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Four casinos in Macau

Macau betting economic pillar, similar to Las Vegas, so it would be a major source of the Macao government finances, especially those famous casino in Macau. Macau's most famous casino have? See in Macau's most famous four casino bar.

NO.1: Venetian Casino

The Venetian is American Exhibition Goes Hengyidesen (SheldonAdelson) Industry.Adelson, 74 years old, born in the United States, the poor Jewish family, a child in the street to buy a newspaper.He founded the Las Vegas Comdex computer show famous fortune, now ranked in the world's richest 6.Adelson is longer than the exhibition industry, although he also opened the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas run, but his past in Las Vegas casino magnate, it is also not approached several row.Adelson turned to Asia, the United States threatened to move to Las Vegas to Macau.At first many people thought he was just hype, and he has no money to implement his plans for Asia.Later Adelson opened the Sands casino in Macau, a year back to the present, shake Wall Street.Sands listing, the stock doubled several times.US-funded consortia competing to lend to him, he finally built Venetian in Macau.

Venetian cost $ 2.4 billion to the exhibition industry-based, supplemented casino, exhibition, shop area is much larger than the casinos here large enough to hold 90 Boeing 747 aircraft. Interior including gorgeous sights, more than 3,000 luxury suites and entertainment facilities.

NO.2: Sands Casino

Sands Macao casino, part early on May 18, 2004 opened a total investment of more than $ 240 million, 229,000-square-foot casino area, a total of 740 betting tables and Western, and 1254 slot machines. And after 2006 In August another extension on the 2nd and 3rd floor midfielder part, so that the number of betting tables has become a casino highest in the world, while only 51 suites hotel early, and again after the 2007 expansion to 289 suites.

NO.3: Grand Lisboa Casino

Macau Grand Lisboa Casino is a casino tycoon Stanley Ho spent heavily to five billion yuan to build, with resplendent as a selling point. Opened, the first of any of the Macao Special Administrative Region Chief Executive Edmund Ho had personally Chairman of the opening ceremony.

NO.4: Wynn Casino

Wynn casino, the Las Vegas legend Steve Wynn (StephenAlanWynn, 1942 年 1 27 -) to build, a subsidiary of Wynn Resorts Group opened in Las Vegas and Macau "Father of Las Vegas' gambling often said.

In 2002, the Macao government public tender business licenses, Wynn Macau to participate in person at the auction and successfully obtained a license. He also received have called "Father of Lan Kwai Fong," Zeman assistance of the Hong Kong businessman, successfully acquired in Lisboa Casino across a land investment $ 1.2 billion (about 9.6 billion patacas) to build Wynn Macau resort, covering more than six hundred and forty thousand square feet. In Las Vegas Wynn field modeled buildings, bringing Macao Most Las Vegas features and lavish entertainment often

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