cash directly to bet?

Due to the nature of online sports betting, the player can not directly use cash bets. However you can use credit / debit card or other deposit method offered by gaming companies make a deposit and bets.

7. The minimum and maximum betting restrictions?

Most gaming companies. Please check with the relevant provisions in the betting before the race according to set the minimum and maximum betting limits.

8. The need to win money taxable?

Winnings tax laws or not is determined in your area. Most of the gaming company will not disclose the amount of the player's profit or lose to anyone. Player information is strictly protected.

9. bets can keep or cancel?

No, once betting success is not immediately changed.

10. Who takes the odds?

Various gaming companies have their own professional traders, strict prudent Betting Odds out.

Bodog Casino

Bodog Casino FAQ

1. Bodog Casino offers what kind of game?

Bodog casino offers slot machines, there are card games, table games, video poker games and other real-time three major casinos you can choose when you enjoy your favorite casino games while Bodog Live Dealer casino Sexy Live Dealers will provide fun entertainment. Eagle Club Casino brings the popular fast, secure instant entertainment casino games, such as the large dragon, baccarat, roulette. Features electronic game is the most good slot machines, table games, card games, arcade games. There are a lot of exciting video games for players to choose.

2. The results of the game is how to generate?

Free experience 288 yuan Bodog gaming

Bodog using complex technology and advanced random number generator (RNG) to randomly generate the results.

3. How can I do to ensure that the games are fair?

Bodog Cagayan Economic Development Authority (CEZA) in the Philippines and the first fully authorized under the supervision of Kage proportion of expenditure on the total bet and the percentage of total earnings of a monthly review.

The live dealer studio located? Are Live Dealer casino in real time?

Live Dealer in our studio in the Philippines. Live Casino games and dealers are using the latest web technology to real-time playback.

5. Casino staff have experienced what kind of training?

All dealers live dealer casinos are a professional Casino standards for training. Since we use continuous monitoring and recording for assessment and training for dealers

6. If the dealer made a mistake, what happens then?

In the unlikely case that the dealer made a mistake, the supervisor will appear and give a decision according to the situation. If the game can continue and that will continue, otherwise the game will be canceled, all bets will be returned to the players account.

7. How do I check my recent games and betting situation?

View recent games and betting, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your account and click on "My Account."

2. Select the "History."

8. If I disconnect from the Internet when playing what would happen?

If a player in the game dropped, the game will continue and have placed all bets will stand. If you still can not connect in before the end of this board, you will be classed as "stand", the game will continue.

9. bet will reverse or cancel?

No, all bets will not be changed once the bet.

10. Where can I find Bodog Entertainment offers a complete guide to the game?

Game Guide can be seen in a casino school.

11. Why can not I access Bodog Casino site?

To access the Bodog Casino website, you must be in a national online gambling is legal, please contact our customer service team for assistance.

12. In the Bodog casino games What are the legal requirements?

Bodog Casino To play, you must be over 18 years old. You live jurisdictions or countries also need to allow online gambling.

Bodog Poker

Bodog Poker FAQ

1. Can I play more than one table at one time it?

Yes, you can play at one time to 20 tables, but you can only play a maximum of 4 cash game tables, 20 poker tables multiplayer game tournaments.

2. If I were an existing stadium or casino user, I need to register a new Account?

No, for all the entertainment we offer, you can use the same account, such as casinos, sports and poker.

3. I need to start the game funds from Bodog Poker account to the account after it?

Bodog Poker $ 5,500 prize package

No. You Bodog account of the balance of funds will be available and the link to your poker account directly reflect the same balance.

4. Bodog poker game download software What are the technical requirements?

Your computer needs to meet the following system requirements to be able to use the Bodog poker software for Games:

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

1GHz or faster processor

500MB memory

Display with a resolution of 1024x768

32-bit (True Color)

Sound card (if you want audio)

Minimum 60MB available hard disk space

Mac OSX 10.5

Apple computers with Intel

70MB or more of available space

1G RAM or above

5. What is the anonymous tables?

Anonymous tables that we delete your alias, use numbers instead of in cash games and single-table tournaments the poker table, each player's number represents their place at the table. (Therefore, the numbers do not move or change ʱ??

In the game (MTTs or information) Each player is assigned a random number them, when installed and it stayed with them during the game is.

6. How do I log updated software?

You can use your registered user name to log on to Bodog updated software.

7. In the update of the software, how do I do with my Poker Points?

In the updated software, we automatically converted into the Poker Points to buy tournament tickets to diversify so that you can participate in a variety of Poker League. Click here to learn more about how to redeem points for tickets.

8. I can play new casino bonus blackjack game?

Unless otherwise specified, casino bonus can not be used to play blackjack for any bonuses you may receive, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions, so that you will fully understand our requirements.

Bodog Mahjong

Bodog mahjong FAQ

1. Can I play more than one table at one time it?

Yes, you can play a single game round, Dongfeng war (hit East Circle) and multi-table tournaments, or observe your friend in the tournament other cards on the table.

2. If I am an existing sports betting or casino user, I need to register a new Account?

Bodog Mahjong free warm-up match

No, you can use the same account to play all the entertainment we offer, such as casinos, sports betting, poker and mahjong.

Mahjong 3. What are the system requirements for the software needed?

Minimum system to install and run software on a Windows Bodog mahjong requirements are as follows:

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

200MHz processor or faster

Memory 64MB

Bodog margin increased Mahjong Championship

Screen resolution of 800 × 600 pixels

16 ("High Color")

Sound card (if audio required)

70MB or more of available space

Install and run on Apple Bodog mahjong software:

Mac OSX 10.5

Apple computers with Intel

70MB or more of available space

4. Where can I find the practice of mahjong tables (play money tables)?

Bodog Mahjong VIP Freerolls

Open and log Bodog mahjong software client. Click to start the game in the options bar, inside the box marked check mark next to the practice field, then you can see all the practice tables.

5. How do I change my avatar?

Open Bodog mahjong clients with a user name and password to you. Click on the "Settings", select "Choose Head", then follow the instructions.

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