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Secret slot machine virgins play mode with several Secret

Preferred to say, that slot machine play virgin mode. To go fishing, of course, you need bait. Typically,Gaming company Want to attract new players, will throw cabbage and tempting offers to let you play as first tasted the sweetness.

The slot machine is turned virgin play mode, it is also Game Developers, depending on the software application vendors designed fishing needs. When a new account in the establishment of a company (new accounts including the new identity information, IP information, computer hardware information, etc.), this small meat ID in the slot machine game The first play, will trigger slot machine play virgin mode. New players often get buff Purse, thereby stimulating gonadotropin secretion of various players, so that it is addictive, thereby fall into one, unable to extricate themselves. This is the banker playing wishful calculator.

I recall these years of experience playing slot machines, found that most high payout obtained in virgin mode are obtained.

188BET - Win Grand Prizes Here!

For example, my first time in Australia a PT Online Casino Play slot machines, they pulled a game theoretical maximum send prize of 10,000 times;

A second Boeing received a $ 20 Chinese cabbage, direct Stud Slot machines, the result of this game in a row spit out 3,000 times and 2,000 times the theoretical maximum and second high school award, cabbage eventually develop to a few K dispensing, that was my first time to play slot machines Boeing. After a few years, I was in Boeing slot machine turn a million times, I did not come across even a thousand times;

Another time, I was in the company registered a PT platform, rotating slot machine a few minutes, he would face a situation almost covered with wild interface, of which 15 have gained 10,000 times the line faction Award ...

Based on this, it like slot machine players, it is recommended that you first play the slot machines, they can appropriate to increase the stakes (Please note the appropriate word) in order to enjoy the delicious bait course. Stakes are not too high, otherwise It will trigger guard mode, crop failure.

Also, not one hundred percent virgin mode trigger, sometimes, even if your ID is a small fresh meat, he would start to deal with your old bacon mode. This needs attention.

Typically, during the day, there will be a slot machine game payout is relatively high tide, how to catch this one point? The key is you need to designer psychological speculation. Under normal circumstances, according to the player's work and rest rules for reverse deployment , is a lot like gambling software designers use one programming design. So, when you unconscious, or bleary-eyed, or anxious to go, busy with work, perhaps when the slot machines spit out money. The climax period, as short as a few minutes to more than twelve hours, because software and players varies, we can play according to their experience, to find the one in mystery.

MG and PT game designers, are the industry's top experts, the game regardless of the distribution of the peak trough or peak load shifting overlap between the design of the game, almost airtight, the average player, it is difficult to find their flaws.

In contrast, Boeing's design can be said to be a pediatrician.While you are playing the game for a long time Boeing, the software will recognize and read the old bacon you will not send you high payouts, but still there will be a day to send two installments.Take my own case, in the same paragraph Boeing play slot machines, there are two points in time every day, from 7 am to 8 pm, 20:00 to 9:00, 100 95 times encounter send staging.In the delivery stage, if flat NOTE continuous rotation, the balance will remain steady upward trend.Please note that these two time periods, what you found?Of course, I say it today, it means that this situation will change in the future, because as long as the platform providers about trimming back, everything will be different.However, it does not matter, my first choice of slot machines now feel more close to insipid, I do not want to play.Furthermore, any change has its rules and marks, even if it is fleeting meteor, there's a ray of light across the sky, if we really want, and you'll catch them.I Ching goes: change, be the story of the same laws.The change itself, are traceable.Chunhuaqiuyue, Summer winter snows, changed times, still empty.

Finally, talk to play slot machines, presents a considerable practical value, I called Don Juan hundred thousand turn back Ecstasy palm, tigers is home essential. This approach in a nutshell is changing the game, who can bring whom you climax before, after H had to continue looking for the next target. Will there be Casanova feeling? Haha. The principle is bound to have a staggering number of slot machines, reverse reasoning is not completely shared the gold valleys. This play Especially suitable for high and low tide switching frequency faster game platform, such as Rival.

Speaking Rival platform, we should look at the glorious deeds of Joseph in this platform.After using this platform gaming companies will give new players almost cabbage, a company in which I took $ 20, with Casanova's play, hit the water around 10A, the withdrawal of thousands of knives, with play set to save water points, converted into chips continue to fight, and then the money, and then redeem ,,, this virtuous cycle lasted almost a month.The end result is their manager send email to me, to the effect that henceforth sorry you no longer enjoy the company's dividend and integral treatment, please understand a registered company in Curacao small business is not easy, anyway, a big barabara heap.Originally, I wanted to CM complaint, then one would like to pick up so much of the white contentment, bad enough.This is my experience of playing slot machines, the most wonderful period, now that I think are still little emotion.Ranked second in the MG platform wonderful sleight of hand tricks, get the 5000 knife, which should play romantic gift of thanks.This play and easy to understand but hard to master, then, I have a lot of time, patience rich with emotion and passion, focused and energetic, it is the best time, the best state, it can be earned as tigers, now I basically beaten Tiger.Remember my words in the previous paragraph points, you know, only the technology, is not enough.

Tigers is not a very easy thing to do, not without tricks to fight swatting a pass luck, you need every step, equally startling step by step.

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