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One hundred Bo casino introduction, one hundred Bo Casino Official Website

One hundred Bo Casino Description:

Brand reputation - Preferred One hundred Bo Casino, The most credible gaming companies, more high-quality gaming platform to create online gambling brand, hundreds of Bo Casino is one of the gaming company legally registered in Costa Rica.The company not only has the market's most diverse game betting platform, while providing customers with real-time, exciting and high credibility of the service guarantee, high quality gaming platform is the company's primary purpose.In an increasingly warm, mature network gaming market, in addition to a variety of games, most customers pay attention to network security, network security company for the stage, set up a network security maintenance center, complete network security for our customers to solve the worries, Norton grade rating review "Lecture Bo Casino" is one of the most secure sites and get GEOTRUST international certification to ensure that the site of the fair, all members of the data is encrypted to protect the privacy of all players.

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The whole network the highest reputation, hundreds of Bo casino from the beginning! As an international professional online gaming operators, we are committed to providing the safest, most fair gaming, as well as a full range of services for every customer. All games together The advantage - not to be time-consuming downloads; the interface is simple; the operation fully functional; picture elegant; game result is fair, just and open!

SIGN UP FOR FREE Jisong 18 yuan, 100 yuan can win withdrawals

Diversification Games:

In addition to sports games project diversification, the comprehensive offer: casino slot machines, virtual games, and poker games, carefully selected a variety of online games, give you the best choice for live dealer and live entertainment is impeccable. and credible: it offers 7 × 24 hours online monitoring, to ensure that each game round results were real live game results, rather than the computer's default game results.

No maximum daily rakeback, up 1.3%

Big winner:

Bo Casino hundred users are the big winners, we will continuously introduce more favorable new and old members of the preferential terms, there are surprises every day, week in and week large back, month big run.

Choi Kim Dae-month delivery, up to 88,888 yuan


Hundreds more entertainment blog shoulder on society and the charity's responsibilities, will also be indelible for the needs of society to contribute more.

customer service:

In the highly competitive gaming market, hundreds of Bo Casino has always been consistent with reasonable choice of many players, in addition to a variety of entertainment products people forget, and more high-quality services and hundreds of Bo casino longstanding good reputation In the majority of players between the masses to establish a reputation.

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We offer our customers the most professional entertainment services:

1,365 days × 24 hours of professional customer service, all-weather handling matters related to members of dispensing of highly trained customer service team, professional, friendly attitude solution, so that each player has to feel at home!

2, multi-channel interaction with customers, understand customer needs, always concerned about customer opinions and recommendations;

3, organize more promotions and promotional activities, to provide more feedback and surprises.

Responsible Gaming:

. Lecture Bo Casino gambling advocates moderation We recommend that you comply with the following basic rules:

Prohibit persons under 18 years of age to participate in gambling games before joining the game, please make sure you have at least 18 years of age.

Custom gaming budget, Bing bet on budget.

Accounts and Funds:

Players online payment and all banking transactions carried out by an international financial institution in the high standards of security and confidentiality of network ports (SSL 128 bit encryption Standard) in entering the player account data must also have players a unique login ID and password, to ensure that customer funds safe and secure, while also using the most advanced encryption measures to ensure the safety of players of the game, 7 × 24-hour backstage testing and monitoring to ensure that we can provide a completely fair and safe online gaming space. customers all activities in the platform They are strictly confidential and we will not to a third party (including government) to disclose customer data.

One hundred Bo Casino will launch more promotions to force back our new and old members. Brand reputation, the preferred one hundred Bo!

One hundred Bo Casino offers live-action gaming (in part):

One hundred Bo Baccarat (Boeing platforms)

One hundred Bo Baccarat (Boeing platforms)

One hundred Bo Texas Hold'em (Boeing platforms)

One hundred Bo Texas Hold'em (Boeing platforms)

One hundred Bo Roulette (Boeing platforms)

One hundred Bo Roulette (Boeing platforms)

One hundred Sic Bo Po (Boeing platforms)

One hundred Sic Bo Po (Boeing platforms)

One hundred Bo Mahjong games (Boeing platforms)

One hundred Bo Mahjong games (Boeing platforms)

Illustrating one hundred Bo game (Boeing platforms)

Illustrating one hundred Bo game (Boeing platforms)

Wenzhou one hundred Bo Pai Gow (Boeing platforms)

Wenzhou one hundred Bo Pai Gow (Boeing platforms)

One hundred Bo Casino offers a variety of electronic games (slot machines):

One hundred Bo electronic games (slot machines)

One hundred Bo electronic games (slot machines)

Bo registered one hundred members of graphic tutorials

1. Click on the picture below link one hundred Bo official website

Enter one hundred Bo official website

2. Click on one hundred Bo Casino Home top right or right in the middle of "Free Account"Button

Home button to the right of free account

3. Fill Profile

Fill in the first column Profile

Register an account

Account Number (required):

Please enter your desired Member Account, please enter 4-10 characters, can be English letters and numbers.

You need to make sure future Member Account at any service hundreds of Bo Casino, please do not forget.

Password (required):

Please enter your desired login password, it is recommended to use more than eight case letters, numbers, mixed passwords and change them regularly, and do not forget Hello!

After you sign the wrong password three times, the system will automatically freeze your account, please be careful.

Confirm New Password (required)

Re-enter your password, and confirm the password is correct.

Currency (Required field):

Currently only accept currency RMB Oh!

Verification code (required field)

Please click the verification code box beside the box to the left of the icon will appear verification, please enter in the box where the data can be shown.

If you do not see verification icon, you may need to download or update Flash Player.

Fill in the second column Profile

Member Profile

Real Name (required):

Here Please enter your real name, be sure to really fill is correct.

This name must be bundled out of the bank your money when the same user name, but the name can not be modified once confirmed after the Hello!

Mobile Phone (required):

Contact phone number for your convenience, but also the time of withdrawal voucher amount. Be sure to fill in the correct, if there is a need to contact you in the future where you will be contacted by phone.

Withdrawal password (required):

Here you later apply for the money when checking password, and the password is correct in order to smooth out the money.

Attention! Do not forget to withdrawal password! This is you have forgotten your password, retrieve the password necessary to enter login information, keep in mind.

E-mail (optional):

Please enter your have in normal use and receiving e-mail, click on the button next to the mailbox to check that you entered the correct format. Please fill in a valid e-mail, so as not to affect the future related to equity accounts.

* The above information after each confirmation, please click and read the "Account Agreement", click on the box will be approved after the tick.

* Finally, you can check again, it will send your registration click on the OK button, the reset button will erase all data next, use caution.

If you have any questions, welcome to One hundred Bo Online Service

Member deposits graphic tutorial

Deposit methods are:(1) bank card deposit  (2) On-line payment

Bank card deposit steps:

1. Sign in to One hundred Bo Casino Tap the top of the official website of choice Online Deposit

Bank card into the dispensing step - Picture 1

2, select "credit card deposit" into the online deposit process

Bank card into the dispensing step - Picture 2

3, the first new member deposits, membership must be bundled out of money the bank set, be sure to fill the complete content

Bank card into the dispensing step - Picture 3
Bank card into the dispensing step - Picture 4

4. Click on the [bank card into the money] Later, the following screen, select the bank card, select the next step after the tick press [OK sent].

Bank card into the dispensing step - Picture 5

5. Click on the [bank] Later, following screen will appear, see the company's bank transfer account information you want to select a bank card account, and then click Next.

Bank card into the dispensing step - Picture 6

Click the [Next] Later, following screen will appear, after the company's bank transfer account information to see.

1. The online bank transfer: Sign in to your online bank to complete the transfer.

Point Bank online banking login page illustrated Go

2.ATM transfer: Visit your nearest ATM the money go to the above-mentioned bank account.

3.ATM extant: the above bank ATM cash deposited in a bank account

The bank counter: to your nearest bank said the money to the bank account.

Bank card into the dispensing step - Picture 7

6, after a good exchange payments in the following screen, fill in what amount of remittance and payment methods, and then press [filing]

Bank card into the dispensing step - Picture 8
Bank card into the dispensing step - Picture 9

Please wait for the first time by customer service staff investigation confirm your payment. Found the money into your money to your member account, then please pay attention to the amount of change in your account, thank you

If you have any questions, welcome to One hundred Bo Online Service

Online Payment steps:

And bank card deposit similar, differing only in select "online payment", goes on and you basically operate the same way as online shopping, and will jump to the relevant bank's online banking page. This deposit is instantly credited way ʱ??


1, by [online payment], online direct recharge Prompt arrival.

2, through [online payment], withdrawals within 24 hours maximum withdrawals 1,000,000.

3, single 50 yuan more than the minimum deposit amount.

4, the highest single amount of deposit 48,888 yuan or less.

Recharge Tip: To be able to timely payments added successfully, you must post the page to jump to the successful payment page, press the Enter key, otherwise it will not complete the quota is automatically added to the action.

Tips: It is recommended that you use "bank card into the money" you can get 1.0% depositing fees, times and save times and delivery, no play yards condition!

Member Withdrawal graphic tutorial

1. Member Login Click on the "withdrawal line."

2, Input Select "withdrawal password" and confirm the withdrawal match the name on your bank account holders.

3, enter "withdrawals" and "effective phone number" If you have any questions, convenient customer service staff for the first time to contact you.

4, confirm the correct bank account withdrawals.

5, you can choose from the following methods Withdrawal: Binding Commercial Bank of China (priority), Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Beijing, Bank of Communications, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Everbright Bank, Industrial Bank, China Minsheng Bank, China Merchants Bank, China CITIC Bank Guangdong Development Bank, China Post, Shenzhen Development Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank teller .24 hours, arrive within five minutes, the bank card does not restrict the number of withdrawals (within 24 hours the money for more than two (including the 2nd paragraph) each dispensing procedure shall bear the cost of 50 yuan), if you have any questions, please contact the 24-hour online customer service.

Withdrawals steps:

1. Sign in to One hundred Bo Casino Official website choose the top click on the "withdrawal line"

Withdrawal Procedure - Picture 1

2, will appear after the point "withdrawal line" following screen, press I want to continue dispensing

Withdrawal Procedure - Picture 2

3, to withdraw your funds can be transferred to BBIN balance "withdrawal line" Enter the password and the amount of withdrawals, to determine the application within five minutes after sending the check their bank accounts if arrival.

Withdrawal Procedure - Picture 3
Withdrawal Procedure - Picture 4

If you have any questions, welcome to One hundred Bo Online Service

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