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The use of the online casino bonus money

Why Online Casino bonus paid?

Land Casino Gamblers often provide free bus, free lodging, free buffet of course, like the service, the purpose is to pull gamblers.Online Casino In this regard it is generous, one reason is that the online casino is smaller than the land casino on spending a lot more money can be put in Bonus (Bonus & Promotions) On the other is the online casino client is easy to drain, you jump from one casino to another casino is just a little effort, you can knock on the keyboard, so online casinos in order to attract customers and retain them, up and down the original capital in the dividend.

For marketing practices, sightseeing casinos often provide free accommodation for the players, like free buffet service, of course, the purpose of attracting guests.Online casino is more generous in this regard, one of the reasons is that the operating costs of online casinos Casino is much smaller than sightseeing, you can spend more money on bonuses.The first online casino was founded in 1995, it invested 1.5 million US dollars, a luxury of not paying the money this land to build a casino parking lot.In addition the customer is online casino is very easy to lose, the players from one casino to another casino just little things, just knock on the keyboard.Online Casino order to attract customers and retain them, in the upper and lower dividend Costly.And they also know that there are always some people earn a bonus after, will continue playing as long as the time goes by, the casino's advantage to play a role, the player would lose!

The use of the online casino bonus money!

Now online casino (online casino / casino) website, they are sent first deposit bonus, so we can use appropriate strategies to earn this bonus. We do not want to beat the casino, but to overcome the casino's sales department. Our aim the bonus is earned and left here all gambling sites are tested through presentation and obtained satisfactory results (including gambling Game The chances of good or bad, credibility payments, whether related method of easy communication), each site can be a sure win for the United States to send cash dividend.

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Suitable for earn bonus (bonus) game to meet three conditions: low casino advantage, small fluctuations, play fast.

All kinds of casino games, casino advantages are as follows:

Game TitleCasino Advantage
1Slot Machine (Slot Machine)0.3% -35%
2Electronic Poker (Video Poker)0.4% -28%
3Blackjack (Blackjack)0.6% -5.5%
4Sic Bo (Sic-bo)1%
5Baccarat (Baccarat)1.06% -14.36%
6Roulette2.7% -7.89%
7Pirates of the Caribbean Poker (Caribbean stud)5.2% -22%
8Red Dog (Red Dog)4%
9Free exercise / Unknown Pleasures (Let it ride)
10Pai Gow (PaiGow)
11Big Wheel (Big Wheel)15% -24%
12Keno (Keno games)25%
13Bingo (Bingo games)

It is worth considering the low house edge of the game is:Blackjackʱ??Sic Boʱ??Baccarat And some electronic poker, but some sites for playing baccarat bets in casino money is not credited against the amount of the bonus wager requirements, the time required and Sic Bo game too long, considering only the best blackjack suitable for earn dividends.

If you use basic strategy blackjack casino advantage of only 0.6%, the average can play 300-500 hands per hour, the speed is faster. If a casino 200 US cash dividends release conditions are betting $ 2,000, according to each bet 1 Yuan, playing 300 hands per hour to count, so the bonus release takes about six hours.

Earn bonus casino while reminding attention to the following three points:

1. Do not win too much. Also do not mess with poor credit test sites, gambling sites have a lot of home opening day, there are many home collapse.

One example is that a long time ago the owner of a greeting card to open a gambling site Tradewinds, this site received the right to use gambling game gaming software company Atlantic International Entertainment, there is a notice that the site shrewd player blackjack game to surrender (surrender) and double bet (double down) the conditions are too loose, but not every hands shuffle feel will be an opportunity, then saved 20,000 dollars, easily earned 70,000 dollars, the owner of the site without any casino experience, he fully kept, suspected a hacker, it closed the player's account.Players complained to the software company, said that as too liberal blackjack rules of the game, so he was winning, he won the money is entirely justified by the way made.Software company found that players said is true, then the requirements of the money paid to Tradewinds guests, but was refused.Later Tradewinds also no longer pay fees for the right to use gambling game software companies, software companies on the closure of the website, which also went bankrupt, the poor players lose everything.So do not win too much, no matter in any way.

2. When a player bets just reached the bonus release requirements, it is best not to immediately withdraw, more play for a while, so the site will not be listed as "dividend liar." If they think the players have special dividend of suspected cheat reputable website certainly does not give the player money, but they may allow players to provide identification to bother the players or delay a few days, the difference between reputable sites hard to say.

3. bet choices are: every bet is smaller

Play online blackjack, bet big if every time, of course, will accelerate the speed to earn bonuses, but also large fluctuations in winning or losing, sometimes leads wiped out, not only did not earn dividends, even the capital are lost. For example : Players A deposit $ 1,000 to the casino and casino B, they are sent to a 20% bonus, namely 200 US cash dividend, it requires all players to bet 10 times the bonus amount, ie $ 2,000 for each player in the casino A $ 50 bet. just play 40 times to achieve the removal of the conditions of the bonus, players in the casino B each $ 1 bet, you need to play 2,000 times to achieve the removal of dividend requirements see the table below:

Fluctuations in the number and amount of casino betting67%95%99%
Casino A (50 dollars X 40 times)+ - $ 158+ - $ 315+ - $ 473
Casino B (1 USD X 2000 times)+ - $ 23+ - $ 45+ - $ 72

In the casino B, players win 23 and lose the opportunity to fluctuate between US $ 23 dollars is 67%, among the players the opportunity to win 72 and lose 72 dollars USD volatility is 99 percent, even if luck is especially poor, in order to achieve earn dividends wagering requirement, the players lost 72 yuan, plus 0.6% casino advantage, the player has lost $ 2,000 X 0.6% = 12 dollars, the players lost a total of $ 84, but players get a $ 200 bonus casino, players or result win 116 dollars. to play 300 hands per hour to count, play 2000 hands takes about six hours, that is, if specialized earn bonuses, win an average of about 20 dollars per hour.

In the casino A, between the players the opportunity to win 158 dollars and 158 dollars volatility lose 67% chance players win and lose 473 dollars fluctuates between 473 US dollars is 99%, if you encounter bad luck, in order to achieve profit Bonus wagering requirement, the players might lose 473 yuan, plus 0.6% casino advantage, the player has lost $ 2,000 X 0.6% = 12 dollars, the players lost a total of $ 485, even if the players get a $ 200 bonus casino The results of players or lose 285 dollars, more harm than good, so special to earn bonuses, play must be cautious, every bet small.

Bonus (Bonus & Promotions) aims to pull gamblers, so for old and new customers are different.

One is the new customer bonus, new customer bonus is divided into two types:

(1) free chips, as long as you register after the casino, the casino will send you some free chips, usually $ 30 or less;

(2) for the first time to buy chips bonus, this one of the most common casino bonus based on how much you decide to buy a number of chips you for the first time. For example, Recommended championship casino has provided a 100% bonus of new customers, if you first once bought $ 100 in chips, it will give you an extra $ 100 in chips.

In addition to new customer bonus, some of the old casino bonus promotions customers have generally money chips you buy 10% -30%.

Casino bonuses are not white to. When you get the bonus, the casino generally requires you to wager more than a certain extent the amount (Wager Requirement) can be fulfilled. In general the amount bet plus bonus number are you saving sum a multiplier. For example, you register at a casino to become their new customers, then you deposit $ 100, you can immediately receive $ 100 bonus on the account, then you have a total of $ 200. And this casino NOTE requirements are 10 times the bonus, you get a $ 100 bonus, then your bet amount must be more than 1000 dollars.

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