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Network roll dice gambling game winning technology

If you shake the dice game to play online can notice the following two points to win the dice roll technique, I guarantee that you can win money in.

First, the opening of momentum.

Opening of momentum is very important, even in playing online, your opponents can not see.But if you try to pay close attention to fist, howling sound, I believe your confidence and clout on the whole back.Even though we can not scare opponents but at least you can give yourself a raise gas.It was like a hand waving like a dice cup, like Stephen Chow Niubi, then shouted beat on the table do not give DD intimidated, mostly monochrome or simply fly two dice.The real master is unemotional Romantic Swordsman.For the first meeting of the rivals, especially the girl who, the correct approach is to "play pig eat tiger," is the first sign of weakness, he declared himself in order to learn from.Typically this will confuse opponents, try to dress up as a rookie.In case of loss of vigilance, the opponent can easily be exposed to their own "color" style.For future victories, you'd better lower mind, to accompany a smile random lose a few, drink a few glasses of wine, gradually introducing your trap opponents.

Second, the determination of lying

Roll the dice when and how to unemotional lie, lying is a fine way of compulsory.There lies the art, the first "people more bold, to how much production.".Your hand a 6 are not, do not be afraid, the opponent does not know.When you shake yourself a leopard.Yes, and never to be timid.From the point of view of probability theory, you have got a total of 10 dice, the probability of each point appears not small.If your hands are not 6 5 dice, his side has six possible even greater.So sometimes you did a 6 3 6 called, he also followed the call four, you boldly called five, his hands a lot, will not easily open.When he then told 6 when you resolutely open.Won.Of course, can only say that this is a general rule, the probability of error is relatively small.What is lying dice?Talk big time, we have a firm determination, smiling, so she convinced, that you win half.On the other hand, if you really roll out of a leopard, can put a hesitant look, let her feel your heart ghosts, you call three 6 to open your.Ah, Drink.

188BET - Win Grand Prizes Here!

False is false, but in reality empty of. Necessary when virtual is virtual, but in reality false, and made the opponent, regardless of the actual situation, you far away from the victory. Ancient Shu Liang, died when a ghost town, but big open gates, put the corpse in the mountains sitting Sima 不敢越雷池一步 100,000 troops and horses, this is the name of the empty city. For the master, shake the dice is good or bad does not matter, do not have a 6 The roll dice result, usually higher than 3,4 6 results easier to deceive opponents turn. ah Shake abuse a dice, put an empty city, drill it to the opponent.

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