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Landlords must master to become a master skills

Landlords now has become one of China's most popular game, many players keen to leisure activities. The real money Landlords due to join the gambling Competitive elements to make the game more exciting, the majority of favorite players.

However, to Landlords are winning, there is no "two brushes" is not enough, a lot of people happily rushed into the chess room, sadly it is because the technique is not enough, lead to master killing trounced.

To become a master Landlords, Landlords gambling not only get in the game fun, but also get economic benefits, and some players will be a skill.

First, note card.

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Note card many players know, but really does not have much good note, relatively simple, if larger than A cards are over, you'll know that your hand is currently the biggest brand A, can boldly play. This is just one simple note card tricks, and for the master, not only to remember the cards ever, but also by calculation, remember that not out of. This is the more advanced of the note card tricks, to the long-term experience and practice to do so.

Second, the card counting.

For example, you play the cards landlord is not connected, can calculate the landlord can not take the card to calculate the possible hand landlords situation. As the game progresses, the opponent and the house brand will become increasingly clear, so that the master playing cards to last is the winning numbers in the fight, card counting is a very important skill.

Third, bid.

Some players really like to call the landlord, pay attention to their own card type and brand strength to rush to grab called, the result is a complete failure, of course. Called the landlords is a technology, to reflection, his hand is appropriate to call the landlord, brand strength is enough strong, whether the card type can be quickly finished, we integrated a variety of factors to consider, so call out the landlord will have a higher chance of winning, rather than hit luck.

Fourth, the psychological.

Landlords in the psychological warfare is a very important part, for example, sometimes you can take control of the brand never mind intentionally or deliberately not a big small brand opponents misjudgment, because winning and losing is a master blows strokes among things, the rational use of all kinds of tricks to make the opponent misjudgment that he would be a little more chance of winning.

Landlords and real money compared to ordinary Landlords game, more fun, the risk is greater, and only skilled master a variety of skills in order to win in gambling money, become a true master.

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