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Landlords Game Cheats expert network

On top of a large single landlord, change direction to pass hit / non-landowners better with a behind the three dozen.

The landlord under the house cards method:

Landlords billing, too small single; landowners hair right, too small for; landlords a big single, selective demolition 2.

Then hit the big fellow single and pair, to get started after a single license must be a single, single card can also be a great pair, no single of the pair.

Times odd and even, if the landlord had few single card (on the card against the landlord did not let the landlord too small single), they reported large orders, otherwise reported double.

Home landlord on cards methods:

Landlords billing, the top big one, started to hit the change; the landlord made a pair, peer out the small pair then stuck pairs of small landowners, stuck to 8 or less, may be out for 7-8, so companion take over; if peers out to the 10 or so you do not take the companion card, in the companion can not afford to play in the next landlord, to get started after a big single.

After companion started, little single over, will have top big one, if big is the pair should be open to the top of the sub-landlord, after continuing to use in hair right, but if you already know the fellow no big pair, and then It can be a little top when the top card of small points, the top 10 or so, so that fellow landowners to pick up a single card.

Brand looked likely to win, they can employ special methods. If one A, 2, plus a few bad cards, the top card A, landlords do not, this time hit a 2, so that if the landlord is not double Wang, he is bound to hit you with the king, so let the landlord less than a card, to partner to create better opportunities, if the landlord is a double king, his cards well, he is also possible to double king to be removed, (He could have fried) Thus, it was to fool you, this situation can force the landlord is not fried on a win.

The landlord be considered a good or a bad landlord is a single card pair poor, specifically to fight the landlords weakness. If the landlord single brand had finished, they made single, points him to death.

The family landlord must remember their mission: do not but you are stuck with small single landowners, small pairs.

If the card is very good, do not top card, but at least more than 80% certainty to this release.

As the landlord a double king did not take his own left three cards with a 2 another pair or two single, should hit 2. (unless the landlord had substantially no single card can be issued minimum unit)

If the single brand out too much, then try not to leave one, really not a single landlord and you can only stay one case, and under the house there are many cards depends on how much the big landlords to stop you, there are many then, do not leave one.

Landlord cards method:

Take on the card, the analysis of his cards, except after opening with a three, and the remaining single brand in 10:00 and below, is billed. If you own a large pair are more able to recover the pair, then send right. Have a few hands Similar licensing shaped hand even if a few cards (the same number of copies), even brand first hit, if there are several three with one on the first three with a hair.

Try not to put their main weaknesses exposed in front of the opponent, also if there are no major pairs, the first pair try not to fight. Because people fight to around 9 you do not, that what gave the weaknesses exposed ʱ??

Main learn to be patient, if matter which card you have to kill, then you are also going to lose another big brand, such as their own billing, others hit big one, but they have a big pair then there is no need to dismantle On 2 play, because someone must have cast up pairs.

Be more patient on the main house, because the house of cards is good if you do not let him get started no matter let all dead, but the family is on the top card in most cases, if the family to use, at home do not know How to fit, or at home without a big pair to take over, and then do not worry, whether it is the home of single or pairs are naturally let you off, so do not hurry home marked

Next to the main house considered quasi single card over to a few, a few pairs had to. (When billed by operators, but also by three band brought cards to count).

Take a single landlord, the landlord directly under the house and left a 2, to directly kill.

First hand out either to return or sabotage.

The first chapter to brand

Remember: Do not be bet on the cards!

Chapter II card counting

(Ie licensing guess, is what I intend to do the second chapter of the cards and think about the content of the cards is too much, and a variety of other brand combines the skills of classification. So here introduce other, and finally chapter then describes the most wonderful "cards and integrated skills", can be considered a finale it, please support and wait. Then the head of the above-mentioned type card also put the final classification, temporarily involved.)

1. Operators bomb

Example: he has no 2, the A see Wang, 2222 is likely to have.

2. Operator chief

Example 1: +22 large landlords own just get under the house a little out of A, it certainly has an 22 pairs.

Example 2: +2 just get out of their own single large landowners under the house out of 2, then most likely the home 22.

3. Card counting

Class A - Any person must remember: the head, their lack of licensing, 7

Category B - Advanced to remember: 3456AK

Class C - generally less required: 890JQ

Example 1: he has no 3, just get under the house, out of 3 is most likely the home of 333 (if at home strapless 3 of cis), certainly at least 33 (if there is under the house along with 3 of); this time If the four 4 have finished out, then, the next home will bring along no 3, the upper house can be determined as 333. (in this case small cards are similar.)

Therefore: If they have three small bands or pairs, do not have to worry too much, not too much of a time when the relationship allows the home accounted card, he can let go of one himself.

Example 2: 7777 or 6666. At this point they have been cut off along with three small, it is possible that the two single-pole 345, the double, if 345 also has a bomb, then nothing with it.

Therefore, even if only moderately at this card can also be based on the situation to one, of course, if they do not want it, others hit landlords easier.

Example 3: If others out Changshun (7 and above) as 345,678,910, the cards in his hand is very likely a non-single-J (except for the band J cis), by the possibility of descending is: ⑴ no J; ⑵ one pair of J; ⑶ three J; ⑷ along with J's; ⑸J fried general enough to consider the first two cases, 10 can be in five or more.

The remaining count cards

Needless to say we will naturally pay special attention to when we left, 2,3 cards only left 4,5,6,7 analyze card type:

Left 4: ⑴ ⑵ size + size + for single + single ⑶ **** bomb ⑸ ⑷ three with a pair + pair ⑹ ⑺ Single + Single + on the whole single

Left 5: ⑴ ⑵ size + size + three ⑶ size of + Single + Single + Single + Single + Single ⑸ ⑷ **** bomb three band two ⑹ ⑺ three with a single five-cis ⑻ + on + on + single ⑼ to + Single + Single + Single ⑽ total bill

Left 6: ⑴ ⑵ size + size + three with a pair of + ⑶ size + on + Single + Single + Single + Single ⑷ size + size + Single + Single ⑸ ⑹ **** **** bomb for bomb + ⑺ **** bombs + Single + Single ⑻ six ⑼ five cis-cis + single ⑽ three + of + single ⑾ on + on + on ⑿ on + on + Single + Single + Single + Single ⒀ to + Single + Single ⒁ whole single

Left 7: ⑴ size + **** bombs + Single ⑵ ⑶ size + size + three five along with a single + size + three with two ⑷ ⑸ size + on + on + single ⑹ size + for + Single + Single + ⑺ full size single + single ⑻ **** + three ⑼ **** bomb bomb + for + single ⑽ **** bomb + full single ⑾ five on ⑿ five cis-cis + + Single + Single + Single ⒀ six cis ⒁ seven along ⒂ three + three + single ⒃ three + on + on ⒄ three + of + Single + Single ⒅ three + full single ⒆ on + on + on + single ⒇ on + on + Single + Single + Single (21) to + full list (22) Full Single

Memories of the cards turned out, by recalling the analysis finalized: ⑴ double king except me no other bombs ⑵ only a 2, is under my hand this ⑶ family out AAA, then left that last one Zhang will not A, and only the largest of K. So I easily blow out a K, then 2 back, get away.

Chapter III Cooperation

1. On the home hold card, not the top card at home.

2. hold 10 single and double to over 6.

On top of the landlords home, try not to try a single card less than 10, at least to be out with flowers, 10 are more likely to become single. Pair out to the 66 best, a little to let the landlords put right, secondly, to know about Important information 7.

3. The landlord left a while.

If we can hold alone gone, of course, the best, if not go requires close coordination of the most basic of the large ones is that if you go on the way home, if not the biggest brand in turn take the top places landlords, then put to allow access at home; after the next house connected, if you go away, if it can not go, then put a single; the home and then repeat the large ones remaining Bianzhao is more and more, here temporarily table.

The remaining two when the landlords.

In any case, unless the landlord has been calculated for the two remaining single cards, or not the right. I have been a single, until the landlord out of a date, if the landlord has not, it would have been a single, all the pairs split into leaflets out, the landlord out of a, then according to the above play performed.

5. Do not push their own people.

Pair - a small pair can easily, but when out of the home to more than 10 (inclusive) to midnight, and that they no longer big

Landlords of the Guess brand articles:

With precise note card and card counting this foundation, you can guess the other two cards. Anyway, anyway, 54 cards are always assigned to the three of us in the hands of Caesar.

(1) Guess bomb

This is the easiest, the primary articles of note cards in requires that we must clearly remember not to meet all kinds of cards. If the late, this card if you have not seen, mostly fried Caesar ʱ??

Some bombs are more likely to be exposed. Hand without flowers, 2 a meeting on direct pass, most of the flowers are fried. Hands-free 2, A floret meeting is to play, or pass a, 4 2 Wazi is an object of suspicion Oh, no landlords 9, the first 345,678 is double pass, it may be key suspect suddenly spread. In general, for these more "obvious" signs, as long as the previous two hands and then out, it should be determined.

(2) the bulk guess

The main bulk of means: flower size and 4 2. This six cards should also focus on everyone, so it should not difficult to calculate Kazakhstan.

For example: they have a big flower local primary +22, the A, the farmers of the flowers, it certainly has an 22 pairs; own local master has a large flower +2, just get a single, farmer a 2, then most likely farmers 2 ............ 22

(3) guess Junko

"How many outside 7,10, on how many straight," Although these words are not accurate. However, on the outside if not 7,10 exists, we must never again have a straight up .7,10 is straight lifeblood, remember clearly, it is necessary for the operator straight.

For example: three 10 have been out of the last 10 have been seen, it is easy to guess the rest of the 10-point must be composed of straight, right?

(4) count three drift

Three drift cards, there will be in your hands did not see the kind of license, or a license only one place. Until after the disk, there are no three cards face may drift, should be more clearer. Whether the landlord or farmer, keep control card, wait until delivery, they are very sensible and Kazakhstan.

Three straight drift and have a great convergence, you and some other people also have this card type, card might force further strengths than you. By the time may not "mantis stalks the cicada, oriole in the post," became the people The dishes on the menu, oh.

(5) Guess brand road

Landlord of three cards, is the fox tail Bach. Write down the information that appears if a few cards, cards for speculation landlords road, is very helpful, oh.

additional materials:

1, the dealer's hand out the card: the first hand out either to return or sabotage

2, when the card is poor how to reduce the loss of points

3. Should the single card out of the guard too much, then try not to leave one, really not a single landlord and you can only stay one case, and under the house there are many cards depends on how much the big landlords to stop you , there are a lot of words, do not leave one.

4, suggesting that the most basic way is to imply delay, pretending to consider.

5, removed the sign often encountered landlords, big names are in the hands of the people, by the people one by one play, this time not removed the sign from the large to the small demolition, demolition should start in the middle,

6, note that the landlord under three landlords remember what cards such as 2 2

7, when Landlords must not try to play what cards are combined into a landlord eat cards

8, when a bomb bomb, there are many local master card, make sure he did the 1 and 2 of these big when you can fry him, or to determine the opponent for a while you do not like cards are those cards, they also can be fried.

9, when you have big bomb must hold back small single and small pairs to go down home, try to put the cards when the cards fall out very sad, you do not have to be able to keep out of the hands of the landlords over the cards, such as to hit a pair, you do not have a pair can too.

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