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Golden tie probability analysis and techniques

We are mainly from probabilistic aspects card type of analysis, as well as on all aspects of the factors to talk about bar Jinhua skills. First to clarify, the Game The core or psychological tactics, here is carried out within the scope of interpretation of probability .52 cards have a total of 52 * 51 * 50 / (3 * 2) = 22,100 kinds of combinations.

Probability leopard: There are four kinds of leopard each number combination, a total of 13 numbers, and therefore for the 52 kinds of combinations, probability 52/22100, with an average 400 times only once.

Flush with probability: Each color can have 12 kinds Flush combination, a total of four suits, and therefore 48 combinations, probability 48/22100, small molecule than the leopard, although the difference is small, but still proved Flush indeed a high probability.

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However, the probability of the emergence of these two cards are very small type, average 400 times the licensing to appear once, so once you catch some, and thank God it, do not give up this chance of winning ah. Of course, play a very long time, such as a few hours, and that such a card type is to be expected, after all, the total number of licensing is much more than 400 times what.

Probability flush: Every color combination with flowers figures 13 * 12 * 11 / (3 * 2) -12 (Flush) = 274, a total of four kinds of colors, so a total combination of 1096; probability was 1096/22100, an average of no to 20 licensed once.

Probability straights: Compared flush after the first card is selected, the original will be selected each time a card have become four, and therefore should be a combination of straight flush 16 times, of course, exclude the flush itself so the combination of the number of straight 48 * 15 = 720 720/22100 average of 30 times compared with the probability of strong licensing once. significantly higher than the probability of a flush much smaller. So when you worked so hard to get a pair straight time to keep this in mind, some people may easily put you exterminate, although your card type is rare.

Although it looks very vulnerable, but for the individual concerned, to bursts of the 20 possible to get a card with the flowers, it is also a rare opportunity to make money, the same should hold ah, but they also tend to lose much planted in the above, investment risk, follow-up be careful ah.

Bar Jinhua size ruleʱ??

1, the single card A maximum, K, followed by followed by Q, J, 10, etc., 2 is minimized.

2, each of three decks, a combination of the size of the order: three identical numbers (commonly known as Leopard)> Flush> three of the same suit> General

3, Other: If the minimum can be greater than 532 leopards; 32A is a combination of straights, but 2AK is not straight and so on.

Faced with a brief analysis card type, let's consider this game the other parameters.

Let's consider the number, the simplest case is singled out. If only two people to play, or play multiplayer when others have given up and left one person. So mentioned earlier, when you see yourself as a single sign face Zhang K or single A, when you can fight a fight with him, because the probability of winning is about 50%. With this important parameter odds are constantly changing, the actual operation is difficult to reach this ideal really need 50% of the digital.

In accordance with the requirements of 50% probability of winning, then when you pair two, one for three and a pair of n times, empathy may be calculated the fact that 50% open n-th power, and converted to the corresponding card type that is can. So, when a pair of two, winning 71 percent singled requirements, check the article in the table can be obtained requires a large single A card type before. A pair of three is required singled winning 80 percent, corresponding card type medium pair. A pair of four needs singled winning 84%, corresponding to a larger pair. Here again reminded that this case is my avowed enemy use dark situation.

Second, consider the odds.We come back to say singled out, we say took a small leaflet K, because winning only 40% more than what is necessary to give up?Under normal circumstances the firm can not, because we have to take into account the odds problem.After the end of the money in front of (before each game must enter a pre-release), plus the subsequent series of bets, the amount of money for each follow-up is much smaller than the existing amount of money, so the odds are not like, for example, there are eight yuan at the end of money, you can start with two yuan each other's cards, so you do not need to determine the odds of winning a 50% probability of greater than 20% can be a fight, though you may lose increase, after all, is a small-minded, high-profit higher risk when it is acceptable to.

Then another rough sum up, the first based on the odds of the situation, draw your probability of winning the needs, and then follow the rest of the duel to calculate the number of cards in your hands to win guarantee.Example: After betting bonus has 10 yuan, need to continue to follow up two yuan, in addition to the automatic out of people, leaving four concealed cards.Your card type as a pair of 2.Their turn, whether to follow up?The answer is as follows: 2/12 = 64% open 4 th, sub card type corresponding singled winning percentage of 74%, which can follow.Actual combat, because the number is limited, bonuses and call little difference, so the corresponding calculation mental arithmetic including prescribing, including the difficulty is not large, clear-headed or when the math is good, the mind is not clear, please do not Wanla.

Other factors also borrowed the example above, when you talk to a hand after four cards after dark, a look also at home with a first-hand, about the situation there are three:

a, that person an idiot and money, that is slightly larger with.

b, the person skilled in computing, follow judged by your card type, so be sure to eat to get you.

c, the person cunning fold, probably smaller than you, you can eat from the other three given probability dark, so take you away.

For the above, we should follow the judgment of the people understand categorize Encounter retreat b type of course you, let him white count.

c class people talked about Trickster problem, bar Jinhua of winning there are two main factors, one, card type of size, two psychological tactics. For the former we have to get through a probabilistic analysis of the corresponding strategies, now turn to psychology tactics, psychological warfare personal views have a certain effect, but with the increase in number of games, psychological tactics will become invalid. simple algorithm, A to B by psychology can have 70% winning percentage, 60% of C winning, win while winning only 42%, so the more people, the longer play time, the greater the probability factors, psychological factors is smaller. This also shows that the former master mastered the key to victory.

Above on the part of bar Jinhua involved were substantially example analysis, the game also has a very important environmental parameters, that is, participants in economic strength and mental endurance. Value of a dollar lower than win a dollar losing value, this is a very important practical rule.

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