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How to maintain the mentality of the time in the casino winnings?

From the tables to win the money, as the player most likely to be betting is sit back and enjoy the spoils of war, choose extravagant is the style most people, only a very small part of the people, will be a rational way to deal with these sweet success Oasis.

Jiongran two different acting style, it seems as if the only difference between thrift and waste, in fact, this is decide whether you qualify for the gambling regarded as the cause of the dividing line.

Win money, in addition to a small part of the reward can be left to do their own use, the vast majority of the money must be invested in your understanding of market economy, such as stocks, futures, real estate, gold .....and so on.Method of operation of these investments, and I do not want to say over, but in this area you would not have to go the way gambling "abuse" them, put them as a tool to roll their money, even if only tiny eligible Lee, or occasionally misjudge the situation, a slight loss of these investments, is certainly on the table than in the security (this, I believe most people would agree that it should), so next time off, and then mobilized These heavenly gods will play, you definitely better than others laughing military forces!

Do not underestimate this subtle psychological gap, it will help you find often in gambling is in progress. It will be in the next a more detailed presentation and analysis.

Win a big celebration, please allow me to say one harsh words:? You also inappropriate to sit tables!

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