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How to Safely Convert Foreign Currency in the Philippines

It is believed that the news that the compatriots in the Philippines have been victimized by exchanging foreign exchange in the past two days have already been heard. In the face of these demented people, I hope everyone can protect their personal and property safety when they go out. This article is very simple, and then I will share with you some foreign exchange experiences.

01 Direct foreign exchange by the company

The office is known to be the safest place to exchange currency.

The amount of foreign exchange exchanged with colleagues on the payday is relatively large. Although the company does not allow people to enter the office, it is possible to exchange foreign exchange at the door of the office by default.

Therefore, when exchanging money, the person who can pick up the money changer goes upstairs and conducts the transaction at the door of the office.

At the same time, you can say hello to the executive, or talk to the security guard on the same floor to take care of the transaction process.

02 Cafe with a lot of people

When there is no way to exchange currency at the office, ask for a meeting at the Starbucks downstairs, or a public coffee shop, and it is recommended to find at least one fellow male to accompany you.

The thing to pay attention to at this time is that if you don't receive the money, never let the person who exchanges the money out of sight for even a second.

Otherwise, the money is very likely to disappear.

03 Apartment Lobby

Personal private exchange can be made in the downstairs lobby, and private exchange generally does not have a large amount.

If you are a girl, it is better to have someone to accompany you. Transactions must be conducted on the floor without an escort. Generally, there are at least 2 security guards or doormen in the apartment hall. Still relatively safe.

I hope everyone can learn from the events of the past two days. Don't just listen to people's door-to-door inventory.

Especially girls. I ask you again and again.

04 Reliable bank

In addition, if the amount is relatively large, I am worried that it is not safe to find so-called "acquaintances". Then you can go to a reliable bank to exchange money.

Pay attention to the opening hours and locations of the bank. Try to avoid trading alone at night.

When you come to the Philippines, you should often hear from friends around you about these safety matters, but such tragedies still happen.

In fact, most people are very kind, but as the saying goes, the intention to harm others is indispensable, and the intention to guard against others is indispensable. There is always nothing wrong with being cautious.

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