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Tie for Golden casino cheating tactics Secret

Tie for Golden cheat do not understand the way you know it you dare to go to the casino to play there are two words to describe very appropriate one is:??. Casinos such as the battlefield; the other is: no son casino can be seen from these two words. a brutal casino, a variety of means, a variety of out of thousands, all kinds of cheating practices, in order to win money can be said unscrupulous.

Tie for Golden casino cheating by some known brand that was reflected by the optical probation scene, but you can see the back face cards face cards count. Lot of work is very wonderful, if you have love studious, more hope View You will find that most people do not hope for the equipment.

In addition to the mirror that reflects the real point of the equipment is the number of bear numbers.Reflected by means of objects, when manpower scoreboard know unless something big will get cards for your big fight layout and technical auxiliary.Can play a role and application objects, lighter, cigarette pack, a cup of tea, teapot, cup brown smoke, Desktop someone wearing glasses, as well as TV, other glass and porcelain dish, and even buttons, rings, etc., more than Objects Depending on its shape, some need organs and organs of information, not all kinds can take effect, such as cigarette packs, some brands are not in and of which the Governor in the red part of the package can be reflected.As old enough to poor reflection meson, K meson good consequences.When reflected by the object.Hopes to extraordinary position, generally the sign face shall be a strong side in contact with the light, backlight bad consequences.Before the war, you might be able to put some in the field, there is reflection on the role of the object itself around, such as cigarettes, lighters, cigarette cup or pour a cup of tea and so on, this is not easy since people hope.

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Above this one, easy to learn, bar Jinhua cheat also struggling to be identified, as long as the lack of agile, will soon be open to the objection

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