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Landlords senior players tactical and strategic summary

One day

Mainly refers to you should be fully Game Time, others should also be sufficient time, or unstable people, mood swings and play well. Of course, the weather is good or bad for the heart is also affected.

Second, location

Mainly refers to you in three of the sitting, weak home and strong under the house is your best position, strong upper house will destroy you do landlords opportunity weak powerless under the house will be the gatekeepers. Of course, a good geographical environment conducive to you The level of play.

Third, and

Mainly refers to others and you, others should not associates, you should be in good, good mood, talkative people loitering around without the following people do not gamble with it:

1, the money by: lose a few debts that is very boring person, you lose him, but the probability is high.

2, poor technology by: enjoy the fun of wits, but also often subject to gas.

3, good technology by: means a large portion of those than you, with long bet you will lose, but it is a good learning object.

4, win or lose a little too severe: you will not win or lose with gambling pleasant.

5, unlicensed products by: often playing tricks (cheat).

6, people you dislike: If too impatient person (when these people lose money more irritable, constantly urge you, perhaps his psychological warfare), too much nonsense person (interfere with your emotions, to interrupt your train of thought, to deal with way: He said to him, you hit), you enemies (you might get emotional).

7, is not commensurate with your money Casino Does not participate (either due to excessive pressure sore loser and influence the level of play, or the rich and powerful do not care and lightly Landis lose).

Fourth, the strategy: overall understanding of the game

1, the outcome mechanism

① Breakthrough theory: an original for a license 54, deputy commander of the army +4 road, split into two after the two armies confront (two dozen), split into three after the three wars, their own master, mutual Breakthrough cover (small and great), the first complete withdrawal of the non-aggressive game wins, benevolent games ah - Large GU Well!


● small and great can do with a little big, not fancy dragging two will be successful, as the landlord of a day card + two small card will lose, want to win must do exactly match the size.

● intermediate genus own brand to break out (cis brand self-help), good or bad luck to see the others, it is the middle card to stop licensing the focus, the opponent does not expect too small licenses. Day cards do not help, but need opportunities.

Day card: refers to a card type the biggest brand.

● Day card is a dynamic concept, with the consumption of both sides, the monkey king will say, it is the current day card, potential day card points, learning great.

● The fewer the number of days card and type in sheets were better, such as a single brand in general are more easily access card.

● General Every day cards 1-3 sets.

● There unknowingly throw-day licenses.

● farmers simply brand licensing to landowners for the day.

● In contrast, the land card is never out of their own cards, can be seen as a small sign.

② On winning hand: victory Mechanism winning hand (and mahjong machine wins unification touch yourself wondering how to eat correspond with the cards?) Listen (referring day card sets out) the best, the best run ride, too. Hu stopped - advance block phenomenon.

③ equation theory: After the licensing on its outcome (solution) is determined objectively, but I do not know the other two hands of cards, the boundary condition is unknown (both when it is determined to play), it can not be solved exactly, increasing the fun games sex.The basic equation is x (upper house) + y (at home) + z (himself, is a constant) = 4 (photos), along with the cards, boundary conditions gradually determined (to be added removed the sign of common sense, see below), and the other two home in the hands of cards gradually determine if computer programming, it can make a very high level of the game (memory and computing is the strength of the computer).They have built a three-dimensional falling ball (54 balls) physical model until later launched.In fact, all the card games can be so compiled a high level program (attributed to the logic of mathematics to solve).

You should be in the final losing more that a few mistakes on your card, good or bad cards most of the time everyone equal opportunities (good or bad reincarnation), winning or losing is not the time to build on this win attention, particularly careful to hold the results;. Do not mess confusion when lost , anxious, patience slowly earn back, because then you have picked up on the bottom, the back is a brand power, whether big win big loser, pay attention to withdraw their decision to a certain extent, you are suitable Gamblingʱ??

2. Board division

① inevitable Bureau

● inevitably win Bureau: what they say, lose intimidated by others - a win or how it will be called (to be checked and whoever is contingent Bureau) remember do not necessarily win the office she lost. ʱ??

● inevitably lose Board: people have the final say, will give you the opportunity to make mistakes will inevitably lose its Bureau lose as little as possible.

② contingent Bureau

Refers winning innings to lose, both sides say. Most bureau so, cleverly designed, but also the use of most office skills. Some farmers hit harder, because both sides have to coordinate action, although often greater than the sum force landlords, but mutual It does not belong only to do with increased probability of error, and the landlord is a unified command.

3, the process of division

① start: 1-2 rounds at this brand more vigilance poor opponents, big parties starting approachable note card type (points)...

② the Board: at least 3-4 rounds hit the other hand Liangshou difficult cards, so they can not incoming.

③ Incoming: 5-6 rounds in a draw as the standard, there is an incoming punch cards (first player), natural incoming (running ride) in two ways, the former live to see the red card, which is to stand up to its natural incoming.

Possibility of incoming card type:

1 = 1

2 = 1 + 2

3 = 1 + 1 + 1,1 + 2,3

4 = 3 + 1,2 + 2,4

5 = 4 + 1 + 3,5

④ outcome: Do not anxious showdown, sometimes accomplices also send How about you blowing up.


● process is conducted in a way round. A particular license to unmanned To round.

● the outcome of more than 6 rounds (three in total) is determined, if the opponent out after five or contain the necessary vigilance.

● winner is to seize the last chance round (do not like to run fast), which can win the battle round, but it is sometimes put off its last.

● When the card along round (round of engagement) fewer big fight and straight; not ring true when the big fight (single, double).

● generally different card type and do not participate in another round of fighting (because the number of copies requested strict equal) bomb may participate in any round fight so basically determined battle formation, there is strong or weak.

4, brand power division

● force divided base plate:

① large: king, 2, A big fallible on time.

② in: 10, J, Q, K block brand focus.

③ small: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 small card is easy to make mistakes on the card type card counting emphasis on small cards on how to finish.

● comprehensive brand power division:

① large + cis (mean fewer rounds here): You can storm.

② large or along: their outcome uncertain, preemption may win, you must have the appropriate waiting (patiently).

③ little + ring true: for suspected soldiers or strikes attract fire.

5, card type division

① Single: basic, least efficient card type.

② bis (couplet to): Basic card type

③ three (triple): High Efficiency card type

④ four (D + B): the most powerful of the card type is generally about 50% probability of a bomb, about two fried probability of 10%.

⑤ five (straight): High Efficiency card type

● card type relationship works:

① licensing phase-gram rule: 1 g 4, 2 g 3,3 g 2, 4 g cis when a single look.

② card type with the law: three multi-brand trend consistency, as you more than three others more than three probability is also large.

③ card type conversion rule: a small time, 2 = 1 + 1 (for large used alone or as a straight), 3 = 2 + 1 (for Junko use), 4 = 3 + 1 (for Junko use), 5 = 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 (for large single use) sometimes deliberately force the demolition of the other card type, give yourself another day card card type to create opportunities, but also increased the opponent rounds.

④ card type combination principle: Round least theoretically most rational combination of the fighting will disrupt the formation, but should keep the formation, not be led to others, such as unwanted cards (neither stop nor licensing. Pressure dealer) would rather not split (required cis except yourself) to protect card type.

6, the players divided horizontally

① Primary: understand only the basic play.

② Intermediate: understand the basic techniques, as long as the brand is good basic win Note: For intermediate and above players, a high level is a good match for licensing.

③ Advanced: have a clear understanding of the situation, note card if you play often comprehensive and objective the Board should play less, then you are not wrong, that is considered a master of.

④ super: precise grasp of global (but not 100% sure, there are still judged probability), and senior level are not very different.

Fifth, the campaign: the basic principles of the game

1, the basic skill cards

The outcome to you out of (not) licensing uniquely determined, according to the theory wheel, there is the initial round, intermediate round, the end of round three skills. Knowledge (problems) more in the beginning and end of the round, intermediate ( block) will generally have a certain hand each card a few hands, or a few cards and then hand (can not be out), win or lose on it, variable small (few nodes control), the first election of the job (unless Error opponents gave you a chance), with the need to recruit Bianzhao.

① initial round: licensing techniques, there are licensing card type, size of the two techniques.

● counterassaulted principles: basic principles.

● Short attack principle: playing weak opponents card type.

● Anti-Off principles: sometimes consider how to shut the others, as in the first round when others do not (a difference of many reluctant to play cards at home, on the family and could not move) is to forgo the opportunity to others.

● Incoming less before the card to someone else an opportunity, such as small single, double, triple.

● do not easily go away when their own throw-day card.

② intermediate wheel: shun (block) licensing techniques.

● One small block (middle), will consume one big, very cost-effective.

● Try the top of the big-name opponents, and not allowed to speak.

● own adventure when to go to straight.

③ End round: press card tricks.

● When a difference of less (especially when poor level), will have to be able to, would be water-based game design.

● anxious to play principles.

● poker less by principle.

● big pre-emption principle: the same size as the big brand's first out (three, four, no such case), the incoming segment is critical of the move.

● Try not to push his associates Licence (prone to cause annihilated or destroyed associates plan).

● good pre-let (not adjusted well, or rather the original wait-licensing), post good grab.

④ no trick: every turn themselves and do not have to be the choice (not to be the most simple, but not too happy represents - suspected soldiers of the technology also) a very strong skill point.

● opponents more small, in the hands of only a set of control when it, then let out a last resort set their death.

● opponents even when he is usually several sets of cards venting days, playing only the last opponent to leave day card is evil.

● When associates urgent action, do not mess out of the way.

2, the role of special skills

① landlord: there should be general demeanor, comprehensive view of the global capacity, as do the landlord (usually its winning> 50%, do landlords frequency of about 33%).

● To analyze the lack of brand licensing to (do not bet too much), and less gambling cards presence who is playing who lose (win) cards.

● That batters to pick up more of the master style (strong self-confidence).

● Let the lay (also reflect the principles of concentrating a superior force).

● landlord more hard hitting, less speculation.

● landlords fear declaration of non-day card, double (no delivery).

● landlord also stop licensing tasks.

● landlord first out fairly cards a day.

② on farmers: main bear defense, should prevent sticking (when hopeless any card type to be demolished), beginnings and ends.

● defensive core: do not give it the opportunity to draw a winning hand or not to give its chance, it is actually only one fatal error.

● The block licensing largest first principle.

● When the report card does not leave as much as possible to stay single double.

● When the declaration defensive task is complete, you should be a little left large (except top bomb).

● opportunities for associates to blow when clear.

③ under farmer: farmers do not enter the main bear attack (acute) attack is not enough, consumption can not afford landlord, a delay ominous.

● Grasp away tips: Try to time to send, send more 1,2,3 (note leave a small card-type).

● less force landlords cornered, should remain large to be sent.

In addition:

● between farmers do not wait and see each other, do not depend on each other, both independent operations and cooperate with each other, we have the opportunity to take the time to be determined.

● No small farmers are usually under the house (finished), the lack of a large peasant family (block end).

● farmers more speculation.

3, note card tricks: the core purpose of their hands to determine which brand was upgraded for the day card.

● important to remember 3,7 (off 3456), 10 (off JQKA), A, 2, Wang.

● bomb subtraction (day license greatest threat to bomb it first remember it), with a big addition.

● When the card is not good focus in mind the weak opponent card type.

● Write the opponent out of what, analyze what might have; remember that what themselves, others connected with what brand.

● note card is the basis of technical play, so still remember clearly the dealer win probability is great, memory is the biggest obstacle to intermediate players qualify for the senior.

● There is always both positive and negative aspects: note card too clear who would hinder his momentum (not move), mental consumption is also large, so good, bad when you wish to relax, resigned, the tiger also nap.

Six tactics: game skill points

1, a single skill

● begin to put single benefits: opponents generally stopped a single, small double can be had, three, five hardly stop.

● opponents reported double, own more than a single brand, to be timely with day card with their own time to adjust second single is a single.

● a single 3 3 had no head, there is also the lure of soldiers to count.

2, two skills

● In many cases landlords died on the pair.

3, three tips

● 3 + 1 play sets, the hands will be no small card.

● brought a single brand can not be ignored.

4, bomb tips

● Try to play without wasting (especially when given away).

● wait for a good deep-fried, deep-fried to be more decisive.

● try to dismantle the other fried king.

● landlord farmers are more afraid than the bomb (despair).

● If necessary dismantle bomb or hit four + II.

● lure fried Tips: Method for the weakness + sky day card card set can elicit a bomb, when the hands of the cards the same size (in terms of others) to the obvious big names.

● hidden bomb scare card points.

5, Junko tips: Changes Up

● Try to reach the peak (refer others to afford).

● increase or decrease the number of sheets to master skills.

● Grasp the number of sheets counterassaulted skills.

● A family of three it had no such point that is straight up.

6, other techniques, such as:

● Big World, ears, the wind blows, the other psychological analysis.

● Anti-theft work to do.

● same technique can be applied at different levels, such as diversion, you can use between two farmers, landowners also available on a card type with it.

● many times by contradiction.

● soldiers impermanence law as the highest state of the art of war (because there is no fixed Yongsheng tactics).

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