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We usually bet every day, large passenger does not have to say, I believe small retail or in the majority, the heavenly always been so, where are the same! And each company will have a different level of rakeback, back to the water for small households it even less, but is this little bit back to the water and sometimes can also be formed Liaoyuanzhishi.Usually I often head households remaining leftovers the next day, or even several dozens of ocean rakeback money, play video, feel really boring, one is gone, and even a lack of stakes , so the more time I would choose to go shake at the slot machine, even if it eat people, we do not just dozens of blocks it, not hurt it! play for a while and found that there are still a little bit of the law, and some Game Need good luck to profit, some games are generally able to gain a little ran!

Because slot machines betting limit is very low, so even if dozens of oceans, but also to shake a few moments of entertainment and relax not a bad idea! And maybe there will be many times surprise Oh! Talk about my experience, when the first play at 88 Entertainment City, Playing with a TDP of slot machines, slot machine we all know there is a certain rate of return, so often depends on luck! More than three TDP can get free game is freegame, this game is mainly to rely on this, will pass through the treasure hunt task, I rushed up to the final hurdle when it won a few times it! But it turns out a few times this game for free so that you have obtained small then began mercilessly to eat you! no free games, winning probability is very low, and the multiple is low!

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Then the company more contact, came to clean the bag when the deposit into the sun on a site, and the remaining eight were not enough of a note, what is the minimum Venus Hall 30 like a note! Only play tigers! Into the future picked a lewd game to go, of course, only have more sex drive it, interesting is pretty strong! called the meat futon !! Hey, I believe most babe knows this name it! seems to be 2.5 a note of it, was hit twice on the same day played freegame have to say is good luck ah! 20 free games, earned a total of almost 200 times the fraction of the evil that I've shot this picture was taken , in the 400 block it! This is also to be lucky to beat out! often play is a tragedy, unless you are super explosive character! capital too thick enough! But for us, it does not hold small family! Or took a run ʱ??

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Still later, it is now the most popular access to the airport, and there is also a variety of slot machines, slot machines! There was a time, obsessed with the slot machines, a train called the diamond, also called a sacred legend, as shown below, two slot!

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Slot believe everyone should know it, is the middle three first shake, they can at any time press stop, will be out three patterns, of course, may be the same two or three, and then out of the lottery and the outer ring pattern on the number of on the prizes, otherwise no! is a high multiple of the pattern on the corner, above the middle is king, the highest multiple, ranging from 50 to 100 times, in the middle of the following is known to open the train, out of a few free lamp lights together, rolled where the operator where! relatively low risk! middle of both sides is to send light, that is, free games, ranging from one to four, random play, bet the amount of four hundred TripAdvisor unequal! Play slot have more skill, we must wait until the return of big time raise the probability, so can deduct, flat note basically going to lose it! As for the timing of only their own master, one is lucky, a terms of experience and feeling! I have to play up one hundred thousand block, but that is the limit, in the three king! This personal experience and skill requirements are relatively high, to control the bets!

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Then there are the airport's slot machine games, have to mention, there are some games, I play down the current is relatively easy to grasp, also can be fun! Played is not a lot, Super 7, spy crisis, Sex, Lucky Fortuna Christmas party, the Mid-Autumn moon party, Kung Fu Dragon, Jin Ping Mei what!

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Super 7 is the new out of play for a while, I feel this is only short-term play, high-expansion is not easy out! Slam prize is out of reach, shake out the picture all the same pattern, so dead could have waited see! playability is very general! But small prize will be kept out of the award rate is still quite high, although not multiples! can be fun!

Sex it interesting and strong, you know! Is fun into the game relatively little sensuality, what voyeur, ah, big tonic ah, ah tiger bench, but the personal feeling mean nothing, out of the low prize money! Jinpingmei it a little better little, open the box bonus game, bonus also, specifically finding out how many records! We can go to experience! Now the contact is more lucky both Fortuna and Christmas parties, the two bonus games out Duman high probability! little play about, can achieve good profitability, oh, of course, can only be small, because I play is minimal stakes, full-line betting, there is a block of money! can often Win a hundred pieces out! But I always entertainment most of the time we have to go play clean bags, it takes a long time ha ha! Basic are marked for more than five hours a! or else go Baccarat Few to get it!

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