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Analysis of the most likely kind of betting fraud

For a variety of Gaming Is concerned, it will feel more fake all the time, regardless of winning or losing half a point reversal sports, or basketball, or Baccarat 16 even and, as well as lottery results lottery is not the same experience when betting really is a lot of fraud, but you is not calculated the cost of betting fraud in the end what a high?

First, the slot machine

Tiger J has not been their own food, the reason is very simple, mainly their play like Tiger J never won money, and now is in addition to participating in the activities, it is definitely not touch the tiger J, while the Tigers J odds are we do less, and the company is relatively good adjustment, as long as the moving finger on it, is really too simple for such opaque odds, think is too fake, and he will not go.

Second, electronic games

Electronic games and slot J similar, but now it seems no one electronic baccarat play, but he felt, electronic video games, led by Baccarat, is relatively false, the odds are also able to adjust the company's own and not much of the cost, even opened cards are able to decide what is not possible, so there is no cost of fraud, it is also very convenient.

Third, the real game

Now, more mainstream popular reason is that real game, one is able to see the beauty dealers, in a sense that is not so easy to cheat, but dealers are feeling Gu, even the players are capable of the old thousand, then Dealers and companies together Fudge players is very easy, and live video is not so reliable, the dealer's hands, but very alive Oh, not to mention there about the video card timely, players do not know anything, but This also requires the company wants to cheat and dealers together, the cost is still a certain degree of improvement.

Fourth, Lottery

Now happy color, always color also has a lot of players, and even has its challenges and Keno Baccarat dominance of meaning, but we like him because in addition to simple and easy to use outside, that is false there is a certain degree of difficulty, After the lottery results for each region you want to impact is not so easy and requires investment cost is still relatively high, but not entirely impossible, lottery error between platforms have had time, lottery fraud is not impossible, But to much more difficult.

Fives,Sports Betting

Sports players after losing, always feeling is match-fixing, in fact, not so much sport of match-fixing, of course, match-fixing is certainly there, but the match-fixing, but need a lot of investment, some games are able to bribe the referee as long as possible move, but some game players have to buy individual, whether it is from the difficulty of operating in or from the investment funds are time-consuming, so the feeling is quite credible sports.

In my opinion, the credibility of betting should be ordered from sports lotteries => Live> Electronic = Tiger J, which is also in line with their only play sports and lottery habit can certainly betting bookmakers fraud is not terrible, small players do not worry, it will not for hundreds of thousands of bookmakers would deliberately go black you, rest assured that play, there is not much problem, more often still look luck.

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