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188BET Shipping Information: Guess the Premier League season, scoring a total 188 yuan to win prize money!

Guess Premiership season, scoring a total 188 yuan to win prize money!

Promotion-specific terms and conditions

1. This offer is for a period of Beijing February 17, 2014 12:00 pm to April 1, 2014 at noon 11:59 (GMT +8) only. If you are not yet a member of 188BET,Now point the image above link to join 188BET!

2. This offer applies to all the following conditions Member:

(1) RMB 188BET members;

(2) During the promotions, single bets "League Liverpool Manchester City + Total Goals"More than 188 yuan. (Active bets)

3. Eligible members will receive 100% of the highest profit 188 yuan bonus ("bonus") of profit overweight.

Offer CodeMinimum betBetting ProjectJackpotsMinimum bet amount
PartnerGoals-0214-CNRMB ¥ 188English Premier League 2013/2014: Manchester City + Liverpool League Total GoalsRMB ¥ 1888 times

Example: A bet Eligible Members "League Liverpool Manchester City + Total Goals" We love the whole [188], the amount of 188 yuan betting odds are 31. If the total number of goals Manchester City and Liverpool 2013/2014 Season Results happens to be 188, then the members will receive bonus = profit amount × 100% = (188 × (31 - 1)) × 100% = 188 dollars (maximum 188 yuan).

4, eligible members need to use registered mail to send e-mail to the promotions during promo@188service.com

It contains the following information:

(1) Subject:PartnerGoals-0214-CN

(2) Content:188BET user name; ValidNote single number.

5. Eligible members can only apply for one of the bonuses during the concession period. Every application defines a single injection only.

6, if the receipt of multiple applications, will be its first application shall prevail.

7, only the successful audit by members only have to qualify for this offer bonus, bonuses will be at the end of the Premier League season, the official results came out within 48 hours of the injection member Sports Betting Account.

8, the minimum required to complete this offer bonus bet, before any withdrawal, the minimum bet this bonus multiple of 8 times. In addition to 188 Poker, members of valid bets in other 188BET products will be counted in the membership of the minimum bet needs and members must bet up to 8 times the deposit amount and the bonus sum within 90 days, otherwise the bonus and bonus earnings brought will be canceled.

9, the following will not be as effective Betting:

(1) did not produce winners and losers bets, canceled or refunded bets principal;

(2) Sports: anything less than the European plate 1.75 or 0.75 level Asian Handicap bets will not be counted;

(3)Playground: In the same office Game Handicap betting peer simultaneously (such as:Rotary table Single and Double Handicap) will not be counted.

10, when members of the bet does not meet the minimum bet requirements and cash balance account is less than RMB 10 when you do not need to continue to fulfill Article VIII terms and conditions of this offer.

11. This quiz deals with other current promotions.

These are the Cube's website 188BET Terms and Conditions off this event. Participation in this activity, they are deemed to accept certain preferential rules and preferential terms and general terms and conditions if the other language versions and the English version conflict or inconsistency, the English version will prevail, 188 Campbell Bo has no notice of the right to cancel or modify the activity. Organizer web site promotions for Cube Limited, registered office address for Clinch's House, Lord Street, Douglas, Isle of Man IM1 1JD.

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