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Gaming term bilingual and explanations

The following is a Betting guide Betting terminology players carefully collected bilingual table
Stake Bet
Win (Single) Select bet the winner of an event
Win and location (Each way) Each location includes a win and two NOTE head of a note is to select the winner, the second note is to select a location. Odds position is based on different situations and events scheduled
Multiple color (Accumulator) Also called roll-up, in the United States called parlay. This bet consists of four or more items, all of the selected projects are considered winning win
DBL (Double) Includes two options of betting, two options must be considered guessed win
Straight forecast (Forecast) Guess first and second place bets in a field event. This bet can swap the order or make any combination
Trebles (Treble) There are three options a bet, all options must be considered guessed win
Trebles four (Trixie) Trebles four as multiple bets, including four three options of note. This bet has three doubles and a Sambo
Trebles seven (Patent) A multiple bets, including seven note, there are three options in different events. Bets Win three, three doubles and a Sambo
Four strings a (Yankee) Choose a bet four and all options must be considered guessed win
Four strings eleven (Super Yankee) Select 4 items bets eleven injection, including a four strings a, four trebles and six two series a
Five string a (Fivefold) Choose a bet five, and all options must be considered guessed win
Five string twenty-six (Canadian) Also known as Super Yankee Five string twenty-six total twenty-six note, involving five selections in different events
6 string 57 (Heinz) Betting six options, a total of 57 injection, including a six string a, a string of six five, four strings 15 a, 20 trebles, 15 two series a
Championship (Outright) It means betting on an end-Cup winning team or player
Half Result (Half time result) Guessing game halftime bets Results
Double Result (Double Result) Successfully predicted the match in the first half and a game score betting
Correct Score (Correct Score) Successfully predicted the final Result betting
Goals size of the disk (Total over / under) Overall total goals scored 3 goals or more of the market, the audience total goals scored 2 goals or less for the small cap
Winning or losing number (Winning margin) ratio I guess a team wins another leading team scores Betting
Sweetness plate (Teasers) Another parlay usually have different handicap ratio
Handicap (Point Spread) Due to the strength of the two teams to contest a gap in the betting underdog score will increase
Handicap (Handicap) Generally appear in football's Asian trading, it will assume the goal is to give the underdog Digital Plus
Run Line A baseball's Handicap base plate [Let]
First Goal hand (First Goalscorer) Bet on a player in a game to score the first goal bets
sted Pitchers Baseball class, specified starting players voted for their gambling bets [or not]
Betting (Bet) Bet on the correct result of a game, also known as the lay, gamble and wager
Gaming company (Bookmaker) Accept your betting company
Handicap (Cent line) Handicap is an American odds system specific. Sub-plate is used to indicate the gap between the top teams on the odds and upset the team, also decided to change the odds with handicap and change
Lower limit red race (Circled Game) Results for US sports. Such events generally wager by betting companies, which usually occurs in the game of bad weather, or important players due to injury can not be played, and thus a direct impact on the game
Draw (Dead Heat) In tournament betting, three ball betting (golf) and best hitter (cricket) betting, two or more runners same ranking
Dog Underdog Abbreviation
Bet (Gamble) Referring to bet. That is wager and lay
Top team (Favourite) The company is betting that the chance of winning more than the opponent team or player
The total winnings (Gross Win) Bookmakers pay you the total amount, ie including the amount of your bet
Handicap (Handicap) International Sports Betting frequently used terms. Handicap is applied to the unpopular team score, which is subtracted from the popular team scores. Its purpose is to make the outcome of the race more suspense to make bets more irritation. called Spread in US sports betting
Betting (Lay) Obtain winnings by betting the results of the competition. That is bet, wager or gamble
Odds (Line) That is odds or price. With this value is multiplied by the total amount of color you bet is your win
Net profit (Net Win) You win the prize money deducted from your total bet amount
Non-fixed odds betting (Non fixed-odds sports) For US sports, that is Major League Baseball and Ice Hockey, in these projects, the tournament party betting odds are not fixed at -110
Odds (Odds) That is line or price. Multiplied by the number of winnings to your wager is that you win with this value
Odds makers (Oddsmaker) Odds of developing people
Championship Odds (Outright) Championship odds get, rather than get rankings
Prize money (Payoff) You bet winning prize
Prize money (Payout) You bet winning prize
Place (Place) Applicable only place bet. An effective amount of ranking gaming company reported (for example, first, second and third), if you select a team within this range, your bet will win ranking
Handicap (Pointspread) For US sports betting. Handicap is applied to the popular team of stars, which is subtracted from the popular team scores. Its purpose is to make the outcome of the match more suspense, more exciting to make a bet. Referring Spread and Handicap
Price (Price) That is odds or line
Tie (Push) That is tie or draw. Bet result no winner. So all bets void, all bets will be refunded the amount
Position (Range) Only applies to tournaments bets. Specifically for the bet and the number of published rankings
Total prize money (Return) Including your wager winnings, including
The fourth rule (Rule 4) Only applies to tournaments bets. When a competitor out of the race, the other contestants the opportunity to win will change. Bookmakers thus also modify Odds
Purse assigned value (Split) Only applies to tournaments betting odds multiplied by the number of bits champion will get a prize money ranking odds
Handicap (Spread) Referring Point spread
Starting pitcher (Starting pitchers) Applies to baseball betting baseball game in the top of the pitcher released the first appearance. If one or both pitchers are changed, with the regulations related bets will be void or prize money will be recalculated
Wager (Stake) The amount of money bet
Tournament (Tournament) Over a number of teams or players participate in the game, they have to work in order to obtain title
Popular team (Underdog) The company is betting that the chance of winning than the opponent team or player
Value (value) Attractive odds
Betting (Wager) The same bet, lay or gamble
Prize money (Winnings) You bet winning winnings
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