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Landlords and down home with the policy process

Landlords, the landlord must be a top card, the landlord under the house to run card, the most fundamental way is to send a single landlord, the next house over the next single, the landlord must be the top big one, the top brand preference order is KAQ2J (that is, the order of the cards in your single cards priorities) on the landlord if there is no single card, open pair playing (or top 2) is the master of thought, sometimes a landlord under the house to go 10 landlords on the home are not so strange poker immortality, which is the rookie mistake of love.In general, the situation landlords lose more than 70 percent are from the landlord under the house to finish the cards on top of the landlord to get started after the big change to play a pair, so landowners because there has been no single brand, but some novice one change the play sub-know hair like small pairs of 3 to 4 ah ah, this is stupid behavior, because you play so small pairs, small pairs hands of the landlords do not have to waste his big to get started and then go out, his little of it can be directly passed, so playing small pairs is equivalent to help landowners to fight themselves, so the correct approach is to fight for more than 7-8, and if there are seven, then eight first playing on the 8, so that the hands of small landowners and small single pair have not had, after the home pair under the big landowners to get started, the landlord under the house with a single card hand must be billed, and then the big house on top of the landlord, such as overhand , and then send the seven, if not get started, you can waste the hands of big landowners, which is one of the most basic method of Landlords.(Referred to as the top large orders, change the direction of the pass hit).Household pairs landlords took billed, when they ran out of single brand also made a small pair, then the landlord should pay attention to small landowners hands jammed pairs.

So if the landlord is not much at home in pairs or small, how to fight, but how should the landlord with it?Landlords billing, under house along too, the top card on home top card order (KAQ2J) such as playing Zhang K, the landlord did not want, the pair if the landlord is not strong at home, this time in relation to open open pairs A with A to take over, if the landlord this time to the (also wasted him a big) if landlords do not, and then send the hands of a single, so by the landlord so that the landlord under the top card of a single brand had lost family, and landlords really never had.These two methods are fighting to win the landlord must learn two methods should be combined with.Like the landlords go alone, under house along too, on home top K, to get started, if there is a single under the house must be connected to each other A K, do not take the rookie, because the landlord task is a top brand, others from the top of your not connected, then how can not win the fight.Home landlord on how to be the top card, unless his hand is very good brand, just over twelve, although it can be had, such as landlord 3 4 next home themselves over 6,7.This time the landlord under the house in relation to wise up, and in general the family is the master nor the landlord the top card, and then only a possibility, which is the landlord of the brand is very good, so the local host on the home hit 6 or 7 (small card), the landlord had a card, this time not to the landlord under the house to brand, but because of the let peer over.

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