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Best Odds

CASINO is to provide the highest odds

188BET highest odds higher than its peers by about 20% or less to introduce you to a few major advantages:

188BET is an interactive sports betting site, Handicap odds immediate out, you do not need to wait for the sale transaction.

188BET liquidity more quickness, allowing you to allocate your funds at any time free to bet a larger amount.

Thus, you get a win-win: while enjoying the best water and the best service.

In addition, 188BET for five major league out of the handicap over 195 water level, allowing you to enjoy high-level bets using the site Odds calculator to see!

More Products

CASINO First Deposit Jisong 2888 yuan

188BET is a recognized expert bowls, an average of about 10,000 a month to provide on-site field ball tournament.

188BET offers more than 400 different league football matches in addition to the common professional league, but also provides the following leagues:

A Greek / Italian C League Cup / wave A / R A / Croatian Cup / Bulgarian Cup / Norway Cup / Bundesliga / Lo B / Denmark A / France B / Thailand King's Cup / Cyprus Cup / B league Brazil / Japan armor / Korea A / Argentina armor ... and more events for you to choose!

If you find that we have missed out on any event or you have any comments or suggestions 188BET website, do not hesitate to inform us immediately so that we can continue to improve.

Diverse products

CASINO Live Casino

188BET website to provide you with a wider range of gaming products.

In addition to sports and financial fixed odds bets, 188BET Live Dealers and Casino is impeccable. In order to meet members from all over the world, 188BET carefully selected variety of online games, to Your best choice.

We constantly improve our products and add more exciting new products, allowing you to enjoy a first-class online entertainment.

Easy landing

CASINO Mobile Betting

188BET website Available in multiple languages ​​to facilitate your visit. We continue to strive, to provide additional language versions, to better serve customers from around the world.

You can also enjoy 188BET industry-leading smartphone sports betting and casino smartphones, specifically for your iPhone and Android phone or tablet computer designed for use smartphone m.188bet.com landing site if you prefer use ordinary phone, you can use our WAP mobile website wap.188bet.com.

Multiple deposit Withdrawal

188BET There are many simple operations deposit withdrawal options available to you. At the same time, 188BET will be based on personal preferences of customers, we are committed to providing customers with the best way of deposit withdrawals, simple, safe, and fast processing You deposit withdrawals.

Please visit our help page for detail information deposit and withdrawal methods.

customer service

188BET 24/7 online customer service

Meet customer needs will be our constant service concept

? Customer first

? You have needs we have the presence

? Continue to exceed your expectations

In 188BET, we strive to provide quality services, we welcome your feedback in order to continuously improve our service. If you have any questions or suggestions, our friendly customer service staff can use online customer service, to provide you with telephone and e-mail Help.

Transaction Security

All customer funds (deposits and profitability) are stored in Clay Waters - Separate Account Benson Bank and Standard Bank Isle of Man, customer funds is quite safe, you can rest assured that participate in the game.

Company Information

188BET affiliated Cube Co., now has British dependencies Isle of Man (Isle of Man) and under the supervision of licenses issued.

Crown Dependencies Isle of Man Government

188BET From its inception in 2006, out effort for customers to create a good online entertainment environment. At present we have the global gaming industry's elite, super-professional technical and management team hope by providing excellent products and superior customer service to bring the best online entertainment experience to customers.

188BET or Cube Limited concerning media-related issues or business inquiries, please contact our team affairs.

CASINO Sportsbook

CASINO is the sports betting industry recognized expert bowls also provides a variety of sports bets, including:Miss World Contestʱ??Ice hockeyʱ??Lottery ticketʱ??Handballʱ??Boxingʱ??Wrestleʱ??Volleyballʱ??Snookerʱ??Swimming poolʱ??Cricketʱ??Baseballʱ??Footballʱ??Specialsʱ??ESportsʱ??American footballʱ??Racingʱ??Financial Betsʱ??Dartsʱ??Golf Wait.

For CASINO sports betting information, please visit CASINO official websiteʱ??

CASINO Sportsbook

CASINO Live Casino

CASINO Casino Grand Hall

CASINO Extreme Office CASINO use platform to provide Baccaratʱ??Sic Boʱ??Rotary table Game

CASINO Casino Royal Dragon Hall

CASINO Dragon Hall Provided Crazy Blackjackʱ??Super Baccaratʱ??Rotary tableʱ??International Rouletteʱ??Super nine p.m. Game

CASINO Dragon Hall blackjack site

Dragon Hall super blackjack

CASINO Casino Lounge

CASINO Lounge Use HoGaming platform to provide Baccaratʱ??Advanced Baccaratʱ??Blackjackʱ??Standard Rouletteʱ??Professional Rouletteʱ??Sic Boʱ??Dragon and tigerʱ??Advanced longhumen Games:

CASINO Lounge Live Dealer Games
CASINO Casino Royal Green Hall

CASINO Royal Green Hall The main offer Baccarat Blackjack Rotary table Dragon Bonus Baccarat Game, the interface is in English:

Western beauty Dealers CASINO ROYAL Office

Western beauty Dealers CASINO ROYAL Office


Beauty champion Lisi Xiao waiting for you to challenge

Lisi Xiao Description:

Lisi Xiao, M, is the first Chinese to win the Asian Champions Hold'em female players. Their participation in the Asian Poker Tour Quick Deep Stack tournament won the championship, and in April 22, 2012 to participate in the Asian Poker Tour Philippines race.

April 2012, China's first beauty poker champion Lisi Xiao appeared the Philippines, Asia's largest live commentary super high-stakes -APT Manila Millions.

Bad Beat Jackpot

CASINO Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

When you get four (the same brand 4) or a better hand, feel confident, but you fight cards with other players lose. You can not believe what you see, began to think about this game is how much cruel.

Do not worry! Bad Beat Jackpot (prize pool) to give you insurance at € 0.10 / € 0.20 Euros or more poker table to participate in our Bad Beat Jackpot game, the Board will have a chance to get upset, let you enjoy joy

Promotion-specific terms and conditions:

  • Qualifications
    • You must opt ​​in to receive any prize, simply click on the bottom right of the Bad Beat tables qualification game labeling can opt as follows:
    • Poker Bad Beat labeling
    • When the award appear, if you do not click on participate will not qualify for bonus.
    • If you do not extract the prize money (for example, your balance is insufficient to extract Desktop 0.02 euros), is not eligible for the bonus.
    • If the player is losing hand (Bad Beat winner) or the player win the card but did not choose to join the award, then the prize is still valid, but their share will be added to the next prize, other prizes will still be assigned to opt players
    • All prizes will be rounded to the nearest penny, any remaining bonus will be credited to the next award.
    • If there are more than two hands in line with the spectators, then the highest two hands as "losers" and "win" card. If you have two hands appeared award-winning qualification, the first complete winning hand will get upset at the same time.
  • The award-winning
    • That losing hand must contain four or more 2 or more cards.
    • Winners and losers cards must use cards and three community cards grouped together.
    • There must be fight card.
    • Award-winning no minimum limit on the number of players.
  • Winnings
    • In each hand the need to extract a jackpot of € 0.02 (2 points).
    • Balance prize pool will be drawn down from the Board After starting the blinds and antes after.
    • Prize pool will always accumulate until a player wins the jackpot.
  • Bonus allocation
    • 80% of the bonus allocated as follows:
      • 40 percent to the output of the player (upset card winner)
      • 20% of the players to win
      • 10% give awards to other players appear after the table
      • 10% identical to the players bet
    • b.20% for the next Bad Beat Jackpot
    • Other
      • Poker, 188 yuan send you gifts!
      • Players must be independent of the game, can not in any way jointly with other players to win prizes. Players can not tell opponents what to do or reveal their cards. Any violation of the above acts will be disqualified from the award-winning.
      • All promotions offered by 188BET only open to real players, empowered to deal with 188BET, limiting the player to participate or not.
      • 188BET is entitled to use the player's name on the tournament results, promotions or awards prize winner announcement, nickname or anonymous.
      • Any bonuses fraud, 188BET is entitled to confiscate the profits arising from bonuses and bonuses, and close the account.
      • Cube Company employees and their relatives as well as employees and their relatives are not allowed Cube company partner institutions involved in this offer. Here "relative" means spouse, partner, parent, child or sibling. This rule also applies to company turnover Cube within six months after the employees and their relatives (including employees and their relatives Cube within six months after leaving the company Cooperation Agency).
      • 188BET preferential right to cancel or modify the contents without prior notice.

      CASINO Financial Bets

      Free Trial Financial Bets win cash, access to financial gifts 1888 yuan!

      Financial Betting Introduction:

      188BET financial bets is to provide a wide range of financial market products for the members, including the index, commodity futures, foreign exchange and equity of at least £ 1.

      Forecast market price at expiration is above or below a defined level. If you are correct, you win!

      You can choose the market is 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 20 minutes, hourly and daily, use your existing account can bet immediately.

      You can view betting process and has settled bets data icon and you can also always check your bets based on our field.

      Before the end of the market any time you can get a profit ahead of the end of the bet. If the market with your prediction Instead, you can reduce losses to a minimum and back part of the amount you bet.

      You can choose "Demo"Try free bet.

      How to Bet

      • Landed Your 188BET account, select financial clicking true.
      • Select an active market; betting cycle 2 minutes (2m), 5 分钟 (5m), 20 分钟 (20m), per hour (HR) and daily (DY); betting type (floating and fixed); Handicap Type (odds, binary)
      • Select an arrow. If you think the market is higher than the stock market in due time horizon is defined, select the up arrow. If you feel that market prices below the limit level at expiration time, select the down arrow.
      • Enter your bet amount or click on any valid bet button "Bet."

      CASINO Keno

      Looking for Lucky Stars! Awards 8888 yuan per day

      Keno Betting description:

      Keno Traditional played with players from number 01 to 80 arbitrarily selected, ranging from 1-10 numbers, Keno system numbers from 80 randomly selected 20 winning numbers and then choose the number of players and system numbers than the official lottery results whether award.

      188BET Keno results are based on the official results of each area, such as Beijing Happy 8, Slovakia, Canada, Western Canada, Malta and Australia 20 winning numbers as a benchmark.

      188BET Keno offers seven types of play: the size of the 810 odd and even parity, the size of the single and double pass, and down five rows and Bead We are committed to providing a variety of competitive play, trying to present the latest and exciting. experience to our valued members.

      CASINO Casino

      Free Trial win cash 38,000 yuan

      188BET Casino rich Electronic gamesʱ??Slot machineʱ??Board Gamesʱ??Social Games There is always a right for you:

      CASINO Casino games

      CASINO industry-leading mobile betting, mobile betting and create a new era!

      CASINO Mobile Betting
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      188BET - New Season Exclusive!

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