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Landlords how to accurately infer the opponent's bomb

Landlords in the "bomb" is that many players like weapon. They have fried fried when others did not, suddenly turned out to be a surprise bombing opponents, feeling really good. Of course, by others a sudden bomb Fried is a common thing too confusing. So, how to infer the opponent's bomb? It requires a certain skill.

First, to bear in mind their less what kinds of cards. This is not difficult, if it is online games, can take a notepad remember what.

Second, keep in mind what brand others turned out, this may be a bit difficult for the novice, you need a lot of practice. If you really can not remember, you can only remember there have been no, take note notepad can be especially landlords to remember cards out of the no.

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Third, some of the cards should not out, for example, with a three, obviously there is a small three opponents could not, then there may be three deep-fried, and so on, we should pay more attention.

Fourth, the big anti-bombing would not, but should be noted that rival big bomb alone, do not touch with his small fry, especially to get rid of cards, they must be careful, anyway, did not blow up your opponents are certain to win, In the absence of a clear calculation, do not rush out the bombing.

In addition to infer the opponent fried, with fried should be used with caution, not your fried invincible, regardless of the situation you do not mess with the bombing, sometimes we have an impulse and casual the bombing, the results of a bomb can not win, the result sent the points, which is completely unnecessary. and other chess game, in Landlords, the attitude is very important, in order to clear long-term winning player, impulsive player can only become rivals ATM.

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