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I have always been more like the size of the bet, bet the size of a few years, had previously been lost, and now this time are generally profitable.

Some friends may be of some help to win a little money.The size of our place, making big shake 11:00 to 17:00 or shake small 4:00 to 10 points, the dealer can guess the general psychological gamblers with mental shake, such as a simple example: in large or small on both sides there is no big money the time, the dealer usually shake a hand and then shake a hand big small, this time we thought the gambling follow them, in fact, the dealer is to dig a trap you jump, why do I say?Since then might be a 6-7 or 6-7 big hand little hand, another big first-hand small single-handedly give you mental note to produce a package.I often do not bet the size of the strip when it is time tracking to occur greatly, I then buy big, a little when I buy a small, hit rate of 90%.Another way is, do not ignore shake large or small shake, look at the door less money to buy the door, because the village by killing a lot of money to accompany money and generate profits, so you have to buy in front, and then there is your next note It can not be large, or else making tracking your mental and shake to kill you, a word, a little play, others a lot of money work against you out of money, enough to win the mission left, lose a certain number have to go.

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