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Detailed terms of football betting tricks

First introduced four actually the color soccer play: Shengping Fu, the score, the total number of goals and half the audience Shengping Fu.

Explanation of terms: string tricks, soon SMG football four games are played, you need to select at least two games, the most in six games to bet, known as the "string tricks" to vote in all sessions is selected clearance.

N n interpretation of the string, the string to string words .N pass mark indicating the selection of betting combinations after screening .n represent the number of injection bets. Example 3 string 4, that means selecting three games a "string tricks" bets. because after the combination, can be divided into 3 2 Note too close, and a note had three related bets. A total of four digits bets NOTE needs bets $ 8.

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Also be interpreted as: over two hurdles is 2 string 1, string three passes is 3 1, over four Guan is a four strings, a five-off is 5 string 1, over six off is 6 string 1.

If you are playing a friend of SMG, the following table football to pass the way certain useful to you.

"SMG" game of football played since on-line, has been touted by the Lottery. Keep the ball high return award two characteristics are "SMG" game increasingly prosperous foundation.

Do not let the ball, like the popular Lottery Results can be targeted to low pay times the investment, and like the popular Lottery Results can enjoy high pay of the high bonuses.

High return award, award rate of return is generally ordinary domestic lottery is 65%, while the SMG games (including basketball play) the award rate of return as high as 69 percent, more than the 4% return virtually raised the bonus prize of fineness.

Moreover, in the betting process "SMG" game of football played in the majority of the Lottery can target their own reality, using different tricks manner, maximize the pursuit of high returns, which, fault tolerance bet is the "SMG" game of football played most common The pass way.

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