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Casino how to deal blackjack card counting off?

In order to deal with the "card counting off", the majority of Casino Take the following five measures:

1 shoe brand is not mixed with leftover boots next use;

2 casinos use six or eight a hybrid shoe brand licensing;

3 cyclic shuffling machine (eg shuffle star) shuffle;

4 thick-cut cards (cards cut the number of 100 or more);

5 points card dealer Consumers let gamblers see.

Prior to the past, especially in the Thorpe (Edward Thorp) he published his book "Beat the Dealer", Casino Blackjack Rummy is the use of two cards, a hybrid boots, manually shuffle, cut card thin (about one-quarter cut about 26), with the left hand on the shoe (about a quarter to about 26) were mixed following boots used and the dealer each card allows gamblers look erasing cancellation Points.Such "card counting off" it is possible to estimate the bet that his boots card size cards distribution.When the "card counting off" the calculated boots he bet big cards (ie, A, K, Q, J, 10) obviously more, you can bet big bet, the event will be the right time to bet times, scoreboard, or a decision whether to "buy insurance", so as to expand the chance of winning.While doing so, not every put all win, but most will win, so "card counting off" can do "average win".

Two cards a hybrid shoe brand, size cards are quantitative, that big (A, K, Q, J, 10) is 40, the cards (9,8,7) is 24, small cards (6, 5,4,3,2) 40, a total of 104. In accordance card cases, Bo card rules, if a shoe brand of large, medium and small cards for normal distribution (normal distribution), the advantages of making more, winning larger, even though familiar "basic strategy" gamblers, he bet on average return (income) is 0.5%, that is, his expected return is a negative number, meaning that the average lost 0.5 percent each, namely Each of the bets of 1,000 yuan, five yuan each to lose, but do not understand the "basic strategy" of ordinary gamblers lose an average of 1.5% each to, or more.

Able to cast gambling skills collar occasions

If "card counting off" to know a number of big boots (104 cards) cards within the obvious ones, such as big-name more than half of small cards that have 50 big, small card 25, the card 29 (general in terms of the brand is neutral, it points to the dealer or Player no "good" or "entrap" problem, the customer will see it as card counting 0 cards), the shoe brand for Player (players) advantage compared Large, high chance of winning. Therefore, the customer will be able to play their card counting skills ─ based on large, small brand probability distribution, with "basic strategy" will be able to beat the dealer. In the past, operators have the opportunity to encounter big brand passenger obviously biased . many good cards because:

First, the shoe brand (in the past two cards is a hybrid boots, the same below) with the left hand there may be significantly above normal. Conventional blackjack card game, the shoe brand licensing with leftover boots used in the next iteration, a shoe boots take a continuous down.

Second, since the card has been out, card counting passengers have gains: Because Makers Player cards finally be revealing emission stage, than the size, will be winners and losers, and dealer licensing process in each school eliminate one, should turn out to get gamblers to see points. In this way, who have been out of the big, the cards, small cards, card counting memorizing passengers are able to come out. If on a shoe brand that has appeared in the big 20, the card is 20, small cards is 40, the remaining approximately 24 card is the big 20, the four cards, small cards 0, this 24 cards mixed in with the next shoe to use, then this next significantly more than the big small cards in a shoe brand.

Third, when the dealer distribution "under the shoe brand," the first half of the license if (say 52) the distribution of the cards and the dealer's cards were eliminated, accounting for 32 small cards, the cards 10, big 10. is considered normal according to the principles of customer card, figure out if the fight be about 62 cards, among them, the big 38, the four cards, small cards 8. If this is the case, card counting passengers will be able to bet big bet, bet times, scoreboard, because this time the card counting off every chance of winning gamble rate of more than 70%, less than 30% chance of failure, so Gambling The result will be the average win, long bet will win.

It is still a long losing bet

However, due to the five constraints constraints, card counting is impossible to calculate the customer has been out of the big, the brand, the small number of number of cards each, it simply can not figure out the rest of the cards to be big, the cards a small number of cards and probability distributions. Under this situation, players armed with two cards is not enough points, the dealer's winning numbers also when enough points to nothing more than rely on the best strategy for Player "basic strategy" to act. And based on "basic Policy "playing cards, card counting who bet back to 0.5%, that is long-term or average calculation is namely a negative value means: the average passenger count cards lost, long losing bet.

The first point constraints, is to prevent the "next shoe brand" infiltration mix more big situation.

The second constraint is the increased passenger count remember difficulty has been out of cards, as well as the difficulty of estimating the remaining cards.

The third point constraints, is to make the whole shoe size cards, cards published more uniform, will not appear before the half has sent most of the small card (or big), the so passengers can take advantage of card counting.

Constraints fourth point "cut card thickening" make up: even shuffling machines shuffle deviation, can be calculated so that card counting is the excessive number and proportion of small cards, but they can not calculate the remaining available ( to be sent) cards is large, the number and proportion of small cards because the cards have been cut among the large number of small cards are likely to be before the balance also may increase the size of the second half have been out of proportion card also.

The fifth point constraint is to make card counting passengers have appeared only know part of the distribution of the size of the card, but there is another part of it is an open question.This makes card counting impossible to calculate the number of passengers remaining cards of big, small brand and distributed.In the past, dealers licensed to the players before the elimination of eight cards are placed open on the desktop, allowing gamblers viewing (card counting passengers will be able to remember these have been out of cards), as well as in the cards Each card elimination process, but also show it to see it fall into the elimination gamblers card box, and now want to eliminate the licensing of dealers point is let gamblers know.Casino to take such measures, we can block off the use of the conditional probability to count cards (conditional probabitity) projected over the licensing status of principle.

Conditional probability is the probability that another event under the conditions of an event that has occurred calculated as event B has occurred (for example, has sent a blackjack hand in hand) and calculated event A (for example twenty-one The remaining point card hand) probabilities. casino gambling regulations change, minus the information in the licensing process for card counting off calculations, but also will make the event has occurred (already issued cards) the probability into the unknown, another event (more than cards) the probability there can be no projections.

Card counting off (or professional gambler) has been able to "average win", "long bet will win," mainly take the licensing regulations and dealer licensing process "loophole" of the machine that appears and launch an attack. But now the casino has "improved "gambling regulations, the dealer sent the licensing process has blocked all" loophole "so that nothing of card counting off applying their skills so-called" average win "," long bet will win will vanish into thin air.

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