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Wrote to playing online gambling and online gambling man ready to play

If not strong, that cry to whom?

Now, I'm really no way to be strong, and could not help the tears flow, a full twelve years of network Gambling Career, to be coming to an end today, write it down, to tell is to play online Betting And ready to play online gambling man, stop it! Unless you think I'm the same.

Initial exposure to the Internet gambling is playing Chinese Game When the center (hereinafter referred to as the middle reaches) contact, a child, watching movies, watching inside the God of Gamblers, know Stud This stuff, but to the middle reaches of the really first exposure to that time is not addicted, because gold can not know for cash, are generally held to let yourself go in a few hundred gold to play, purely as entertainment, on day number only dozens of gold coins, went Blackjack Inside, then saw a man more than 2,000 gold coins, called Octagon wolf, then whisper asked him dozens of gold you can give me? I want to play Stud. The man said yes without thinking. ( He also became this world to my best friend, which is something the) own enough gold to get one hundred and excitedly ran a stud.

Until into the pass to kill this server, see a few million to hundreds of millions of people playing gold when we come to know that this game can be traded for gold, it is a complete network Casino Beginning to see people are gambling, and later could not, it was a call to find big gold dealers buy gold 200W (but 300RMB = 100W). Because when I play fairly stable, and to come over and over again is to win more than lose less. Also our local know a few people who are playing this game. We are doing the same dream, by Internet gambling fortune.

I know people there, I've seen play Stud Metade Fumaca be played with the best, and his card counting all his courage I admire, and many others when he is able to calculate the pressure when the chips are others Really licensed or in the slip, the most classic one is that he sign face is 89JK, the cards is 8, while the home is the sign face JQKA of the table under total of more than 300 million chips, when the last card opposite the shuttle of over 20 million gold down, he imagined directly open the opposite end 9, thousands of pieces of such a change pocket.When he basically won every day thousands of pieces, and then ask a friend and I go out to eat snack, then put him as the idol, I hope to learn he took gold in the place where they kill tens of millions of people, like the people's money attached to my pocket.

I asked him to teach me, he said, every day when you go first, do not bet, to see what others bet, look at someone else's style, know ourselves before being victorious, really, his eyes are full of confidence ʱ??

However, Saying, high-handedness.No matter how good your technique, when luck away from you, you have done everything in vain the.That day I arrived in the cafe, met at the door of his friend, I laughed and asked: How many smoke Aberdeen won?He said black face, lost tens of thousands, and he is now out to transfer money to gold dealers.I heard, suspect they got it wrong, and quickly went to Aberdeen, where smoke, watching him touch the black face in the eyes, see I came and said: the day it's really him a pair of AA Blackie shuttle people, not! three is to buy two pairs that he did not hook one pair of big people, give people a pair of small cards Anti shuttle back and gave people blog to licensing, depressed dead! Soon, his friend came back and said to him, Good money transfer.He flew on the QQ and midstream gold baby that you turn 30000.Soon, his middle reaches more than 1 account.500 million coins (when the ratio is 100W gold = 200).He found just now and he bet that person, two people to sit down and began a.I was strange smoke Aberdeen are usually one or two million gold coins to buy, how to buy so much all of a sudden today, one can understand that more than 200 million gold number on his rival, finished two cards antes will be 300W with the.Soon, smoke Aberdeen rely on secure technologies that tens of millions of won over, then I also happy for him, thinking he must be able to do a few opponents fly away.

This time to a handful of such cards, cigarette cards Aberdeen JQK face cards is 10, opposite the sign face 810Q, the smoke Tsai added 2000W down, who knows the opposite direct anti shuttle back, smoke Tsai said, 8 bottom certainly end 8.(Middle of the Stud only 8 to A, not 2-7, you think the opposite is the case in a pair of 8, so you can not keep cards?), Then straight to 9A is Wynn, come 10JQK opposite if not buy two pairs or three also won, he smoked a cigarette, to fast time, I decided to follow, and looked at the table fast three hundred million coins My heart is racing, keeping a close eye staring at a computer screen, see the opposite made an A, that is, as long as the smoke Aberdeen to win instead of eight, but the fate of God always like to do something you most afraid of, look at the smoke flew an 8 Aberdeen cards, both sides of the cards opened, the opposite of the cards really is 8, which is 8, the nearly 60,000 RMB coins in the bag.

Opposite Aberdeen made a remark to smoke, get (when he was only a few tens of millions of gold coins on the number), and then left the cigarette Aberdeen severely beat the computer platform handle, cursing the sentence:. CNMD, Gouhei! Then he quietly sat silent, his friend and I did not dare say anything, and after a few minutes, the smoke Tsai said to his friend: go, turn 20,000 to her gold.

After ten minutes, his friend came back, this time not in the opening smoke Aberdeen QQ baby said something directly to gold, turned 2W you, or just the number. Soon, more on tobacco earners account . of a million gold coins he immediately found just that, made a sentence: to two people riding station began.

The smoke did not Jizao Aberdeen, but more secure in the play, the man number is over one hundred million gold coins, not be long before the next man to kill a pair of Q Aberdeen on a pair of tobacco K, put the killed one hundred million coins back. This is smoke Tsai said something to the man, get, waiting for you.

Soon the man came back, the number is 500 million coins, one riding to simply said: 500W will follow.Aberdeen smoke knocked keyboard: OK.It began two months.Come and go in front of more than a dozen people have no access to a large, until that one, smoke started Aberdeen is AA (cards are A, is a sign face, opposite the sign face is 10, a third card sent smoke Aberdeen came a J, the opposite to 8, at Aberdeen 1000W smoke down, with the opposite, to the fourth card, smoke earners to 10, opposite to a Q, smoke Aberdeen 5000W go down, who knows the opposite big 100 million back, smoke Tsai himself this time, is not good or with good shuttle?His biggest is a pair Q, but I was afraid he and Bo to last two or three, well, still with it, even if he Bo to me there are still present in.

Fifth card along with more than three hundred million gold tops made out of smoke Aberdeen to a 9, the opposite to a J, smoke Aberdeen relieved, plus a 100W down, who knows the opposite imagined anti shuttle back Smoke soon Aberdeen Haha, Q out of death, also flew a point to call. I smiled and looked at the screen of his friends that had one hundred thousand cash gold. "When" Your gold has been less than 500. This sentence decided to show in Aberdeen on tobacco computer screen, we are shocked, then carefully look, opposite end 9, Junko! all three of us sat there in silence, long, long time did not say anything.

Since after that day, I have not seen him, I heard him to open the train.

Gambling, under no circumstances thousand to winning is luck and technology 99% of one percent of nothing, no matter how high your technology, attitude good, luck is not your time here, you apart There is also a selection input, do not bet!

Blink more than a year later, I've been winning and losing lose spent win, lose money to go home, win it and go out debauchery boon. One day, I was sleeping at home, there is a call Awa to me and said: You Come ** Internet, I found a flaw midstream I heard the rush of the past dressed immediately go to Internet cafes to find ** Awa, then asked him what loopholes ah!.?

He took me to a cafe next to nobody's location, opened three machine, and then say, you see, he used a number (number 1) and the other (2) bet that he re-opened a number (3) to watch the 2nd of their own, and then to watch that on the 2nd of view of the 3rd set to allow viewing cards. Then the 2nd exit, he told me to just go in and landed a number 1 bet, I landed a number went after him He said, you see, I can see your number on the 3rd hole cards. I see, it really is ah! I went in and did not set him to watch ah! heart of a tight, it's, Rich!

I said, how could such a good thing you called on me? He said with a straight face bitter mourning, I just give people a chance to Bo card, do not present it! Because I was pretty good family, his parents two sons , my brother is very obedient, I am a naughty, generally not a lot of money basically an open family gave me, told me not to shop and go mostly bad on the line.

I said to Awa, you wait, I'll get capital, then excitedly back home took five thousand dollars to buy a 5000W gold (at that time the proportion of gold is 80RMB = 100W), then in the cafe opened 5 loom, the main number to sit, and then open a small gamble, and then open another trumpet, then set to allow viewing cards.A total of four sets of position, after the other three locations are set to sit there waiting for fish.Taiwan goes to the main number sitting there, watching the other three were three small position.Then the queen Zuotai allows gold to more than 1000W, without a will, there are more than 2000 W sit to, and made the sentence: 50W will follow?I quickly Qiaoxia keyboard: OK.

The result is a little suspense are not, he did not know when I saw that many of his hole cards to 2000 W soon on my number, followed by a lot of people are in this case one holding the dream of getting rich sit On this table, we are left naked and soon, we won more than 200 million gold coins, forget, the faster the 20,000 RMB.

But only one exception, he has more than 60 million gold coins to sit, when to give me immediate concern there is 5000W, I sign face QJ9 and turned over Q, his cards face 910K of cards is 8, I added a 500W down He anti shuttle back, would like to install a pair of K to frighten me, but in the case of cards to see him give him how scared I do? pretend thought just down, who knows what he finally came up K I came up on A, he flew with a million gold coins that ran also ran in that massacre my only one.

Two days, and I have a full 48 hours sleep Awa too hungry to the cafe to eat a meal called, in order to secure, we changed the Internet direct packets rooms (one room 5 computers) to do. However, we also did not change until the cafe, everything we do give someone stole go.

Soon, the middle reaches of the hall distributing the cards software watching the news. Even the sale of gold coins with me that gold dealers told me that he was willing to pay 50,000 to learn this trick, I nodded, then he immediately down. Then I where willing to admit this thing, if someone bet, 50000 where I used to worry about, although we do not know how I won, but the message is full hall fly, not a few large passenger bait. At that time I and two Awa There are ten million won it, on one point of the tens of thousands, and then, Awa also use this to teach other people, slowly .. midstream also found that this loophole has been closed.

Until the end of 2006, central Taiwan will be the middle of things came to light, this was the most flourishing online casino finally disappeared.

After some time, I did not bet too, until the dream of the game, but also the beginning of my nightmare born on the network.

At that time I was working in Shenzhen, boring work day to the Internet, this time before a gold trader (Zhongshan first) send a message on QQ I said opened a new betting platform, there is also a stud. There are more hot The game,Baccarat! I then did not much interest, he said, to the point of chips to try to play, and then he turned me chips 5W (20W = 100RMB).

Go in for a moment, knowing either buy village, or buy idle, either buy and Chuang leisure are one lose one, and is a lose nine, open and free to buy a village not lose nor win. Then I just buy according to their own heart water side, in, and then all of a pressed down, and in a few chips on to the fast 80W, 50W chips long time to see PLAY (that is, the people themselves take the chip shots to buy, buy more you lose, the less you win), and then look at applying PLAY several people, I came back, and regardless, lost in there hanging himself to go to the toilet.

When I came back I was shocked! It was really shocked! On my number has more than 1000 W, still PLAY, I sat down to have a look, there was pressure filled one side, and this time the licensing of , fewer side won, immediately became the number 20000000, I quickly ordered a retreat village.This is not more than a block scared me, come too easy, go to the bathroom a urinary spread out more than ten thousand dollars is what feeling?Of course, happy! Because this money really came too easy! Lose money because the winning play, if there was no more than this, it will not lead me to this result today.If this is not, and will not return to the past, even if you go back, you will choose to gamble at the time in the world to win, lose sleep when closed.As if I curse every day official of a country, no one really is not corrupt, but then I thought, for me to go when it?It is not the same.

Since that, I did not have a mind to work, people are called to pay top class, he went to the cafe gambling, not a few days, more than 30,000 won, then the girlfriend in her home called me, I said, : I come here Wan Jitian it!

Here to talk about my girlfriend! This life I live up to many people, but in the heart of the most guilty in the face of two women, one is my mother, one of her. She grew up in a hardy family, But she is very sensible, she is not hit me, she really had a very happy.

The next day his girlfriend arrived, I went to the hotel to open a good room with her, but whenever sleep at night, my mind is full of emerging baccarat, do not think of other things, and then I took her own lost in the room , said: I go to work, work to return to stay where she is going to go to work then, and went to Internet cafes to fight, and to win more money as I said before, losing money because the winning play, when Lucky God away from you, when is your nightmare began.

Win win when eggs, chicken farms lose lose time, I believe I am not the first, nor the last such person.Not a day that more than thirty thousand to flow into the pockets of others to go, able to save even their own but also with substitutions.Who have no money how half?Then called my girlfriend to take, she has been very trust me, I believe that a thorough, helpful as I said, she would direct her bank card to me, every minute is inside her hard-earned money ah.That tens of thousands of blocks in the two hours, all was I fetched gambled.30 seconds to open one, always thinking that the next one to lose there, in fact, just in front of the cliffs beckoning to you, so that you can pace just a little faster.That lost a total of more than ten million, then articles made all kinds of lies to deceive his girlfriend, said only people temporarily borrowed, and soon also the.When you tell a lie the first time, you will be ready to countless lies to Yuan Huang for it to one day find could not go round, you know what the result you?When it happened I'll tell you later.

Girlfriend spent a few days left, he said to go to work, I then lost all the money, did not say anything, she forefoot was gone, I got on the car rear foot home.

Although I was very obedient, but also very sensible, but I hurt my family are, once arrested and committed to trouble, and when I heard the mother may be sentenced to 5 years 7 years my mother really bald overnight, Wash your face every day in tears, but also to grasp a few times before, but all the family money out out.Things are not this serious, my mother called my father to go all day long relationship, find someone to get me out.At that time my relatives to my dad said, leave me alone, and I was so disobedient, and shut a few years to change the look good, my dad said, back meat, palm meat, on those two sons, quite own two eyes, no matter okay?Later in this life I did not ask how the father took the money around to ask for help, to find the relationship, and finally he just put me out out.And my brother, a student because my early years, but also for me endless worry, because gambling debts gives the arrested, the family could not get so much money, he was the night in Shenzhen to take the money back to save me.He had his family, but also a heavy burden, but also many times said that I do not listen to completely take care of me, but every time I have something, besides my family and my girlfriend, who will help me to do?Usually when the rich and you fraternizing say that boon Liangleichadao?At that time does not help you pretty good, the bad took the opportunity to plug you twice.So please cherish their loved ones, right, do not learn from me, really, I do not learn.

After returning home to all kinds of lies at home cheated out of tens of thousands, without exception, sent to someone else's pocket, dream, dream that you always think of other people's money to your pocket, the reality is that your pocket money to others Soon after, the game is also closed.

We arrived at the 2010 New Year, when my body to a thousand dollars, their homes afraid to go back, because too many people hang out at home, people called back in the face, and then he went to a nearby city In a hotel room opened a handle organ, I would like to quietly over a Year.The rooms have a computer, so boring to spend on the Internet at the time, the Q when there is a gold trader sent a message, saying the new gold open network, which can be directly with the midstream sub-gold exchange, 73 = 100W.At that time my body is removed along with hundreds of pieces of open house, so he bought a few hundred pieces of gold back, he opened two numbers, one with a proxy IP, and then sat with a table playing Stud with others, so that one of two dozen The method also win hundreds or thousands every day, every day more than a hundred housing money, food and clothes to spend, and thus has been maintained for two months, and had had more than twenty thousand, a hundred thousand would like to have ten thousand think of thousands, cost more on the bet too big, so each number are ready to bet thousands of chips with others, however, gambling is not on the line you have the technology, that is, you had a little Qian, also of no avail.That's two cards are and tell you that speak, one is holding a number 910JQ, another number AAA9, while the opponent is 101010J, Triple-A howl of little points, another No. shuttle, and opponents with the and then also with the Triple-A numbers, and finally come to a rival J, fly directly to the two numbers.There is a number one is 991,010, and the other is a One AAQJ, the opponent is KKQJ are all shuttle opponent to a K.More than twenty thousand of their own that this will wipe out.

The money was gone, the heart to be quiet, and I called to her brother, that did not do things, he said, if the difficulty went to him to help him drive it, so the next day I packed a bag to my brother There.

Because it is in the work at the site, not on the road, on a day twelve hours a night, what classes the people are too tired to die, directly back to the dorm to sleep, to eat 16:00 multiplied bathing, eating to take over This day also let me quiet for five months because of the working relationship, there is no mood to think about other things, because my brother acted very popular, he always called me at ease doing the first, when there is a good way let me do good. At that time the family is the most assured, the mother often told me to take all called to follow brother do not even think about things before, there will be in his early days.

He made five months and then my girlfriend came, she did not want to separate the two, and I just want to live well. I nodded, OK, you are not afraid of hardship to you on the line, when we rented a room on the outside live, because I have thousands of monthly salary, plus the usual little things my brother called me to do, for example, to pull things go, and then he was on a good price on both sides, I was responsible for the car to follow the money, coming out of the middle of the price difference on the line so that the lives of two people is not a problem.

One day, his girlfriend told me that she also told me a few years, almost 30, and want to get married, a woman so good with you so long, and you want over a lifetime, what do you diagram? I He said OK! next year we got married. After the finish, and that they hurt the brain, and marriage is a major event of it, a woman so good heart to let her so dowdy married? money? Life is not a problem there is no more remaining ah.

At this time I thought the net gambling, go to Internet cafes on Q, Q previous gold dealers have not recommended any good platform, that gold dealers told me Tianyi game, 100W = 100RMB, so he bought a 1000 return, He began.

Because so much of the experience, so are relatively safe play, not to play big, basically every day to win points left, baccarat on one of the network are 30 seconds, 30 seconds can decide winners and losers, but also What mood do work?So say did with Jackie, he found other things to do point.He did not say anything, call me naive on the line.Then lied girlfriend said my brother to find something else for me to do something, go out of time not qualitative.To win money every time she hit on the card, and that they leave the capital, so do the end, also won more than 50,000 pieces, said her family wanted her girlfriend home for the holiday, and asked me how.I say you go back, I almost New Year's time in the past you there.Really, who knew her for five years, I have not seen her family.I finished in time to see her smiling mouth are heel-to-ear, the eyes are happy.What happiness is it?Sometimes if you look carefully, you will find that happiness is actually very simple.

I say two things to be happy with her after it, one is that I have time to go out to buy ice cream, and asked her not to, she said no, most hate to eat ice cream, so I just bought one back when just opened addiction guilty, he had called her to help me get it, I smoke a cigarette first. When I went to the balcony smoked cigarettes back when (about twelve minutes), found her hand just take root ice cream sticks, ice cream have all ate her, she put the poor, said: I was watching it melt faster and we have to help me eat.

Another thing is that we have a night in bed, asleep asleep I feel a little cold, looked outside her quilt basically roll up, got left one a corner, and I do not have the heart to wake her, then pull belly covered with a corner to sleep.She was asleep when it was trying to corner that was swept away, but I grabbed it firmly, then she woke up hazy, I see an angle, eyeful of guilt, Well cry to Juanzhu quilt release Cover me, I'm being pulled dead hand corner to relax.But not after a while, she again swept the whole quilt, this time did not even have a corner left me, causing me to ring up to sleep one night, the next day she and I talk about this, I teeth that will afford you are not left corner in order to be what I was awake so I let go, ah! then she laughed really happy, and each mention it when she would laugh happily , heartfelt laugh.

After his girlfriend home I have nothing to do, every day is an Internet gambling will win a spot on the walk out, not long after, I got into the car to go to his girlfriend home the afternoon on the bus to go to the next day morning just to, to where when I saw my girlfriend and her sister to pick me, my heart is full of happiness.

Stay in her home a few days, the kind of family happiness really makes me miss her very old house, a wind and rain when all sides to take the air, there's the weather here is lower than in Guangdong, but I really feel very warm in there, although there is no bustling city, although when it rains body hair felt cold, but my heart is really full of warmth, whether it is in front of the fire to help wood fire, and she was sisters door cards, at midnight accompany his girlfriend go to the toilet, standing out in the rain when the heart is warm, are comfortable, some things really are by feeling.

Beginning of the third time, I told her to leave, to go home, she looked at me, and I know I have not been home for a long time, and said yes. So I had finished section of the home you will find I nodded, then left, before you go, I think will soon return to this land, to marry in this life to be with her through this woman.

The next day back home, back home, although parents or as in the past, did not show any particular surprise, but I know they are very happy very happy, for them, there is nothing better than family together happier it? Happy time always flies, stay at home for a few days, I left the car, this time to leave this time now, let me tell you a man addicted to online gambling What is born better to go die.

After this came out, I was thinking about continuing the previous day, but the game has been closed Tianyi.So I ask you gold dealers have other platforms?He gave me a new open, because that gold dealers also humanity, in the name here is not to say that he.A few people began to go find gold trader said that the newly opened all this, nobody Hence you go, anyway, not out, so I took one thousand chips go Hence, more than one hour, more than a hundred block, then there are other people to PLAY, and I do the small bet, but no matter what I bought, and soon, that one thousand to block it gambled.So I find gold dealers change 3,000 chips, this time to PLAY when found dead people, and then himself up PLAY.

First put on both sides of a bet very small, ten out of twenty chips W (100W = 100RMB), then into the room to see about a 1.5 million, and he came first put on the full pressure and then opened and win the 1200W go, his second full pressure free, open idle, and then I got left that 30 million chips more than 500, and the third took him to buy at least busy, busy opening 3000 chips a minute gone completely . At that time I really feel this man is God, when I then told gold dealers buy points when gold dealers said that he feels this platform is not normal, and told me not to play. I thought, too, lose thousands Forget it.

But by myself do not know what to do, this time another gold dealers (Guangzhou storm QQXXXX) told me to play an interactive platform called Bonjour play ( In there, buy a small basic to put in a buy big to die, that time has been considered to be their own bad luck, did not grasp. ten thousand, ten thousand, twenty thousand, thirty thousand to turn over, that day I kept the last year and I My girlfriend put tens of thousands here, a total of 17 foolproof lose out. input after the people are kept, what am I going to get married, how can I explain to her ah ??

A few days later, his girlfriend came, she asked me the money? I lie and say take it and my brother to do business, and she listened very assured, she never doubted me, just say well done, we save enough money this year to get married.

A lie, you have to round this lies with countless lies. To fill this gap fatal, I ask a friend to borrow tens of thousands of do this and want to slowly win back, is also no accident that tens of thousands of into the pockets of others. This time, his girlfriend because the body is uncomfortable, proposed to go back and look, where there is money then I had to say to her, you go back, I'll then transferred the money over to you, she is very assured back.

The next day, another article in the grounds that her brother took ten thousand, the family took ten thousand, then played in the past to his girlfriend.

Cast so many lies, by working to circle round, then certainly not, in addition to gambling, I can do it?Girlfriend back when only the bank card away, U shield has been left in the room, this time there is a gold trader added my QQ, (mythology QQ357XXX), said that opened a new platform, called the Holy Word Entertainment ( ratio cn) to start is 42RMB = 100W gold, I think playing it down a little, but points on the line, then step forward and then go out into the cliff.Because I think that money is the money to see a doctor girlfriend, did not dare to bet big, that is to buy hundreds of pieces betting, a few days off, win ten thousand, and this time his girlfriend called and told me to look at the past, because she To the hospital, hoping to take care of my past, I heard say, OK, I have these two days past.

Thinking about the past to spend money, always rely on gambling to get more money, any betting platform, the beginning will give you a toxic sugar, sweet start, so you find the poison when late that night , which not only won a million, or even a doctor girlfriend twenty thousand have lost all. I do not think, she went to the hospital to read the card, it was found money is what was found. So they lied to call home family one million. hit on eight thousand to girlfriend card in my possession two thousand gamble, this time, I was already completely possessed, just want to win back a little bit, but it gambled a little bit even go there girlfriend fares are gone.

Because promised his girlfriend the next day to her there, but fares have lost all, there is no way, I bought a necklace last year's take pawnshop pressed thousand five, and then traveled to the other side.Went to see a girlfriend, I was really laughing, heart pressure has overwhelmed me fast, postponed two days to go to the hospital, she said, first it took me back to her home.My body is basically no money, there are hundreds of pieces, where dare to go, and had lied to her, saying that the site there are things that mainly come to see you tomorrow, we should immediately go back, and there was a reminder urgent.Although she was disappointed, but also just say, Well, we try to do, the next to go to my house.

Stayed for one night, the next day I said to the car, and ask her to take care of yourself. When I got to the train station when she called to ask me, bought tickets yet? I say bought, indeed bought But buy unique destination is causing me to lose a friend's place.

Front with you said, at the beginning of the play in time for the world to know that my best friend, Yongge.Before the middle of the play, when he rarely play big, one more time to see my gold coins are called my boss, to the point of gold to play, and I did not say he directly asked how much he wanted to, he said to 100W, I immediately turned over to him, and then I went out.When I come back to the Internet, he sent a message on QQ, said he was the middle of the account number and password to me, to win the point and told me how much you want to get myself.I landed his account, which more than ten million more, this time I think this is definitely a worthwhile distant friends.Later, he and others in the online quarrel, the man and his quarrel screen name happens to be my local there, he call me, call me to find this man to help him to export gas.At that time I was still afraid of the local, he said OK, no problem, including me.Soon found the man, and the lessons of the meal, the man on the Internet to admit him for mercy, he satisfied to call me to say: Thank you, sent to the account, I hit thousands of meals for you and your brother, that When he is not lack the money, then refused.

Until I got him untouchable in the local people, the need to avoid a period of time, then called him, he would sentence to eat and drink all play package, three to five years no problem. My first once went to see him live, it was found in fact been told my boss I call talent is the boss, he older than me ten years old, who looked very cute simple and honest, always thought a lot of their friends, go there to know what friends icing on the cake just use you, adding insult to injury is the absolute loss of friends, snow to send carbon is a friend.

That went to spent some time, I'm not used to do nothing day, on the back, but also because my promises that once he hurt later in Shenzhen ill, to call him, he also no mention of the past things, on a word, I would let you play money, you take care of yourself, my hands busy rush things you see. As the saying goes, life was a confidant enough! And I, but because addicted to online gambling , even this only friend also lost.

The girlfriend side of the train station by car to the Yongge there, only spent a few days went to Guangzhou, because a friend said there there is a gamble there shall kill turtles to Guangzhou after a friend said he was out of thousands, I'm out this, then I also Yangbailao than Yangbailao, so I called to Yongge, he said that now the money tight, but you can ask someone lend me twenty thousand, but must return as scheduled.I said OK, and then did not take long to arrive the twenty thousand.Turtles did not kill that, before we have not started, that turtles have given others a deep knife kill.So I took the twenty thousand, drill into the net to bet in this coffin.This is not playing baccarat, the game went to the 456 center of bullfighting, won the day there are thousands of pieces, and then found in the Advanced Course to get low scores kill easily, so he took more than 100 million chips in there to kill soon immediate concern more than 300 million, the equivalent of 20,000 dollars, and I do not want to stop, before pit dug ourselves too deep, this rough mud fill.

Still playing online gambling and online gambling people ready to play, if you also want to try to continue this feeling it! This is not the end, but the beginning.

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